Friday, 23 December 2011

Board Members or House of Chickens

When Derek Pater approached Gene Quinn on Facebook with this post:

o    Hi Gene,
are you in the UIA USA Board?

because I have some big concerns regarding Mark Reyland,

From: Simon Brown
Sent: Wednesday, October 05, 2011 12:31 AM
Subject: UIAUK

Dear Mr Pater,

In respect of your recent comments regarding the United Innovation Association UK’s (UIAUK) alleged links to the United Inventors Association USA (UIAUSA) I wish to offer the following statement;

The UIAUK was formed in March 2011, and as we intended to use similar branding to the UIAUSA, a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with the UIAUSA which allowed us to use such branding without any breach of Intellectual Property rights, was required.

The UIAUK and the UIAUSA do not have any formal or legal ties to each other, except for the above mentioned and are in no way related in any company formation, therefore your recent accusations regarding our being complicit with the UIAUSA or its Chief Executive, Mark Reyland, are unfounded and untrue.

However, in light of matters arising recently and new information received by the UIAUK we feel that we are no longer able to continue

                       to bear any resemblance to the UIAUSA in name, branding or image and would like to
                       make it clear that any association with the UIAUSA or Mark Reyland has ceased with
                       immediate effect.

                      The UIAUK is, and always will be, a credible, honest and hardworking association supporting
                      inventions and innovation, new ideas and design and will not participate in any activities which
                      might show us as being anything less than this.

                     Yours Sincerely

                     Simon Brown

                     Founder & CEO


This is what he received as an answer from Gene:

o    Derek, I'm not longer on the UIA board. I stepped down at the end of 2009. I had concerns about the direction of the organization then. I understand they are doing better, but I have no first hand knowledge. Warren Tuttle is the current President of the UIA.

It appears Gene, a very well respected man in the inventing community, wanted nothing to do with it back then and many want nothing to do with it now. Sorry to let Gene know that as much as the UIA may be doing better in respects to becoming more active in seeking inventors and arranging to see their inventions, the person behind this, Mark Reyland is possibly one of the biggest cons in the inventing community.

We would love to hear Gene’s take on Mark Reyland putting his name on inventors’ IP.

So Warren Tuttle is still the president. We suppose nobody wanted his position? Now we wonder why Mr. Tuttle has done nothing but aid Reyland by passing along confidential emails concerning Reyland. We wrote about this earlier but thought since Tuttle was leaving, he may not have wanted to bother with being involved.

The message this sends to all inventors: Do not bother contacting Warren Tuttle with concerns about any of it's members attempting to damage you because your complaints will be passed along to the person you report.
Will any board members stand up to Reyland? Probably not. They're most likely too afraid of becoming one of his victims but appear perfectly happy allowing him to stalk women and their families over the Internet. 

Taking advantage of the usual Christmas spirit, we wonder if Reyland would like to apologize to the inventor's he has hurt, the inventors he has stalked/ continues to stalk (with Roger Brown's help) and the inventors he currently bashes online whenever he can and make a pledge not to hurt anymore in the future. We HIGHLY doubt Reyland is one to own what he does or apologize for his actions and is more of the guy who takes his guilt to the grave. That's ok Reyland. The big guy in the sky has you on radar ;-) and we don't mean Santa!

Monday, 19 December 2011

Quick Quick..NOW NOW

Monday, December 19

ASOTV in Miami Florida!

For the last 25 years the United Inventors Association of America has been about developing and presenting educational programs for inventors. But that’s not all we do… a large part of our mission is to create opportunities for inventors to meet the people who can help them with the commercialization process.
This fall we conducted a search program for members of our UIA Inventor Clubs Across America program.Local clubs sent in hundreds of submissions for their ASOTV product ideas and the nice people at TeleBrands combed through them selecting the top 23 ideas to be pitched live.
This event was such a great success we’re doing it again – this time in sunny Miami Florida. The UIA, TeleBrands, United Patent Research, and The Inventors Society of South Florida have come together to create the southeastern ASOTV Inventors club product search.
If you are a member of one of the following clubs, or you live in the area of a club and would like to join – You can participate in this chance to skip the line and go straight to the top of the largest ASOTV product company in the world.
But don’t wait too long – download the forms, fill them out, and send them to your local club. Who knows, you could end up with the next million dollar ASOTV product!
Mark Reyland,
What products were chosen for testing in the ASOTV category Telebrands chose to test and were successful due to your involvment? Oh let us guess, this is a secret but the UIA and in particular, Mark reyland, wants to see MORE ideas and inventions based on a simple statement you chose to publish. Given a great % of the posts you publish are out right lies, we have to question this one as well.
You are a big fake and not an expert in the ASOTV division. This has been proven to us time and time again.
Reyland appears to be moving fast and frantic now...the successful and true professional inventors are banding together globally and growing against him. It must be terrifying seeing he has NOTHING successful and nothing to offer inventors other than his empty words and lies. Did we mention his position is coming up for renewal soon? He's panicking because he has not yet been offered a job from a big company in product development which he was so desperately seeking and hoping for when he conned the UIA into allowing him the position he now has! It must be nice to be paid by the UIA funds to travel around job seeking.
Anyone who tries to hurry you into a commitment is nothing more than a hard salesman trying to prevent you from reading the small print...even if it isn't there to read! It's marketed as a "call to action" and developed for getting people to buy...are you falling for it? 

