Friday, 23 December 2011

Board Members or House of Chickens

When Derek Pater approached Gene Quinn on Facebook with this post:

o    Hi Gene,
are you in the UIA USA Board?

because I have some big concerns regarding Mark Reyland,

From: Simon Brown
Sent: Wednesday, October 05, 2011 12:31 AM
Subject: UIAUK

Dear Mr Pater,

In respect of your recent comments regarding the United Innovation Association UK’s (UIAUK) alleged links to the United Inventors Association USA (UIAUSA) I wish to offer the following statement;

The UIAUK was formed in March 2011, and as we intended to use similar branding to the UIAUSA, a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with the UIAUSA which allowed us to use such branding without any breach of Intellectual Property rights, was required.

The UIAUK and the UIAUSA do not have any formal or legal ties to each other, except for the above mentioned and are in no way related in any company formation, therefore your recent accusations regarding our being complicit with the UIAUSA or its Chief Executive, Mark Reyland, are unfounded and untrue.

However, in light of matters arising recently and new information received by the UIAUK we feel that we are no longer able to continue

                       to bear any resemblance to the UIAUSA in name, branding or image and would like to
                       make it clear that any association with the UIAUSA or Mark Reyland has ceased with
                       immediate effect.

                      The UIAUK is, and always will be, a credible, honest and hardworking association supporting
                      inventions and innovation, new ideas and design and will not participate in any activities which
                      might show us as being anything less than this.

                     Yours Sincerely

                     Simon Brown

                     Founder & CEO


This is what he received as an answer from Gene:

o    Derek, I'm not longer on the UIA board. I stepped down at the end of 2009. I had concerns about the direction of the organization then. I understand they are doing better, but I have no first hand knowledge. Warren Tuttle is the current President of the UIA.

It appears Gene, a very well respected man in the inventing community, wanted nothing to do with it back then and many want nothing to do with it now. Sorry to let Gene know that as much as the UIA may be doing better in respects to becoming more active in seeking inventors and arranging to see their inventions, the person behind this, Mark Reyland is possibly one of the biggest cons in the inventing community.

We would love to hear Gene’s take on Mark Reyland putting his name on inventors’ IP.

So Warren Tuttle is still the president. We suppose nobody wanted his position? Now we wonder why Mr. Tuttle has done nothing but aid Reyland by passing along confidential emails concerning Reyland. We wrote about this earlier but thought since Tuttle was leaving, he may not have wanted to bother with being involved.

The message this sends to all inventors: Do not bother contacting Warren Tuttle with concerns about any of it's members attempting to damage you because your complaints will be passed along to the person you report.
Will any board members stand up to Reyland? Probably not. They're most likely too afraid of becoming one of his victims but appear perfectly happy allowing him to stalk women and their families over the Internet. 

Taking advantage of the usual Christmas spirit, we wonder if Reyland would like to apologize to the inventor's he has hurt, the inventors he has stalked/ continues to stalk (with Roger Brown's help) and the inventors he currently bashes online whenever he can and make a pledge not to hurt anymore in the future. We HIGHLY doubt Reyland is one to own what he does or apologize for his actions and is more of the guy who takes his guilt to the grave. That's ok Reyland. The big guy in the sky has you on radar ;-) and we don't mean Santa!

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