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Mark Reyland Lies to Another Inventor

From Stephen M Brown writing about Absolutely New on the Inventor’s Digest blog,

 While I was having troubles resolving my issues with this company, I reached out to inventor Roger Brown for help. He told me to send my complaint to Mark Reyland of the UIA. At first I was skeptical because I saw that one of AbsolutelyNew’s VPs was on the UIA board, a Mr. Bill Freund. I also read that former UIA executive director Patrick Raymond had been on the board of AbsolutelyNew. This all seemed like a conflict of interest to me. However, Mr. Reyland wasted no time calling me after he received my complaint and assured me that he would bring my complaint before the UIA Board. Mr. Reyland was very good at keeping me in the loop as to the status of the situation. In a matter of weeks I was told that the UIA board had voted to pull the UIA Certification from AbsolutelyNew.
I was however disappointed to see that AbsolutelyNew was allowed to send a letter stating that they had decided not to renew their membership with the UIA as apposed to the UIA releasing a statement that AbsolutelyNew had been removed from their organization for violating the UIA standards. You can view this letter by using the following link:
It is obvious that Guardian Angel is correct that the UIA is keeping silent to avoid a costly lawsuit. This is just how the corporate world works.
We’re sure you were told this over the phone Stephen, because we already know there is no way Mark Reyland would put this in writing. Why? Chances are REALLY high he was not telling you the truth. Truth in emails and lies over the phone...it’s a pattern he has. You may find that at that time, Reyland already knew Absolutely New was not planning to re-new their membership and simply seized the opportunity to look powerful in your eyes.

There is no fear of the costly lawsuit because there was nothing more to report than to admit the truth at that point. The interesting part is when you state corporate works this way.

You’re right. So what’s the difference between the UIA now and any other corporation? Other than the obvious tax break they get from being non-profit (cough cough) this might be another one of the biggest farces going in the inventing community. Non profit groups are one of the biggest scams going in the USA today and growing. What is the point of the UIA? I think you and Guardian Angel (other poster) brought to light there really isn’t any point...just another corporation taking inventor’s money and pretending to be the good guy.
Reyland may put you on his crazy inventor list and claim he told you no such thing.

Will the United Inventors Association Vote in ANOTHER CONMAN to replace Warren Tuttle?

United Inventors Association’s President Warren Tuttle will be leaving his position soon. All votes for his President’s position had to be in by November 15th   2011. Were wondering if the UIA Members will vote in someone that has a “REAL NON MADE UP RESUME” this time around.

It’s was pretty obvious the UIA Board Members didn’t due the Proper Due Diligence on Mark Reyland’s Resume/Background he claims to have. 

We find it interesting the votes need to be emailed in PDF format to admin@uiausa.org.  Mark Reyland will be getting the votes since he is the administrator & Executive Director. Doesn’t that mean he can delete votes without anyone knowing about it?  Will the person voted in have a Previous relationship with Reyland ?

Reyland’s buddy Inventor Roger Brown stated on one of the LinkedIn groups he would not be accepting the position. Maybe Gizmo held his feet to the fire forcing him to re-think things just in case he was offered the position.  Let’s see if Kenny Durham from Innovators Warehouse is in the running for the position. He is another one of Reyland’s buddy’s.

Whoever is voted in as the UIA President will hopefully look at all the info that has been presented that clearly proves Mark Reyland is a Liar and CONMAN.
The New UIA President will have his/her feet held to the fire to investigate Reyland.
You can count on it .


Sunday, 13 November 2011

And the Final Word on this discussion? Guilty!

 Gizmo's answer to Inventor Roger Brown.

 By Troy Robison on LinkedIn
 Ok Roger you’re getting my response to your answers so you can stop whining like a little Kid…. By the way Roger you have shown your TRUE colors. It’s pretty obvious from your actions. You make up learning lesson on all the forums for inventors/ idea people to learn from. I think there great and a way to help people walk down the correct path not making the mistakes most of us have made in the past.

See some of your Lessons below, Pay close attention to # 7 to 10

1, Lesson # 31 Does having a Patent Guarantee You Will Make Your Money Back?
2, Lesson # 36 Sell Sheet Challenge # 2
3. Lesson # 32 You Need To Have Realistic Expectations
4. Lesson # 27 Quit Posting Your Invention on Youtube and Facebook
5. Lesson # 17 How Much Are You Willing To Spend On Your Idea Before Asking For Help?
6. Lesson # 34 This There Anything Wrong With This NDA?
7. Lesson # 32 You Are Not Doing Thorough Research On Your Idea
8. Invention Submisson Company Horror Stories
9. Why Invention Submission Companies are so Confusing.
10. Do You ask Invention Submission Companies Questions?

