Monday, 23 January 2012

Here Goes The Mark Mouth Again

Here goes Reyland twisting things around again for his own fictional use. Seems his favorite past time is to alter documents and use them as he pleases. Isn't this illegal? Warren Tuttle may not care Mark Reyland takes his letter and adds to it without Warren Tuttle knowing anything about it but the rest of us do and now we ask why Warren Tuttle is the president of an organization when it may appear he has zero managment skills when pertaining to Reyland. if he knows nothing of what is going on should he even be a president of that company? (scroll down to see the original document and the one altered by Reyland)

Mark Reyland is just trying to make it appear others are being threatened to take away from his own threats on others. Like the ones he had deleted after he posted. We see the pattern. When Reyland is caught doing sopmething he likes to shine light on others doing the same, unfortunately for him it never works because it's never the truth. Also see the sidebar where Reyland was caught stalking another woman. We believe there are 4 or 5 women he has publicly stalked now. We're sure there are more we haven't heard about.

Mark T. R.
Mark T.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Reyland Told To Keep His Mouth Shut?

Looks like John is looking for deleted posts from Mark. Mark appears like a spoiled child
begging for limits to be set for him. He appears to act out of anger and hurt people with his words and lies only to then demand his mess be cleaned up by others? Responsible adults do not act this way.

john Y.

Thursday, 19 January 2012


Reyland making more accounts for the UIA on Linkedin? No connections but has a load of love for Reyland.
After we saw him publicly threaten an inventor named Nancy, we knew he'd delete those posts. Not just that but emergency damage control was now needed. We read a letter which appeared to be written by Warren Tuttle ONLY to have one of the inventors show the original letter containing only HALF of what Mark Reyland posted. Did Reyland truly add the entire first half of this letter and pass it off as Warren Tuttle writing it? Praising how lucky the inventing industry is to have Mark? This is insane!

We're following along. The letter was posted then deleted by one UIA account then ANOTHER UIA account pops up out of nowhere posting this letter again!

Busted for adding words to an existing letter of Warren Tuttles? Well, we can write this isn't the first time Reyland has taken writing of others and changed it around to suit his needs so why would we be surprised?

We have a feeling nobody knows what's going on at the virtual office of the UIA including the board members!!

Now here is the one we suggest Mark Reyland may have added his own TWIST to. If this is true we wonder how Roger Brown feels about Mark now? How does Bonnie Kak ( oops we mean Kaake) feel about Mark now? How does Warren Tuttle feel being another victim of Mark's manipulation and lies?

The United Inventors A.
The United Inventors

Monday, 16 January 2012

...And It All Comes Together

Wow! So now we can figure out that Mark Reyland most likely is not sanctioned in the trash talk of Patrick Raymond (other than some silly statement probably written by Reyland himself with Tuttle's permission to post it). We do know Reyland has an amazing jealousy issue with ...well...everyone who has gone further than him with inventing. Like we wrote...everyone, so it doesn't surprise us he would go after Patrick, AGAIN!

Let's all take note here: There has been no announcement or official statements made against Raymond other than from the loose canon, Mark Reyland, and we all know he is a conman and compulsive liar. Then again, the UIA does nothing to control the raging mouth...

Troy Robison
Troy RobisonReyland, in your quote below you indicate the past Director Patrick Raymond was getting PAID by AbsolutleyNew. I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything published BY the UIA that backs up your statement. So if you’re telling us the TRUTH then why wasn’t Patrick Raymond immediately FIRED or asked to resign from the UIA Position?

Didn’t the UIA put him is the Secretary’s position for a short time when they handed you the Executive Directors “CONMAN” Position? And why wasn’t the AbsolutleyNew UIA Board member Bill Freund kicked off the Board at that time? Instead you and all the UIA Board members UIA Certified AbsolutleyNew allowing them to SCAM Mr. Stephen Brown. See below

“For the record AbNew was a member before I got involved in the UIA and their executive was already n the board. If you want to know how they got on the board and how they became certified, I would ask the previous “Executive Director, Patrick Raymond, who without the UIA board knowing was being PAID by AbNew”.