Mark Reyland knows the math and should stop trying to con inventors into thinking they'll become millionaires if they create the next ASOTV hit. It's not that simple and he knows it.  Just because your invention is a million dollar invention does not mean YOU earn a million dollars.
 2% of the manufacturing (not retail) price is small if it costs $0.25. They like a minimum 300% mark up. The other part he may not tell you is you do not receive any % of the free giveaway . So sell 1 million at $0.25 and nothing of the other million they give away as the free gift.

Let's do the math shall we?

1 million items sold (that really only means 500,000 because the second 500,000 were given away but they are added into the numbers) and you get 2% of the $0.25 it cost to manufacture.
$0.25 X 1million= 250000.00
2% of this is $5,000.00 which still is nothing to sneeze at given they take all the risk but it's not what you're left believing.

THERE is your million dollar invention! Any commission asked for is also taken from that if you agree to pay a rep for showing your invention. Do these inventors really become millionaires? You have a better chance of being struck by lightening.

Of course, this is very different if you hire a company to create your own informercial and sell millions.

We wonder if Bonnie Kaake may be $involved$ with this? We again wonder if she's entering the UIA considering her new found friendship with Reyland or maybe Reyland's good old friend Kenny Durham of Innovators warehouse. We guess time will tell.

The other thought is maybe Reyland is ready for a new business venture after losing old partners, friends he stabbed in the back, and financial investors he lied to. Bonnie as the marketing person seeing as Mark isn't really qualified for that position. Roger Brown as the invention rep for inventors, and Reyland as the promoter/ liar/ scammer.All they would then need is a new sucker to give them money. At one time we were told Mark had plans of using Kenny Durham for this position. This is all just a thought, of course...what do you think?


There are no lineups and these companies will receive your email submissions any day of the week. You do not need the UIA and you do not need invention reps (companies actually prefer the inventor over reps) to speak for you. If the company wants it they want it, they'll be in touch VERY quickly. If they believe you will make them millions, they won't even make you wait for an Inventor day event to convince them.

All Reyland is doing is having you submit your invention ideas to him rather than submitting directly to the company where the staff sort through the submissions, selecting the top 25.

The only difference is we've all seen proof Mark Reyland steals inventors property and we have nothing showing Telebrands does the same. We suggest you submit directly to Telebrands if you feel they may be interested in your invention.  

Source: 3 sucessful ASOTV inventors and articles via the Internet.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Reyland Pulls Wool Over Bonnie Kaake's Eyes

Here's a little comment from Bonnie Kaake on Linkedin. We find it sad when people post out of ignorance but what can you do. Like they always say...there is no degree or schooling you can get when entering the inventing world so anyone and we mean ANYONE can claim to be a pro at this. The following linkedin post really does show just how true it really is.
We guess you could say we're getting a little tired of Bonnie Kaake jumping out from behind Reyland here and there just to publicly bash people, former UIA board members and others just to call names with nothing really intelligent to add anywhere. One really has to wonder what involvement she has going on with Reyland.

As for Simon Brown's bashing of UIA as posted by Derek, I find it appalling that they would continue to use a trademarked logo that belongs to UIA and then slander the organization for one inventor's experience with Mr. Reyland's personal business before being associated with UIA. The particular issue was resolved with the inventor who still holds a grudge. Mark Reyland no longer works in the same way with inventors due to the lesson learned. He is actually doing a wonderful job of educating inventors about the realities of the process through his involvement with UIA. All providers of services to inventors are going to experience a disgruntled customer at some time. Another fault of those providing services to inventors is that they rarely define deliverables in a way that inventors understand. Too many rely on sensationalism, misleading promotion, and hype and are not up-front about "The money trail".

Working with inventors is a mine field for all service providers due to the unrealistic expectations of inventors and the service providers who do not have the time or get paid to educate the naive inventors about business/intellectual property/product commercialization. This is a very complex process and is becoming more complex each year. The more an inventor educates his/herself, the better their decisions tend to be and the more likely they are to be successful and not make costly mistakes in the process.
Posted by Bonnie Kaake

Well Bonnie Kaake,

Here’s a little about the inventor who you claim holds a grudge. How do you know this; have you even spoken to the inventor? We've spoken to her AND Reyland. You just believe what Reyland tells you? Please, Bonnie, act a little intelligent here for a moment and follow along. If you want to make claims such as this we would hope you have intelligent material to back up your words and not be just another manipulative big mouth like Mark Reyland. we have been told you are friends, so we'll just paint you with the same brush, okay?