Roger your lessons above are all informative and people should learn from them all. People/Inventors should pay close attention to number 7 in the list because it is the most important and should be put at the top of the list because “RESEARCH” is the name of the inventor game. Proper research can reveal all the info in numbers 8 to 9 above if the inventor puts in enough time digging and asking question from some of the so called experts/veterans in the industry.

Roger you pound the word Research into the inventors heads all the time because it is important. I guess I don’t understand if I did all the proper research on Reyland with a list of the PROOF that he isn’t a successful product developer. He doesn’t have any products in retail with multiple Patents along with multi-million dollar License deals and he isn’t a Black Afro American man (Anthony High) that knows Hand to hand combat and the rest of the long list of Lies he has told. Roger why haven’t you dug deep into my accusations/claims to prove me wrong. Instead you are all worried about a lie you think I told about you getting a seat on the UIA. That’s the reason people look at it like you’re not really for protecting inventors.

Roger you have pounded inventors submission companies like Davison,AbsolutleyNew,Invent Help, Invention Home etc and posted the American Inventors Act hundreds of times on a few different inventor forums. I guess we all would like to know why you thought it was so important to post about ,especially if some of the claims against the submission companies was just hear say.
Continued below....

Roger, you say you’re out for helping/protecting inventors. If that’s the case then why don’t you give us your opinion on the actual facts we accuse Reyland of Lying about. The research has been done and it’s easy to follow. That’s the reason Reyland keeps avoiding the questions I ask.

When Reyland told me about the UIA Executive Director position he was being interviewed for it was a shock to me because he kept it quiet until the last few weeks before a decision was going to be made. I asked him how did that all come about, did you apply for the position. He said no they approached him for the position. I just didn’t believe that BS because if the UIA did the PROPER research on Reyland they would of found out what an abusive controlling person with mulit-personalities he has on a few of the inventor forums . I understand know why he didn’t tell anyone about him interviewing for the Directors position. He was afraid the un-ethical crap he pulled off on Tania would be exposed publically putting a stop to him getting the position. It was weeks later after he was awarded the Directors position things blew up and the Tania scandal was exposed to the public. That’s when he denied all the claims and said were all full of crap and nuts.

Roger, Reyland told me after he gets in the UIA he is going to sit down with Warren Tuttle the UIA acting President and get him to have Louis Foreman to tell everyone how he gets Edison Nation past looking like an inventor submission company. He wanted Louis and others off the UIA Board and wanted to bring his own team in “NEW BLOOD”. The email below should be enough evidence to prove Reyland WANTED Louis Forman out and re-organize the UIA.


Continued below,,,,,

Troy  Robison
 • Roger you were mentioned in that conversation and so was Kenny Durham and one other person. I don’t remember the other person’s full name only because I never heard of him before, I think his first name was Jeff or something like that. I really didn’t know too much about Kenny either just that he owned Innovators Warehouse.

Roger you can say if you want to that the info was here say because it was a verbal conversation with me and Reyland. But remember I could say your info about inventor Submission Companies treating inventor wrong is here say also.

John & Group Members I have NO reason to apologize to Roger Brown. The conversation between Reyland and me did for a fact take place. If you look at all the info that has been posted with proof it would be easy to think Roger Brown was in fact looking to get a seat on the UIA Board or take over Warren Tuttle’s President Position. I guess the question remains is if I wouldn’t have brought up the accusations about
Roger and the UIA would he have taken a position if offered it ? My guess is yes but that’s my opinion because Roger has protected Reyland from the get go and never really said Reyland looks guilty.

The info below was published today, it’s sad people didn’t look at the big picture when it was exposed from day one. It all could have been stopped in its tracks early on but it wasn’t. Very sad if you ask me.


Reyland keeps saying both him and his family are being stalked. The copy of his email below proves him wrong. Look at the date of the email, it was sent shortly after I exposed him one yr ago.

continued below

From: Mark Reyland Mark@Creative3D.local
Subject: EN
To: "Margaret" < >, "Sally" < >, "Troy" <gizmo >, tania@, "Ron" <rjlinnov@ >
Date: Tuesday, September 7, 2010, 7:20 AM

I wanted you all to know that I have left EN but not because of you. I’m leaving EN because of my family. I was struck pretty hard when my daughter called me crying and asked if I was okay. One of her friends had come across EN and sent her a link to these postings, she read much of what you all wrote, and it hurt her deeply - as it did my wife.