By the way Reyland isn’t Patrick Raymond, Steve Greenburg and Warren Tuttle partnered up in a New TV series together. Isn’t Steve on the UIA Board and Warren the UIA President. Wow,,,, if that’s the case and they both teamed up with Patrick Raymond that’s a little CRAZY isn’t it? The past UIA Executive Director Patrick was taking money under the table from AbsolutleyNew and now he is in business with two of the acting UIA Board members looking for inventions for their show. That situation should make the hair on the back of your neck stand up!

WOW that’s unbelievable.......well maybe not unbelievable I guess because Warren Tuttle handed a CONMAN the position you hold know.

“Some great friends of our group, Steven Greeburg, Patrick Raymond and Warren Tuttle, had success with their pilot and are going to be shooting another episode in February therefore are looking for food related innovations. If your invention fits the bill there isn’t much time.”

If you think you and your invention have what it takes, complete the submission form located at


Here's how we see it going down now. Mark Reyland won't answer. He needs a breather while his other personality, Johnny F, takes over for awhile. Johnny disappears and Reyland comes out...Reyland disappears and Johnny comes out... repeat.
We know Reyland and Brown read this blog daily so after they read this we may get to actually see Reyland interact with Johnny at some point publicly but he had better be careful. We've seen him work two personalities at the same time before. At one point Johnny Gee was writing but forgot to sign out of his Mark Reyland account. Even with the Mark Reyland avatar showing along with his name, Johnny STILL wouldn't admit to being Mark Reyland!

Of course we also believe inventor Roger Brown likes to play Johnny from time to time so we'll see if he takes on his character in the Linkedin groups. Interesting how Johnny and Mark never actually address each other. Would almost make you think they're over working the point of not being associated with each other. doesn't work. We think both of them may need some serious help.

To have this happen a second time between his two personalities is a very real possibility. Why does he like the name Johnny so much?   

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Reyland/ UIA Threatens Again

For those of you who have not seen the UIA  / Mark Reyland in bully, stalker, threaten action yet, even with quite a few examples of Mark Reyland doing so, here's one for you. Now he's claiming to take away inventor's speaking abilities at trade shows? Even though we have more than proven he is a stalker now he has contacted people or plans to contact people to ruin Nancy business-wise? Interesting. What next? Maybe the board members are afraid of being on the wrong side of Reyland?  Mark promises inventors speaking engagments when he likes them and adds them to the stalker list once they question him.Having a review by Reyland is now being seen as more hurtful than helpful in most inventor's eyes.

What the heck is he running, the inventor mafia? Warren Tuttle appears to close his eyes, stick his fingers in his ears and zips his lips. It's bringing more curiosity out in inventors. What's up with the UIA? Why do they want us to call their answering service in Washington (their office) to ask questions? Why does Warren Tuttle not answer questions sent in emails- ever? What is the point if his poosition and why does he work with Patrick Raymond on one hand and then support the very man who slanders Patrick Raymond. Can YOU make sense of this?

Nancy T.

Oh No- MORE Secret Stuff!

So many secrets for a non profit organization...

So does he run the UIA or not? He does appear to like running Patrick Raymond into the ground.
Reyland now says, " I have zero say in who is accepted into the UIA program and who isn’t. The research is done by an independent group and selection is done by secret vote of a selected group of board members and all I see are the results."
Let's not forget this quote, "The UIA is the largest inventor organization in the world, do you really think we would have become that if we were hurting inventors? I run that organization."

Here's the post..

Mark T. R.
Mark T.

Would YOU Do Business With An Out Of Control Banana?

In the first paragraph (quote) we're not sure why Reyland writes of himself in third party; it's not his style and can only think he got mixed up and forgot he was writing as Mark R and not as another one of his johnny Gee type profiles?

