Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Mark Reyland's Cease and Desist BS Letter

We got wind today CONMAN Mark Reyland sent out some BS cease and desist emails to a few people. Really does this MORON think people telling the truth about him gives the right for cease and desist. That's funny as hell.
The CONMAN keeps indicating his family is getting stalked. Well that's all BS or he could prove it he's been asked in the past.NO PROOF. He's yet to provide any proof because there is NONE. His family didn't rip off a woman's Invention. He did it on his own.


This asshole has had fake profiles for years especially when he played Johnny Gee on Edison Nation and the members caught him with his knickers down. He thinks because it was a couple years ago it was OK,well its not.


Mark Reyland your conman ways are coming to an end. Stick your cease and desist where the sun don't shine buddy.In your dark basement office.

By the way couldn't you find a better cease and desist letter. You dumb ass had to copy it from the link below.



Thursday, 22 November 2012

New Blog Proves Mark Reyland & UIA a Fraud!


THIS would explain Mark Reyland and Roger Brown`s latest campaign to tarnish John Y's reputation on Linkedin and within the inventing community!
We have personally found John Y to be nothing more than an outstanding member of the inventing community and very passionate about the very things the UIA FALSELY claims.

Hey, Phillip Reyland of New York! Back away from your father and stop contacting people with a false identity on your father`s behalf..We were told your scumbag father booted you out of the house because he didn't like your life style.Like inventor Roger Brown  of www.rogerbrown.net and Warren Tuttle of Monashee Marketing, companies are googling you and landing here ;-) Mark Reyland will use you until he destroys you. He is a parasite.

Conman with UIA Floods Linkedin

Sent from a Linkedin group owner:

As a group owner on Linkedin I've received emails from Mark Reyland of the UIA and have also received emails from Roger Brown, an Edison Nation employee. Apparently I am not the only one.

I have not  responded to them. I decided to research Mark Reyland and Roger Brown a little further and see now why they do it. It appears the two are being exposed as con men. What does any good conman do when exposed? Create fear to have people on their side and start great campaigns like crooked politicians, taking every waking moment of their time. They send out advertising, like on the UIAUSA facebook page, letting followers know where they can be located (Linkedin). They swarm in groups to crush the smaller entity trying to expose them with false alligations.

I will not be manipulated by con men and if you are a good business person with any sense at all, you'll see right through Mark Reyland, in particular.

When I spoke to my good friend, a police investigator, he read the emails and took a look at Mark Reyland online as well. He didn't need to go very far before being able to 'profile' Mark Reyland. After reading some of Mark Reylands threats to others and claims, he laughed and said Mark Reyland is a 'textbook' con and if Reyland sends any trouble my way for not complying with his orders to ban John Y from my group, he will be stepping in and Mark Reyland may finally be stopped...or at least have his entire imaginary world, as he knows it, come crashing down around him.

Sadly, the inventor community and companies are paying this man to lie and manipulate people. Mark Reyland is a sociopath and I don't hold much regard for anyone, who sanctions his actions. After these emails, Mark Reyland and Roger Brown have done nothing more than make me more curious to search them further.

I also ask myself, how is it such a successful man spends all his hours sending out trashy emails and writing on Linkedin all day? Maybe he's been kicked out of all other sites and Linkedin is the last place?
I went to look at his UIA site and clearly no inventors are interested other than what appears to be a bunch of fake profiles. Why does he write as though all inventors are fools and worried about making fools of themselves? It's clear he has no concern with the foolish way he looks to those who read his writing.

If you are a group owner on Linkedin and are contacted by Mark Reyland and Roger Brown, you might want to send it to your spam folder.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Mark Reyland's TOOTIN his own HORN Again. What SCAMMER

It looks like Mark Reyland's back at it,another fake LinkedIn profile. This time around he's really TOOTING HIS OWN HORN from his "LONELY" basement office.

Commercializing Inventions, Ideas and Products LinkedIn

Peter Wung
Edison Nation

Sean Winfield Butler