Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Reyland and his Fictional Personalitites

What does a conman do when he's attempting to prevent people from exposing him? He begins to make up emails from people asking questions of him. Usually these are questions that always give him a use for his own gain.

Think of it like another made up character or his invisible friend. Sometimes conmen use fictional personalitites in forums when they want to answer a question nobody asks them. Mark Reyland actually calls them "ghost members" and claims all forums have them.

We see Reyland using both methods back and forth. One day there's a poster in a forum and the next day its an email from an inventor all asking him questions which end up with the same message as an answer... don't believe all the truth that's being written about me all over the Internet and judge me on ONLY how I treat you. A good message for him to spread considering the chances are he'll treat you well because he has no interest in your invention idea. For those few who he has interest in, like baby products, kitchen gadgets, tools, a privacy invention and others, it could end very differently.

Our message would be to believe what makes sense and not just some guy who claims to be something he isn't while he stalks and hurts other companies. We can tell you that Reyland does know about hurting competitors because he spent endless hours in forums and on review sites trying to hurt Edison Nation's products once they became public knowledge. Most, if not all of the things he claims are being done against him is in reality what he's doing to others. Nothing positive and nothing good.

As the holiday approaches and most people take a break to spend with family and friends you'll find Reyland typing away on his computer in his basement. He can't help it as he appears addicted to this online reality. In our opinion, this is where he lives out his fantasy and carries on with his dreams of being whoever he chooses to be. His online life comes to a standstill and he becomes frustrated and angry. Hopefully you are not on his naughty list because this is when he spends night and day hurting businesses or products.

Mark Reyland has been reported to tell others to claim what they like online because there is no inventing degree and nobody ever checks what you claim!

This conman isn't an inventor, he's not a good business man and he's not who he claims to be. He's just some guy who found an open window of opportunity where it's very difficult to prove who knows what and where it's so easy to ride on the claim "crazy inventor" when confronted. The only thing he has ever invented is himself and hopefully this invention will one day land him where he belongs with it... behind bars!

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