"For the record – Nancy was kicked off the UIA forum because of her rants- she’s just Troy’s latest stooge. Many of you will start to receive emails from Troy, “Carzy” John, and Pater as they see you post. The game is they will feed you full of lies, wind you up like a top and send you back out on these groups to start ranting about how bad the UIA and Mark Reyland are –It’s lies, and they have been doing this for well over a year now. They are stalkers, criminals, and if you let them they will drag you into that world too.

The UIA is the largest inventor organization in the world, do you really think we would have become that if we were hurting inventors? I run that organization – do you really think I could do that if I didn’t have the qualifications or if I made it my life to hurt inventors? When you get past the hate these people spew what they are saying (and so much of it is just made up) Just doesn’t make any sense."

"Mark T. R.For the record the UIA is not under investigation and we, as a matter of policy normally don’t respond to these kinds of crazy rants. We have offered to answer any questions people have simply by calling our office. But no one calls…so you have to ask why they spend so much time ranting and “investigating” but never take the time to ask the right questions of the right people."

Mark T. R.
Mark T.

"Mark T. R.The United Inventors Association of America
1025 Connecticut Ave Suite 1000
Washington, DC 20036

Just ask for me...."    Reyland does not live in Washington. All listings he has posted on the Internet say Fairfield Ohio. Exactly where his stalking was tracked to.

He claims WE when writing about the UIA and HE runs the organization. He states the UIA will never respond to inventor's emails, calling them rants. Inventors like to think it was Reyland alone, but do we need to all re-think this? If the board members back Reyland and do not respond to emails, rather make things worse by forwarding emails to Reyland, Maybe inventors should be leary of all the board members who are appearing to back everything he says and does while representing the entire UIA which he claims to run?
Is the United Inventor's Association/ UIA along with all of the listed members behind the UIA blog where Mark Reyland posts photos and writes about companies who ever question him or do not want to join his organization?

We're not claiming not to do business with these board members, Even though Mark Reyland think it's okay to post this about others as WE the UIA. Inventors are beginning to see their silence as support. Look what happened to this inventor when she asked for help from Warren Tuttle with Reyland's stalking...

Mart T Reyland writes..."For the record the UIA is not under investigation and we, as a matter of policy normally don’t respond to these kinds of crazy rants."

They wrote a policy for that? Wow- Now we see where those hard earned non profit dollars go. Good job! The ones paying for sponsorships must be so relieved. Is the badge you give them for their website a clown? We all know how you love the circus and your use of circus words both as Mark and other identities.

Legal disclaimer: We do not believe Mark Reyland is an actual banana.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Reyland/ UIA Calls On Companies Not To Do Business

Amazing. What corporation wouldn't be proud to have such a nitwit running them and being associated with him. Now, under the UIA name, Mark Reyland tells companies and organizations not to do business with certain people. In previous posts he tells people to call the police if even approached by them. It's clear to all who read this man has never run any fortune 500 company. Maybe he was the errand boy? If he did, he'd understand what mistakes he makes by many of the things he does.
--------------------another silly post by the king of silly...someone fetch the silly hat!-------------

That's the problem with your plan Nancy - we all know what your agenda is.
For the last time I'm not posting my resume, or my birth certificate, shoes size, favorite color, my accomplishments, or anything else on a public forum for the nut jobs to tear apart and twist – and as John Young found out the UIA, the USPTO, or any other rational organizations are never going to answer your crazy emails.
If you want to know something about me I suggest you call me and I’ll be more than happy to explain anything you like or answer any question you have. But short of that you will have to build your conspiracy theories on your own.
To those of you reading this slop – welcome to the inventing industry, or at least the darker side of it. Unstable people like this are a part of an industry that has no barriers to entry. Anyone good or bad, stable or unstable can proclaim themselves an inventor. It’s an issue we’re trying to address, but it takes time. Crooks, charlatans, and crazy people are all part of the fabric so all we can do is deal with it. The good news is that organizations like the UIA and others are working hard to make this a safe place inventor’s can go to be successful.
Keep the faith and when you do run across people like this stay away. Don’t do business deals with them, don’t believe the vial garbage they spread, and understand in an industry of hundreds of thousands of people this merry little band of stalkers doesn’t represent our industry. Look for the people with PEER RESPECT. Not self proclaimed inventors or millionaires – and whatever you do ask them WHY they do what they do…that will tell you far more about who they are than their claims of super hero defender status.
Good luck to you all, I wish you much success, and I hope those of you who need it find professional help to control your anger and do positive things with your energy.
Posted by Mark T.