I have worked hard to help inventors, and in fact I have helped most of you. Taking my time and in many cases spending my own money to help people find a little success.

Obviously you all feel I have wronged you in some way, and that’s ok. What I would ask you to do is take a moment and remember the ways I have helped you.
Please understand in the future when you wage war against someone publicly you hurt not only them, but the people who care about them.

Good luck to you all, and I wish you much success with your inventing.

Just as Reyland ended this email with well wishes, he was still busy on the forums publicly bashing the inventors and stalking Tania daily.

So there you go Roger, I fulfilled your request. You need to look in the MIRROR and really make a decision if your 100% dedicated to the inventor community and want to help or Talk out of Both Side Of Your MOUTH .

John and other group members I apologize to you all for my long post. It needed to be done this way.

My Vote is Obvious Reyland is GUILTY .

We have been sent an email from someone who has reason to believe Mark Reyland has hired a reputaion defender to help bury all the bad about him. It won't work Reyland but it may just burn a hole in your wallet! We known you don't have any money from your made up product development company. Maybe you can dig into the UIA money bucket to pay the companies fee's.

Have you seen the pictures in Images of Reyland? Can you guess which one he used for his profile picture in the ladies forums? We'll give you a hint...it's the one which looks like it was taken when he was in his 30's. WOW, he must REALLY believe he's charming because he's almost 50! The picture of him below isnt his hair, It's been PhotoShopped BigTime

So far the only NOT GUILTY vote is by Mark Reyland himself .

Mark T.  Reyland

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Does Conman Reyland Have a Conman Friend?

We have to say these inventors are sharp and know their stuff. It's not about venting, or beating a dead horse. It's about making the inventing industry a little safer for new inventors coming in. Seasoned inventors won't fall for these guys but it's not seasoned inventors we're all worried about. Why expose Reyland and his dirty little friends? Because it's what we all should be doing, looking out for one another and making the statement...not in MY community! Good job guys!

john  Young


Well I thought something was up. It was funny that someone would suddenly appear saying why they joined the group, instead of just joining. I also found it odd that our new 4 members were Roger Brown { which I'm not saying had anything to do with it } and Hutton from Texas and the other 2 from Texas. Then he post how wonderful he is at inventing. Then he targets my discussions. Well you all have been scammed by Mark Reyland, why Mark. The like on his comment was from Texas, Hutton is from Texas, and Hutton's message was STOP THE PUKE. Clearly to disrupt the BBQ. And as I commented, I knew sooner than later he would provoke me in to a confirmation about it. Add it all up and you know how Tania feels now. Carolyn This is the leader of your UIA, how do you feel now. Brian, Luminita, you were almost scammed by him. Google him under scams with his name and you will see a long list to view. Can I prove it was Mark that put him up to this, NO, but it is more likely than not. Also Troy did some research, I will let him have the honors of telling you what he found. This is why I do this, scams, to protect you and me. I agree that this back and fourth name calling is bull, but its necessary to expose these scams for what they are. Now that this guy got in , Im going to make the group private. I will google everyone from this point on. Come on Mark do you think that I'm that stupid. Admit it, it stings just a little !!!

J. Jovan Philyaw reinvents himself again
() By Eric Celeste Thursday, Apr 10 2003
A few years ago, we told you about Dallas' own Music Man, J. Jovan Philyaw ("Goodbye Kitty," June 6, 2001), the man behind the CueCat, Net Talk Live!, Tripledge Wipers and other testaments to his con-artistry. Now, Jovan has reinvented himself again--and this time, Buzz must say, he's really outdone himself, in the same entertainingly psycho way that Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf outdoes himself with each new press conference. ("There are no tanks. Oh, those tanks, the ones behind me? We have those tanks surrounded.")

Jovan is no longer Jovan. Now he's J. Hutton Pulitzer. Does Mr. Pulitzer have anything to do with the recently announced Pulitzer Prizes? No. What does Mr. Pulitzer do? Not sure. Read his Web site (www.jhuttonpulitzer.com) and see if you can figure it out. When Dmagazine tried to find out, mean ol' JHP just swore at the mag.

Buzz, however, is confident that there are two things we know for sure about JHP. First, we know that he's selling his crystals. What crystals, you ask? The ones that make up the "Pulitzer Collection" (www.pulitzercollection.com)--a.k.a., a coupla hunks of mineral that used to adorn his offices at Digital Convergence Corp., the company that brought you the CueCat and helped send its primary investor, The Dallas Morning News, into a PR nightmare.

