Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Mark Reyland Lies to Another Inventor

From Stephen M Brown writing about Absolutely New on the Inventor’s Digest blog,

 While I was having troubles resolving my issues with this company, I reached out to inventor Roger Brown for help. He told me to send my complaint to Mark Reyland of the UIA. At first I was skeptical because I saw that one of AbsolutelyNew’s VPs was on the UIA board, a Mr. Bill Freund. I also read that former UIA executive director Patrick Raymond had been on the board of AbsolutelyNew. This all seemed like a conflict of interest to me. However, Mr. Reyland wasted no time calling me after he received my complaint and assured me that he would bring my complaint before the UIA Board. Mr. Reyland was very good at keeping me in the loop as to the status of the situation. In a matter of weeks I was told that the UIA board had voted to pull the UIA Certification from AbsolutelyNew.
I was however disappointed to see that AbsolutelyNew was allowed to send a letter stating that they had decided not to renew their membership with the UIA as apposed to the UIA releasing a statement that AbsolutelyNew had been removed from their organization for violating the UIA standards. You can view this letter by using the following link:
It is obvious that Guardian Angel is correct that the UIA is keeping silent to avoid a costly lawsuit. This is just how the corporate world works.
We’re sure you were told this over the phone Stephen, because we already know there is no way Mark Reyland would put this in writing. Why? Chances are REALLY high he was not telling you the truth. Truth in emails and lies over the phone...it’s a pattern he has. You may find that at that time, Reyland already knew Absolutely New was not planning to re-new their membership and simply seized the opportunity to look powerful in your eyes.

There is no fear of the costly lawsuit because there was nothing more to report than to admit the truth at that point. The interesting part is when you state corporate works this way.

You’re right. So what’s the difference between the UIA now and any other corporation? Other than the obvious tax break they get from being non-profit (cough cough) this might be another one of the biggest farces going in the inventing community. Non profit groups are one of the biggest scams going in the USA today and growing. What is the point of the UIA? I think you and Guardian Angel (other poster) brought to light there really isn’t any point...just another corporation taking inventor’s money and pretending to be the good guy.
Reyland may put you on his crazy inventor list and claim he told you no such thing.

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