We think it's time the United Inventor's Association board members start taking some heat for what they allow Reyland to do.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Mark Reyland Accuses The UIAUK!

Oh this is BIG! Mark Reyland calls a woman toxic and a thug when she asks questions about what's going on. We've heard he tells people, over the phone of course, that he caught the UIA UK stealing from him and that's why he kicked them out...even though we always knew differently. NOW once he's confronted by Simon of the UIAUK (now name changed- see post below) Reyland blows up in public forum in front of professionals he wants to work with! He only makes $2000 /month when he told many he makes 50,000/ yr and complained that wasn't enough for what he does! ( you know, all the bullying, attacking women owned companies and stalking stuff he works so hard doing) Do the math Reyland! Just like everything else you doesn't add up!
Will anyone even touch this guy soon?

We're working on getting the details right now! Stay tuned...

Simon BrownThere is another aspect to this debate though, and that is how 'Inventors' manage to lose tens of thousands of £'s by their own naivety.
The problem is twofold as has been mentioned already; those who choose to use Invention Help Companies and those who ‘go it alone’.
Invention help companies are not operating illegally, perhaps not what you want to hear but true, however as there is no regulation to speak of they all operate, in my opinion, immorally.

And it could be argued that all service providers are the same in the ‘inventing industry’, IP Attorneys, Marketing specialists, Designers etc.etc.etc, why? Because they are all in business to make money and will all, quite rightly, take on a new client who believes they want or need those services.

Before anyone considers employing the services of any third party they must do the due diligence, get quotes, and fully understand the route and costs involved. This means also fully understanding the business side of New Product Development, and this is where most let themselves down radically.

For those who choose to ‘go it alone’ the same mistakes are made time and time again, and they all revolve around a lack of understanding of business in general and market trends specifically, leaving them with, as has been very well stated, a garage full of unsaleable products. Again, invention is about the Development of New Products and requires the inventor to understand business as well as being able to invent and produce.

The one problem that all inventors fall foul of is the belief that their idea is the best, will succeed, and has no flaws. The truth is most inventions will not succeed, are not very good and have many flaws and what is needed is a simple but effective, and inexpensive, process of verifying or evaluating an idea coupled to an on-going support mechanism and, if an element of success is proven, some funding at early stage to help with design, IP or planning. All of which, incidentally, will very soon to be available through Inventor Forum for UK inventors, more to come on this.

Inventor Forum is free to join - free to use and is exactly what it says, a forum. It is a place where inventors can collaborate and discuss problems, find solutions and help from others who have been successful or not as the case may be.
Those who advertise services on the site do so at a nominal cost and we do not supply them with member’s details make recommendations or solicit information. It already has members around the globe and we want this site to become the largest, self-regulated, self-supporting, safest place for inventors to find and place information and support.
All can upload info, blog, and post in forum, discuss, download and so much more and when they have a product ready to show, advertise it free.

We are supported by and support the use of Creative Barcode and are working with Manufacturing Advisory Service amongst others to bring financial support for Product Development to early stage invention.

To summarise, if you want to succeed, do due diligence, do not jump into spending thousands on ‘an idea’, understand business and the process of commercialisation, get proper help and advice, then and only then should you consider employing the services of third party providers.

It’s just common sense really!

