Sunday, 17 August 2014

Mark Reyland's going to PUKE.

Wow this Clown Mark Reyland is a real Piece of $HIT. Now he's going after the UIA and Warren Tuttle. It doesn't surprise us after the UIA handed him his walking papers . He headed out the door with his dirty diaper on and it looks like he's still wearing it.  We already knew Warren Tuttle was all about promoting himself for professional gain through the UIA. He's proved that for years. Tuttle had to get rid of Reyland after we found out he submitted Reyland's colander invention he submitted to LifeTime Brands. Yeah it was the same concept Lesia Farmer Licensed to LifeTime Brands through Warren. Actually Reyland's was more of a Cow Pie picker upper than a colander. You can read all about it through this blog.

Reyland's statement below makes us laugh. "Slimiest" Really, that's calling the kettle black

 "Set aside the fact that when I left, the UIA turned functional control over to one of the slimiest board members in the group,"

Reyland's just pissed off he lost his UIA position and wants to toss stones just like he always has. Were wondering if he tossed stones at the guy that his wife Debra divorced him for :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I think I'm going to puke.....

I received this email from the UIA today and it made me sick....
Look... me of all people know how destructive the rock throwing in our industry has been. In fact, you could say I've been hit on one or two occasions. But come on.... I left the UIA because the board under Warren Tuttle's leadership was selling us as an industry out for both professional and personal gain.

Set aside the fact that when I left, the UIA turned functional control over to one of the slimiest board members in the group, giving the entire membership list to their marketing department and letting their sales people field your calls and Emails.

Set aside the fact that they sold out the membership to some DC lobby group for a piece of legislation they themselves said had little effect on you as inventors - then tried to convince you it was in your best interest.

Set aside the fact that they now hired a career government guy who is neither an inventor or a business person, a guy who in my opinion built a career at the USPTO selling out the inventors he was charged with supporting in favor of every promotion that came down the pike, building that career in bed with some of the biggest crooks in our industry.

NOW... they want you to celebrate the UIA as Warren and his merry band of opportunists allow the crooks and scumbags we worked so hard to get rid of take back the ship. If they want to be "Our UIA" we need to hold them accountable for the decisions they make and the people they associate with.

Warren always told me that "if the time comes when I'm not helping the UIA anymore I'll leave" of course he didn't really mean it.... but after selling us out over and over, and associating the organization with one crook after another - I think it's time.

Mark Reyland

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Mark T. Reyland's Burger Flipping Colander.

Well the 2014 International Hardware Show was a hit without Mark T. Reyland this year. Hard to BELEIVE isn't it. What a BLESSING it is to NOT have this lying CONMAN in the Inventor Community anymore. We here he's working at the White Castle LITTLE BURGER Joint in Charleston N.C flipping Burgers. Yes this man LOVES Burgers almost as much as he LOVES HIMSELF. Give it 4 or 5 month he will have CEO White Castle on his resume.

You just never know what Mark's capable of with FAKE accomplishments. Maybe he's using his Stupid Colander he designed around Trap Door Colander Lesia Farmer invented and Licensed to LTB. We would think he would have a better chance getting a job at a dog kennel picking up Dog $hit with that contraption. His design was sooooo stupid looking and had huge handles on it. All we can do is laugh thinking about that damn thing. What's more Stupid is Warren Tuttle the President of the UIA actually presented it to LifeTime Brands.

Well ..with THIS CLOWN out of the way maybe the New UIA director Paul Niemann can clean up the Organization once and for all. The next unethical board member that needs to go is Warren for putting Reyland in the drivers seat in 2010.

If anyone wants to stop in at the White Castle to visit Reyland please go to the bath room before hand. Our guess is you will PISS your pants watching this ASSHOLE flipping burgers with his colander. Holy Cray that's a picture everyone needs to see.

Well at least Matt Spangard and Louis Foreman over at Edison Nation can sleep at thing without having to put up with this Moron and his FAKE user profiles on the forums. Louis has Inventor Roger Brown so handcuffed from getting on other forums with his Mark Reyland supporting BS. Were waiting to here Roger has his head stuck up Reyland's again then were going to take him out of the Inventor Community also.

Matt & Louis, Hats off to you guys for having a safe place for inventors to learn and have a fighting chance to make their dreams come true.

Until Next time CHOW!