Saturday, 6 July 2013

America's Got Talent & Mark T. Reyland

Check the youtube video out below. It reminds us of United Inventors Association Executive Director Mark T. Reyland. Reyland. He post all over the internet he has a product development company with many patents in his name. He claims to be an expert in the Inventor Industry without showing any proof.

After watching the video see if it reminds you of Reyland the CONMAN. In time CONMEN all screw up and get caught. Look at the CONMAN act by Timothy Poe the stuttering “America’s Got Talent” contestant.

Tim Poe, the stuttering “America’s Got Talent” contestant who won over the crowd and judges with his moving story of turning to music after almost being killed by a grenade in Afghanistan in 2009, has some serious explaining to do.
Earlier this week, it was revealed that the soldier in the Army portrait he provided to the show was not actually him, and then the Minnesota National Guard said it could not substantiate his claims about being injured in the war.
Now, Poe is apologizing for passing off U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Norman Bone’s photo in combat as his own, claiming he never meant to mislead the public for his own personal gain.
In an interview with the New York Post, the aspiring singer admits that his war injury “may not have happened exactly like I said it did,” claiming, “I really do not remember a lot of things since the accident. I remember a blast going off by my head and being in Afghanistan and telling one of the sergeants.”
Poe also admits to lying about never singing prior to his supposed accident (he had told judges he turned to performing as a way to cure his brain injury-induced stammer).
“I was in a band,” he confesses. “But it was before the accident. And at the time of ‘AGT,’ when the judges asked, before I could even think about answering, my words had already came out.”
But that’s not the end of it.
Poe ALSO admits to lying about being awarded the Purple Heart for his military service.
Check out video of his “AGT” performance below.
What do you make of Poe and his story — Do you believe some of it, or think he’s a total fraud?
And should he be kicked off for lying — or kept because of his talent?

Warren Tuttle UIA President has to be stupid if he thinks all of the accomplishments on the CONMAN Reyland's resume is real.