Oh sweet baby Jesus! Nancy is a thug, 4 inventors are from the dark side, Simon is a Taxi driver and John is "carzy"!...

Mark T. ReylandSimon you are a liar – You stole money from the UIA representing yourself as building a nonprofit to support inventors while in fact you are an out of work cab driver and used the funds we sent you to support yourself. When you started making demands for more money and upfront sums we knew there was something wrong and when we asked you to provide information on your board of directors you started attacking us. We have all the bank records that show you received the money you claim was “missing” you are a con man and we have all the emails and bank records that support that claim.

I also don’t think you want the company in Georgia getting involved because if memory serves us all correctly you had the same “money” issues with them. Now you have obviously moved on to start your scam over with a new nonprofit. Are we expected to believe an unemployed cab driver is helping inventors for free?

To clear some things up for Maxine - There are many dedicated people who work very hard to help inventors. But try as we may we can’t help people like you see posting here. These people are the dark side of our industry – the people who have no interest in helping, the people who perpetuate the mob mentality, and for whatever reason lash out at whatever they can. Look at the repetitive posts, the vial hatred, and the fact that not a single one of them is a member of the UIA. We work hard, we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished for the inventor community, and we’re going to continue do it even in the face of people like this.

For the record – Nancy was kicked off the UIA forum because of her rants- she’s just Troy’s latest stooge. Many of you will start to receive emails from Troy, “Carzy” John, and Pater as they see you post. The game is they will feed you full of lies, wind you up like a top and send you back out on these groups to start ranting about how bad the UIA and Mark Reyland are –It’s lies, and they have been doing this for well over a year now. They are stalkers, criminals, and if you let them they will drag you into that world too.

The UIA is the largest inventor organization in the world, do you really think we would have become that if we were hurting inventors? I run that organization – do you really think I could do that if I didn’t have the qualifications or if I made it my life to hurt inventors? When you get past the hate these people spew what they are saying (and so much of it is just made up) Just doesn’t make any sense.

I work about 70 hours a week, spend 200 days a year on the road, and make a UIA salary of $2000.00 a month…. I don’t do this for the money I assure you. Much of the UIA funding comes from grants and donations, although we do take corporate money from members only after they have gone through a very detailed vetting process that only about 60% of them pass.

You will never see me answer the charges or questions posted by these thugs - if you would like to know anything about my qualifications simply call our office and I'll be happy to explain them to you.

Simon is right! We is not the UIA WE is only Mark sitting in his lonely basement earning 2000/mth with his only source of income. Maybe Mark should drive a cab? HA! Probably why he dreamed up Simon does!
Simon BrownWell well, Mark Reyland rears his head in anger, perhaps he will show all this proof now, I thought my making a comment might provoke a response but out and out and blatant defamation of character, Mark that's just very naughty!.

I equally have bank statements and will gladly post the original MOA, statements and any other information for all to view, if you will do the same Mark, and we can let a 'Jury of our Peers' decide who is telling the truth.
And for the record, the WE you refer to is only actually a YOU, none of your board of directors would answer my emails or correspondence in regards to your actions or comments at the time.

As to 'the Company in Georgia you refer to, yet another US inventor help company which is getting slammed for ripping inventors off at the present time; see for information just sent to me.
They also wanted to sponsor us here in the UK but as soon as 1st instalment on a 3 month sponsorship deal became due they refused to answer my emails or phone calls, funny that isn't it?

Want to see that legally binding agreement too Mark, it's available.

I have not said anything directly defamatory about you, only that my personal feelings and findings perhaps support what others are saying, but you have the ordacity to Slander and Libel me in an open forum for all to see and read. You really must be getting worried that the walls are closing in on you, but opening yourself to lawsuits so blatently, not the way forward.

Oh, and I have never driven a cab another one of your dillusional made up stories!

Time to quietly resign from UIAUSA and remove yourself from Inventing for good I think Mark.