The second thing we know about JHP is why he's selling these objects of "powerful spiritual significance," as he puts it. That's because even though, according to his Web site, the Pulitzer Collection "represents Gods' [sic] devine [double sic] communication of Himself and beauty to humanity," the Lord ain't been so good to Jovan's pocketbook lately. For example, Digital Convergence last year filed for Chapter 7 protection from creditors, meaning DCC's remaining assets could be liquidated to pay the bills.

Apparently shielded from that secular action were these magnificent crystals, which were created when "70 million years ago, God touched the earth," JHP notes. (Odd, since you'd think God would have done so when the earth was created some 4.6 billion years ago, but, hey, Buzz ain't no theologian.) If you would like to purchase the Pulitzer Collection--to channel its incredible huckster power, to ward off gargoyles, to simply use as a paperweight--you can do so on the Web site. Buzz opens the bidding at $37.5 million...oh, wait, that's how much CueCat cost the Morning News. Oh, dear. Now Buzz is confused.
4 hours ago

john YoungWhere They Are Now
By: Fast CompanyMarch 1, 2004
Fast Company readers asked us to help track down once-prominent business leaders and innovators who have largely fallen off the business radar. Here's what the Fast Company team discovered about the now-old New Economy luminaries.

J. Jovan Philyaw

Then: Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Digital:Convergence Corp.

Now: What do you do once you've bilked companies such as the Belo Corp., Radio Shack, Young & Rubicam, and Coca-Cola of investments between $10 million and $37.5 million for a product that flops? You change your name. Philyaw, the masterful pitchman between the CueCat, a cutely named handheld barcode scanner that was supposed to bridge print media and the Web, apparently now does business under the name J. Hutton Pulitzer -- or the one-word moniker "Jovan." Operating J. Hutton Pulitzer and Co. out of Dallas, the inventor of what has been decried as "one of the most ridiculed products of the Internet era," now specializes in the "development of unique intellectual property." Such as? Bottled rainwater. Crystals. And a forthcoming book entitled Generational Curses. Will Jovan be foiled again? Only time will tell.

Date Requested: Feb. 19, 2004
Peter DunnExcellent work John I knew that there was something strange about the guy..His photo is creepy and the way he abused you out of the blue really got me thinking. Talk about arriving on the scene beating his chest screaming out listen to me was weird..People like that are just full of themselves or whoever’s ego that he possess at the time
Troy  Robison
Troy RobisonJohn,

I’m not really sure what to say about your findings. All I can say is if you go to freepatentsonline.com and do a patent applications search on (J. Hutton Pulitzer) you will find there are 48 "Published" applications. 46 out of 48 were published in 2006; the other 2 were in 2007.

I looked at all of them then decided to search “patents only” and didn’t find any that were issued. So I decided I need to go check a few of the applications in the USPTO Patent Pair files. After checking out 4 to 5 I decided there was something very wrong because everyone of the applications I looked at indicated the published applications went abandoned due to “Failure to respond to office actions” to the USPTO.

After checking out all 48 applications all of them had been abandoned due to not responding to office actions to the USPTO. What that means John is there are NO patents that were issued to J, Hutton Pulitzer that are tied to the 48 apps.

I also found it strange in the USPTO Pair “File Wrapper” there was files that shown Notification of withdrawal of Attorney (Power of Attorney) was transferred back to J.Hutton Pulitzer with 2 different TEXAS addresses in all the apps. One in Frisco and the other in Addison Texas There were files indicating a change of address also, and then when the USPTO mailed the abandoned letter to Hutton it was returned to the USPTO Undelivered.

Searching Jeffry Jovan Philyaw patents or applications will produce some in his name alone. Some will show David Kent Mathews from Carrollton, TX as co-inventor also. With the Assignee listed as Digital Convergence Corporation in Dallas Texas.

(If) the Hutton person you’re confronting is the same person as the applications I located then yes there is a problem with his identity and claims.

39 minutes ago

and it looks like Roger Brown is just getting on everyone's nerves as usual with his constant whining and apparent need for attention. We think Derek Pater has it right when he calls Roger at playing decoy to move the attention away from Reyland....

john Young Roger,

I have no problem having Gizmo answer it. If you want to start a new discussion fine with me. But this thread is done. Everyone is sick of this crap and so am I. I understand you want him to say it ! But Ive already said his claims are baseless !

What do you want, should we start this crap over again. Lets ask the members ?