Mark Reyland’s partners gave the rights to the invention back to the inventor. Mark Reyland still advertises this inventor’s invention on his business site. He can’t stand defeat and he cannot, in particular, stand defeat by a woman it would seem. Check out this one as well. Here’s a picture for you so you can understand a little better. You can also read this blog entry here....
So you all know. Mark Reyland claims he has been friends with the owner of this company since childhood. 
Apart from still posting the inventor’s invention, posting photos of the inventor calling her a stalker, claiming she is involved with organized crime to her husband’s employer, who he initially contacted once stealing Mr. Robisons’s exactly is it that Mark Reyland settled with the inventor?

Like many of the women in Mark Reyland's life, we're sure she'd love to move on and forget she ever met the guy.
Come on Bonnie...let’s educate inventors, like you claim to be all for. You think this was all before his involvement with the UIA? Sorry again. He used his involvement with the UIA to bully this inventor into disappearing and when she wouldn't he stalked her family and hunted down her husband's employer. You can read that one here...
As far as we see it, Bonnie, Mark Reyland’s actions were not before his association with the UIA if it continues today. We'd love for you to respond how Reyland settled with the inventor while still advertising her invention on his business site for sale. Please do tell :-)

You may want to think and educate yourself before jumping into the water next time, but by all means state something intelligent and we'll back you 100%!

Oh that's right, Bonnie Kaake uses sentences which involve the words, "only". "minor" and "deviation" in them. Maybe inventors should be very careful when getting "advice" from Bonnie.

After Gizmo/Troy Robison questioned her integrity and ethics on the Linkedin group the entire thread was mysteriously deleted. Gizmo must have struck a nerve with his statement below.
Everyone needs to do the proper homework/research as stated above. If you run up on something that smells raunchy along the way you need to ask questions. The inventor community has grown over the last few yrs. There’s absolutely nothing you can’t learn or dig up.

Bonnie you made the comment to” Google Company names” and to RUN if need be. I guess I’m confused with your comment. Should inventors run all the time if something smells raunchy or should they research deeper to see if the raunchy smell goes away?

I’m taking an educated guess here, but I’m thinking your answer is to research deeper and asks questions to see if the research finding are true or not. If that’s the case then why would you slam Derek or anyone else that challenges Mark’s inventor/product developer background he says he has?

Bonnie your comments below make me question your INTEGRITY AND ETHICS in the inventor community. Who are you to say Reyland doesn’t need to justify anything to Derek. You just finished saying inventors need to Google and research and run if need be. Are you saying only certain companies or people can be questioned?

“Mark Reyland does not have to justify anything to you, Derek. He has earned his respect in the inventor community” 

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Reyland and his Fictional Personalitites

What does a conman do when he's attempting to prevent people from exposing him? He begins to make up emails from people asking questions of him. Usually these are questions that always give him a use for his own gain.

Think of it like another made up character or his invisible friend. Sometimes conmen use fictional personalitites in forums when they want to answer a question nobody asks them. Mark Reyland actually calls them "ghost members" and claims all forums have them.

We see Reyland using both methods back and forth. One day there's a poster in a forum and the next day its an email from an inventor all asking him questions which end up with the same message as an answer... don't believe all the truth that's being written about me all over the Internet and judge me on ONLY how I treat you. A good message for him to spread considering the chances are he'll treat you well because he has no interest in your invention idea. For those few who he has interest in, like baby products, kitchen gadgets, tools, a privacy invention and others, it could end very differently.

Our message would be to believe what makes sense and not just some guy who claims to be something he isn't while he stalks and hurts other companies. We can tell you that Reyland does know about hurting competitors because he spent endless hours in forums and on review sites trying to hurt Edison Nation's products once they became public knowledge. Most, if not all of the things he claims are being done against him is in reality what he's doing to others. Nothing positive and nothing good.

As the holiday approaches and most people take a break to spend with family and friends you'll find Reyland typing away on his computer in his basement. He can't help it as he appears addicted to this online reality. In our opinion, this is where he lives out his fantasy and carries on with his dreams of being whoever he chooses to be. His online life comes to a standstill and he becomes frustrated and angry. Hopefully you are not on his naughty list because this is when he spends night and day hurting businesses or products.

Mark Reyland has been reported to tell others to claim what they like online because there is no inventing degree and nobody ever checks what you claim!

This conman isn't an inventor, he's not a good business man and he's not who he claims to be. He's just some guy who found an open window of opportunity where it's very difficult to prove who knows what and where it's so easy to ride on the claim "crazy inventor" when confronted. The only thing he has ever invented is himself and hopefully this invention will one day land him where he belongs with it... behind bars!