We agree Simon. Wish the UIA board of directors would wake up and smell the coffee! Mark Reyland may even be facing legal issues with a few too many things he's done with his stalking. The sad part is we hear Roger Brown may also soon need to defend himself for his involvement and aiding of Mark with his stalking.

YES- We'll let you know as we know but we figure nothing big will be shared with us until it's over with.

Friday, 6 January 2012

FBI and Police all Work with Mark Reyland?

Of course, the only proof of stalking we've been shown, is of Mark Reyland being the stalker.
 Below he claims to work with the FBI and police in 3 countries. Again, are we surprised at his writing? No...he has nowhere to go but deeper into his life of lies. Look what happened when a lady spoke her opinion against Mark Reyland. It appears all people want from Reyland is proof of his claims. He can't provide them. Any authority he claims stalking to would ask the same proof to make sure there is no truth to what inventors are exposing him for. The only thing that is real is Mark Reyland not being who he claims and the UIA allowing someone who acts like a nutjob run their organization and slander inventors who do not follow him.

By the way: Why is he bringing up Tania again? We haven't seen anything written by her and she's not involved in the group on Linkedin. Our opinion? This is another show of his stalking issue with her. Is she safe to ever come online again? 

JoAnne Leff Mark...I have never worked with you or even spoken to you, but after your last post and a recent blog I read, I have to give my professional opinion to this debate. The following is a blog of yours that I found quite disturbing: you continually repeat your accusation of your being "stalked" by John Young (along with the others you have literally pictured in the blog above), it seems quite clear to me, at least, that he, along with the others, are not in any way involved in stalking behavior. John is simply unrelenting in his demand that you provide substance to certain claims that you've made in terms of specific accomplishments and is challenging you to a debate regarding Davidson. He may have more enthusiasm than polish, but his intention is clearly on the side of the inventor.

On the other hand, your intention seems self-serving only. You have levied charges against John and others of "cyber-stalking," and have posted pictures and names of these people who have, as John has, not stalked you, but have merely exercised their first amendment right to speak their minds and ask you as a professional in the field to substantiate your claims of accomplishment.

Instead of answering these questions, you have attempted to make these questioners into people committing inappropriate action when these are good people who simply want the truth of your professional claims and have found information to the contrary. Instead of addressing their concerns and questions, your blog, in particular, feels maliciously retaliatory and defensive in nature and your posts accuse rather than answer questions raised. Why don't you simply answer the specific questions posed of you?

People have the right in this country to investigate whatever and whomever they wish and to ask anyone, however zealously, to substantiate their professional claims without fear of inappropriate retaliation. Instead of answering their questions, your defensive and offensive posturing against those people questioning you should signal all inventors to stay away from you and any organization to which you are affiliated.

I am simply an observer and feel that all debates should be well meaning and for the benefit of inventors. I understand the sincerity of John's approach, albeit with rant, but your approach feels manipulative, worthy of a politician, with only polish and no substance.

I would hope that you would reconsider and take down that offensive and perhaps even slanderous blog. I would also hope that you would give those people, whom you have accused of stalking, a recant along with the answers to your claims regarding your accomplishments. Simply answer their questions once and for all concerned.

I do hope that we can put all of this behind us and resume working together with our considerable collective abilities and get back on track.


Mark T. Reyland  JoAnne – although I respect your opinion and certainly your first amendment right to have one. You have no idea what you are talking about. These people are criminals, they are stalkers, and by indication of their behavior likely mentally ill. 

I have been stalked by them for well over a year – under their own names and those of personalities they create in an effort to make it appear as more than one. I’m not stupid JoAnne. We have been working with law enforcement in several states and 3 countries, along with the FBI - make no mistake this is a very active criminal investigation. 

We have documented every word they posted in all that time and although you get a good sense of their stalking by simply reading the posts the put up here, when you look at a stack of twelve solid inches of paper you get a much better idea of how big an issue this is. And that doesn’t even include the records being obtained from all the scam and blog companies they have hidden behind. 