Start a discussion and I will stand by my claims for you, or if you really want to take Hutton and Brian's advice let it go! Seems when It comes to Mark you want it over, but not when it comes to Gizmo you want the bitchfest! Perhaps I should change the name of the group to { Inventors for American Entertainment }. Its up to you Gizmo, One last post to show proof about Roger or say you don't have it, then its over. Roger This was about Mark, no one here ever saw anything about you other than my suggesting you have an interest in the UIA. You said publicly NO so my claims are baseless

I really didn't see any claims Gizmo had about you other than that here!

THE VOTE STARTS NOW !!!! We can get in to your claims later, Don't try to delay the vote. EVERYONE PLEASE VOTE,,,,,, NOW I NEED YOUR HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



We agree. Other than Troy's insinuation that Roger was looking for a position in the UIA, we have not seen any accusations made by him against Roger. We also insinuated the same thing. Guess Roger Brown really wants everyone to understand he does not want to be part of the UIA. We don't blame him really.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Habitual Liar?

This is now out in the open for all to see. We guess the inventor had enough of Mark posting her picture up and calling her and her friends stalkers.

AGAIN this proves Reyland a liar. Is anyone keeping count of how many lies he's been caught in with proof to back it up? As many people know, liars have a difficult time remembering what lie they told who and always are eventually caught. The crazy part is when they keep moving onto the next lie. It's becoming as clear as day who the unstable person most likely is. As was written by the inventor: how can Reyland be reporting the 3 inventors to the FBI and RCMP for stalking his family and contacting them via email sending them links about Mark when he announced quite a while back just how his family really found out!

From: Mark Reyland <Mark@Creative3D.local>
Subject: EN
To: "Margaret" <lboments@gmail.com>, "Sally" <sally78@yahoo.com>, "Troy" <gizmo59@hotmail.com>, tania@taniareynaert.com, "Ron" <rjlinnov@yahoo.com>
Date: Tuesday, September 7, 2010, 7:20 AM

I wanted you all to know that I have left EN but not because of you. I’m leaving EN because of my family. I was struck pretty hard when my daughter called me crying and asked if I was okay. One of her friends had come across EN and sent her a link to these postings, she read much of what you all wrote, and it hurt her deeply - as it did my wife.

I have worked hard to help inventors, and in fact I have helped most of you. Taking my time and in many cases spending my own money to help people find a little success. Obviously you all feel I have wronged you in some way, and that’s ok. What I would ask you to do is take a moment and remember the ways I have helped you.

Please understand in the future when you wage war against someone publicly you hurt not only them, but the people who care about them.

Good luck to you all, and I wish you much success with your inventing.


This was NOT Reyland's first attempt to appear as a victim. You may notice he goes back and forth. aggressor to victim, aggressor to victim. Basically he tries many different approaches to gain what he needs.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Linkedin Gone Wild!


The surprise is it looks like inventor Roger Brown may have been aiding Reyland in the doctoring of emails.
The email Reyland posted was proven false and as Troy Robison states, only one of two things could have happened.
1. Roger didn't forward the entire email to Reyland and wanted Reyland to believe it was an attack on him.
2. Roger forwarded the entire email to Reyland but Reyland only posted a portion of it to manipulate people into thinking what he wanted them to think.

We have no idea which is the case, but that's for Brown and Reyland to figure out. If Roger Brown is helping Mark Reyland to deceive inventors and business professionals then should he be allowed to enter the UIA like Reyland wants? Why is Reyland still even part of the UIA? We recieve emails all the time giving us suggestions of why Mark Reyland still sits with the UIA but we're not going to post them. Let's just say people are calling Reyland "shark food". We can almost believe it because in our opinion, any statements of it being intelligence, success or experience would be silly at this point.

Looks like Derek, John & Troy are not allowing Mark to sling mud and fasle accusations just to run away like he normally does!

***** Roger Brown has publicly stated that he will not accept any position with the UIA*****

John you wrote “I ask you this: will you accept a seat at the UIA if offered in the NEAR future. You can totally discredit Troys claims by publicly saying NO on the record here.”

The answer is NO. I don’t have the time it would require to dedicate to any of those UIA positions. As I have repeatedly stated I have not been approached by anyone at the UIA, including Mark, about such a position.

Although we believe Troy was more insinuating Roger may be awaiting a position within the UIA, we can now say it will not happen according to Roger Brown.
What does this mean? For one, it means we will no longer think Roger is defending Reyland and helping Reyland lie to inventors because he was offered a position within the UIA.

