Saturday, 29 September 2012

Reyland's WACKY Made up LIFE.

This crap Reyland posted on his BLOG is Soooooooo FUNNY because it's all made up.

Those wacky buyers...
Posted: 28 Sep 2012 06:15 AM PDT
undefinedAwhile back I was developing a retail product. After months of work it was completed and the factory samples were back from China. The sales packs were all done, the sample packs were assembled, and we were ready to go.

As we do with all the products we take to market, we contacted the stable of sales reps that work with our products from around the country and turned them loose. As I normally do to keep my edge, I took a few accounts myself and started making phone calls.
Sales reps from around the country.......hahaha thats funny. This MORON Mark Reyland  Executive Director of the UIA  only had one Sales REP that still to this day has NEVER taken any of Reyland's stupid ideas to retail.
The first call I made was a buyer for a large chain in California and I politely asked if I could send her a sample kit. She agreed, gave me the postal information and off it went.

A week goes by, and as I always do I followed up on the call to make sure she received the samples we sent her. I reached her at her desk, and asked if she had in fact received the samples. She said she had and although she thought the product was “nice” she didn’t think it was a good fit for the line of products her chain carried.

Now keep in mind - rejection from buyers is simply something you have to deal with in this industry. It happens more often than not – and you can’t take it personally. After all, they are not rejecting “you” they are rejecting a set of circumstances. So don’t feel bad when it happens to you.
Don't feel bad huh, he was a nut case when the buyer rejected his stupid product. And he still is a NUT JOB.

Not usually one to give up, several months later I decide to try again. I contacted the same buyer and politely asked if I could send out a sample pack. As if we had never even talked the first time. – She said yes. Again I followed up a few weeks later to check on the samples. I got her on the phone, asked her what she thought, and this time her reaction was a little different. “Wow, these are really cool. I think they will do great in our store”
Yeah right Reyland that's not the story at all. The buyer still told you your product would never sell in retail because the need wasn't there you dumb ass MORON. You make yourself out to be this BIG SHOT Product Developer and Inventor and all you are is LOOSER WANNABE.

I almost fell out of my chair- It was as if she had never seen them before. Just a few months later and the same phone call had an entirely different result. I’ll never understand what happened with that buyer – but she placed a very nice order so I’m not going to spend much time trying to figure it out.
He fell off his chair HUH,,,,haha ,,,yeah that's because she told him his product was still a pc of $hit. Maybe he should of  used hisJohnnyGee voice when talking to her. He almost fell out off his chair due to to all the slick JIZZ on the floor from talking dirty to all the inventors gals about his SEX TOY invention he was promoting on Edison Nation forum..

When it comes to retail buyers - You just never know

Monday, 24 September 2012

Reyland's Middle Name, Obvious?

This is obviously Mark Reyland, Executive director of the United Inventors Association of America, UIAUSA and the owner of UIAUSA facebook page.

Emails are flooding in faster than we can read them with the latest post of Mark Reyland's. Again he has stolen someone's identity and again he's lying about himself having nothing to do with it.

Unfortunately for him, he might have well signed his signature to the bottom of this post with the stolen identity. Before this picture, he used a pornographic photo of a male organ on top of a man's head. From what we're told of Mark Reyland, Internet pornography is no stranger to his computer and lifestyle. The linkedin profile below is another creation of Mark T Reyland from Westchester Ohio. Warren Tuttle and the other board members must be so proud to have this "person" representing them. We've heard they're afraid to terminate Reyland's position fearing he goes after them in the same unstable way he goes after others.

Troy Robison J.
Troy Robison

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

UIA Executive Directors Innovation,,,,a SEX TOY...Huh,,,

Reyland's inventions are sex toys....Wow that's innovative. Is it TRUE that's why he claims his marriage was on the ROCKS.....This Conman has no ROCKS unless Roger Brown lends him his! Even then he still wouldnt have a BIG SET.

Rumor has it Reyland's SEX TOY idea inspired a new invention he calls "BEAT YOUR DUMMY". It can be played with your left,right or both hands at once depending on how EXCITED one gets during the game. We no he's been testing the prototype for years in his dark product development basement office. Reyland's claims of bringing many products into the retail industry for years....just so happens NO one can locate them. Maybe this one will finally be a WINNER. The big question is will the BEAT THE DUMMY game have Patent protection before the Chicago Toy & Game Expo in November.

Ladies & Gentleman get ready to FINALLY see Mr Reyland expose at least one Invention to the public. Arrested comes to mind with this type of Public EXPOSURE!

Ron Reitano