Maybe Troy was hoping, like we were, there was a logical explanation for Roger's recent behavior.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Reyland's Premature Ejection

As usual, Mark and his sidekick, inventor Roger Brown started calling inventors stalkers and whiners while trying to convince others that their own lies was actually the truth. It looks like it backfired. This is what appears to have happened.
Mark and Roger start their usual name calling stuff and drive the thread the way they want it to go. As soon as Mark thinks he's on the brink of being exposed as a liar, again, he deletes the thread and sends his buddy Roger in to ask stupid questions he already knows the answers to. Don't you hate that Mark makes you look so stupid Roger? Reyland and Roger then email out announcements of victory. Of course, they copy the thread before Mark deletes it and adds the incomplete discussion thread to their John Doe blog, also as a victory of exposing the truth tellers as liars. It didn't work. A little premature, don't you think Mark? We're sure you're no stranger to those words.
He didn't want to wait for the true outcome of the thread. Now the thread has been re-started so it can finish the way it was intended to finish, with the truth exposed by a party who only wanted to sort out the truth. Looks like this may just be the beginning.

People don't generally like it when you attempt to treat them like idiots. Reyland and Roger need to stop using inventors as their play toys. Looks like Reyland may be stalking another inventor's family now. Too bad Warren Tuttle appears not to give two craps about inventors and continues to hide his head and ride out his time as President of the United Inventors Association. Shame on you Warren Tuttle!
How are the UIA nominations coming along, Roger?
From Linkedin (we'll update this post as it happens)

john  Young


Now I get Rogers email, its still the same stuff. So I email back asking do you have the email in which Derek agrees to post about mark for free patent searches. He replies back , no I never said I had them it must have been miscommunication. Miscommunication my ass , I clearly asked to see the emails where Derek agrees to post against Mark in exchange for free patent searches. How can you miscommunicate that ! He must have been hoping that all the stuff that he sent would influence my decision. Now I'm really urinated because I apologized to Mark and said I believed him based on anticipating seeing the email that I hadn't seen after all.

So the next day I get an email from Roger asking if I deleted Marks discussion, its not there. Roger knows that the only ones that can delete a discussion are the one who posted it , the group owner and linked in. But I think this was his attempt to look confused as to how it got deleted.

We all know how it got deleted either by the group owner which could have happened or by Mark that more likely happened. Just as with Fayad, when I exposed him he deleted his discussion. I think that Mark did too because I told him I was going to rip the guilty party apart, and it didn't look good for him.

As I promised it will be quite entertaining for all to see when the time comes. Also I have invented a very specail parting gift for the looser, that I'm sure will get repetitive use.


john  Young
johnUnfollow Follow john
john YoungHello Troy,

I just ask that anything you post make sure you can prove it to everyone. Its not a Mark mob where everyone can sling dirt. I'm not saying that that's what you're doing, I just want to make sure that prove your claims. As far as proof on Mark about contacting Tania husbands work, I now have proof he did it even when he told me he didn't. This contact was clearly to disrupt her husbands employment. And he did so from a UIA computer when hes on the job. Also there is proof that he knowingly had his name put on the PPA that Tania invented. I know you know way more than me about him and you have seen this proof I speak of. I'm just posting it so everyone knows I have seen proof before I accuse him. john
26 minutes ago

john  Young

THE MARK REYLAND BBQ AT INVENTIONLAND Mark Reyland is the director of the UIA. Again once a scam is exposed, they delete the discussion, so I have to start it up all over !!

As many of you may know Ive been on another group the past few days trying to get to the bottom of the accusations against Mark Reyland.

The reason I call it THE MARK REYLAND BBQ AT INVENTIONLAND is because because I posted a comment saying I was on a fence, one side Mark Reyland and Roger Brown BBQing hamburgers and hot dogs in BBQ sauce stained t-shirts and on the other side is Derek Pater and Tania { the alleged victim } with music, steak and shrimp. And Invention land is where this accusation of a scam has taken place.

Mark posted something about an event that was coming up. This when Derek started commenting about Marks wrong doings and as director of the UIA that this was unacceptable behavior for someone that represents inventors and their interests. Derek showed all kinds of information about this. So I wanted to find out the truth, I asked Mark about these accusations on a comment, but instead of Mark responding, Roger Brown stepped up to bat for him. I questioned Roger about the emails that were submitted as proof of Marks wrong doings. Roger said neither one of us were there so we don't know what happened. Fair enough, but the emails said it all, I questioned him further asking , Based on the emails alone would you say that Mark had his name put on Tania's PPA without her knowledge, YES or NO. Again he dodged the question.

After some prodding by me for Mark to answer his own questions, he finally commented. Saying he would not discuss it on the Internet for all to see and to call him and he would answer any questions I had. I commented back OK but just so you know before hand its not going to remain private.

So I called him and left my # and the next day he called. We spoke for a wile, Mark explained everything in a very lengthy manner and I was believing him. But towards the end of the conversation he couldn't answer why his attorney put his name on another inventors PPA. In the emails from his attorney say that Mark told him to put his name on it. So I thought it could some how be miscommunication and let it ride. Then Mark told me that Derek's motive in this was to get free patent searches from one of Marks accusers in exchange for Derek posting about Mark. He said that Roger Brown had the emails to prove it. At this point I was very highly urinated at Derek and the others and was sure that I would soon see the email that proves it. So at the end of our conversation I apologise for my provoking comments and Mark then told me that Roger may not respond rite away because he had jury duty that day. So after the conversation I thought how would Mark know about Rogers jury duty unless they have been talking through all this.

After I emailed Roger and asked to see the emails between Derek and the other person agreeing to post for patent searches. Roger sent me a long list of emails between himself and Derek along with blogs about the accusations. I went through all of it and still couldn't find it. So I sent another email to Roger saying To send only the email pertaining to Derek and the other person . Wile I was waiting thinking that I'm going to see it I sent Mark a message saying that if this is true that I'm going to make Derek pay and might follow them around posting the email for all to see their true motive, for what they did to Mark and told him I believed him, thinking I'm soon to see this email Ive been waiting for.

During this time I get an email from Tania showing that Mark emailed her husbands work saying that she was being investigated by the FBI and RMCP for organized crime. I asked Mark about this in our conversation,asking did you call Tania's husbands work saying that she was being investigated. He said absolutely not, I guess I should have rephrased the question to did you call or email. Now this is proof that he is lying and has lied directly to me, now I'm leaning on Derek's side of the fence again.

See Mark BBQ Part 2

Friday, 4 November 2011

A Change of Heart Or True Colors Emerging

 This latest email has been flying around from inventor to inventor and eventually landed in our inbox.

A recent post by inventor, Roger Brown, has been setting off a few alarm bells in the inventing community and we really have to question, what the heck is going on?
This was written about a specific inventor, but the inventor he’s commenting on was not stuck nor did they have any hurdle where Mark gave them a needed solution. Of course Roger already knows this because he showed the invention to a company on behalf of the inventor only days after it was presented to Mark Reyland. Is he saying this didn't happen now? (we've seen the emails) 
We’re not really sure why Roger is fighting Mark’s fight. Inventors out to expose Reyland try ignoring Roger's interference but he just won't stop going on and on about Mark and throwing himself infront of Mark as his protector. You think this hasn't raised HUGE questions, Roger?  You have even emailed an inventor to ask him to stop coming after you while you still spread lies about him and another inventor. This doesn't make any sense.

Quote from Roger in a Linkedin topic

On the topic of PPAs. If you were working on a product and were stuck for a solution to get your product over a hurdle you needed to make it marketable and I provided you the solution you needed would I now be considered a co-inventor or would you just take my solution and not include me in the PPA?
In the above statement, is Roger considering the claim that a manufactured sample  and some packaging equals co-inventor? If this is true, then wouldn't the factory actually be the co-inventor seeing as THEY determined the material formulas used and the process? (we saw those emails too) So when Sullivan changed the material to silicone and adjusted the width, is he too now a co-inventor? hmmmm...maybe Roger needs to do his homework before making such  statements.

Inventors have posted how Roger, in the past, has helped them with problems or hurdles when it comes to their inventions. Given this recent post by inventor, Roger Brown, many inventors are re-thinking if they want to send their invention to him for feedback.
According to Reyland, Roger is the idea, draw a pretty picture guy. Where as Tania was the inventor who took responsibility for invention function. Below is one of many posts Mark wrote about the inventor Roger insults and Reyland stalks.

Mark Reyland
 "They have also taken the time to learn the process and take responsibility for the function of the invention.
We’ll develop it into a full retail ready product, but it would have been much harder if they had not stepped up to the plate and done the initial work"

This person below, along with many others, wonders-

Mark Reyland and Kenny Durham are cut from the same cloth, scam artists and thieves. One does have to wonder what Roger Brown brings to the table, who seems to be all over the internet promoting these two.

We wonder too. We STILL believe we’ll be seeing Roger on the board within the UIA soon. Call it a gut feeling or call it, Mark told somebody this over the phone... we were told Mark had  conversations stating he is planning “new blood” for  the UIA and they will be people of his choosing.
Time will certainly tell, that’s for sure.

Tell you what Roger. We hear you like passing around audio recordings for people to post. This has been passing around for awhile now. You might appreciate it. It's where Reyland's patent attorney explains how Mark was only added on the PPA for the materials (in case the issued patent was attacked) but the materials are not important and would not be part of the claims. Since Reyland didn't contribute to the claims, guess what? He's not a co-inventor. Trouble is Reyland never tells people the truth and won't listen to anyone. Even more troubling is when people like you start repeating the crap Reyland feeds them. We wonder if Mark's ex-partner may have been a victim of Reyland's as well.

Things to listen for.
#1 Maybe Mark Reyland didn't relay the information to you.
 ( In a post on an inventor forum Reyland claims the patent attorney explained it to the inventor, repeatedly) see inventor VS Reyland on the right

#2 Mark Reyland was not involved with the banoodle, which is 100% TRUE.
(Now if someone can only convince Reyland of this)
#3 I don't know what Mark Reyland has told you
 (apparently he told the inventor he knew nothing about being on the PPA) see Inventor VS Reyland link on the right.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

UIA Accused of Ethical Breaches

From Inventor's Digest


"AbsolutelyNew severed ties with the United Inventors Association amid bitter accusations and counter accusations of ethical breaches and dereliction of duty. AbsolutelyNew no longer is UIA “certified” and AbNew Vice President of Marketing, Bill Freund, resigned as a UIA board member"

http://inventorspotforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=4380Re: Absolutely New, to good to be true?

by Mark Reyland » Tue Sep 28, 2010 2:15 pm

Green Belt

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From the UIA standpoint I can tell you that Absolutely New, Lambert & Lambert, Invention Home, and Lenfest have all passed the UIA background checks and certification program (including the USPTO review). They have all signed agreements with the UIA to treat inventors with honesty and respect, and to settle any issues in a fair and timely fashion.

Not all companies who apply for the UIA Certification program make it through – in fact, several other service providers have not made it through, and are in the process of cleaning up their act to try again.

I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a step in the right direction to reducing your risk when working with these companies.



You can read here about the trouble going on… http://www.inventorsdigest.com/archives/7525
Nice how they all stand behind one another until something bad comes out. Then they all bail ship and publicly slaughter each other.

Bonnie Kaake was shown the proof against Mark Reyland hurting inventors. She called it
"a slight deviation of the contract". So what’s wrong with the conflict of interest, Bonnie? Wouldn’t this be considered only a slight deviation as well? Do your ethics change depending on who you're talking about or how it could affect you?

Here's a little free inventor education for you Bonnie. Stealing from inventors is wrong. There is no such thing as being slightly devious. You either are or you are not. Devious people posing as free helpers to inventors should be exposed and stopped. Period. It was nice that you used the word, deviation, because we do feel it fits and only a devious person would perform a devious act. Mark Reyland truly is devious. 

Also curious. Since Reyland is reported to refer inventors to Innovator's Warehouse, who claims to be a good friend of Mark's, is this also a conflict of interest, or slightly devious? Someone wrote Mark recieves $finders fee$ for referrals.

BLOG | Innovators Warehouse - Part 2

Quote from Reyland
“AbsolutelyNew is no longer with the UIA and as is customary with the UIA, we don’t comment on non-UIA members,” Reyland says.

Except for every company listed below who were not UIA members. Reyland has slaughtered these companies in public places while backing himself with the UIA insigne...

The Product Network
Question Moms
Genius Crowds and more

Could it be that we've found a company (Absolutely New) which Mark is afraid of going after publicly and ripping apart? This raises a huge question- WHY?

  1. www.innovatorswarehouse.com/blog/page/2/Cached - Similar
    10 Feb 2011 – I was first referred to Kenny Durham of Innovators Warehouse by Mark Reyland of United Inventors Association USA (http://www.uiausa.org/

Just a quick note: Patrick Raymond was the executive director at the time and was directly responsible for the certification of AbNew. Many board members were against it, including me. Raymond can be overpowering and manipulative of less confident people. Later, it was discovered that he was getting paid by AbNew, a clear conflict of interest.

Mark Reyland is doing a wonderful job of taking UIA to the next level as an educational national organization for inventors. He is doing the job Raymond was supposed to be doing for inventors. Raymond was looking out for himself.

Another correction: UIA’s Certification program was in place prior to Patrick Raymond’s involvement with UIA.