Maybe they can start posting your home address and phone number, pictures of your family, baseless accusations of everything from fraud to inappropriate behavior with a child. Or better yet JoAnne – they can send these lies in emails to YOUR children the same way they did mine. 

When they turn on you the way they have several other people in this industry then you will understand what it feels like to have your family and your professional reputation drug through the mud by people who obviously need help. 

Make no mistake JoAnne - John Young, Troy Robison, Tania Reyneart and Derek Pater are Stalkers – not just of me but others as well. Stay away from them and if they contact you here or any other place notify the police.

12 minutes ago
Derek  Pater
Derek Pater

Re: Mark Reyland lied his way into the UIA 
by Tania » Fri Nov 11, 2011 9:29 am

White Belt

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You might want to follow along with Linkedin on this topic. I was just sent this link. ... pPCyBDZ4Y1

I have no desire to keep my account with this forum as I feel it has failed the inventor by allowing Mark to post his ridiculous claims. These are not claims made by the UIA as a whole, they are made by Mark personally and they are false.

Here is how Mark's family got wind of posts about him. He emailed a group of us a while back. Nobody contacted his family other than his own daughter's friend...

From: Mark Reyland <Mark@Creative3D.local> 
Subject: EN 
To: "Margaret" <>, "Sally" <>, "Troy" <>,, "Ron" <> 
Date: Tuesday, September 7, 2010, 7:20 AM

I wanted you all to know that I have left EN but not because of you. I’m leaving EN because of my family. I was struck pretty hard when my daughter called me crying and asked if I was okay. One of her friends had come across EN and sent her a link to these postings, she read much of what you all wrote, and it hurt her deeply - as it did my wife. 
I have worked hard to help inventors, and in fact I have helped most of you. Taking my time and in many cases spending my own money to help people find a little success. Obviously you all feel I have wronged you in some way, and that’s ok. What I would ask you to do is take a moment and remember the ways I have helped you. 
Please understand in the future when you wage war against someone publicly you hurt not only them, but the people who care about them. 
Good luck to you all, and I wish you much success with your inventing. 

It's rather difficult to report anyone to the authorities when you have already emailed people statements such as this. 
I don't need to argue with Mark on forums or in private. I just wanted this last post in to show his previous claim. 

Derek Pater  its all there Simon Brown 
Sent: Wednesday, October 05, 2011 12:31 AM 
Subject: UIAUK

Dear Mr Pater,

In respect of your recent comments regarding the United Innovation Association UK’s (UIAUK) alleged links to the United Inventors Association USA (UIAUSA) I wish to offer the following statement;

The UIAUK was formed in March 2011, and as we intended to use similar branding to the UIAUSA, a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with the UIAUSA which allowed us to use such branding without any breach of Intellectual Property rights, was required.

The UIAUK and the UIAUSA do not have any formal or legal ties to each other, except for the above mentioned and are in no way related in any company formation, therefore your recent accusations regarding our being complicit with the UIAUSA or its Chief Executive, Mark Reyland, are unfounded and untrue.

However, in light of matters arising recently and new information received by the UIAUK we feel that we are no longer able to continue to bear any resemblance to the UIAUSA in name, branding or image and would like to make it clear that any association with the UIAUSA or Mark Reyland has ceased with immediate effect.

The UIAUK is, and always will be, a credible, honest and hardworking association supporting invention and innovation, new ideas and design and will not participate in any activities which might show us as being anything less than this.

Yours Sincerely

Simon Brown

Founder & CEO 



Peter Dunn  Lol that is the most ridiculous load of rubbish that I've ever read. And yet again there still no offer of providing the proof that all of the people want to see. Instead of staying up late at night pounding away on your keyboard with steam coming out of your ears, typing out these pathetic threats of the FBI and the law enforcement agencies tracking people down, you could end it all right here right now. 
There is only one person that is mentally ill here and it’s not any of the band of four. Johnny Gee was your alter ego yet you dare to call the kettle black. Just as Johnny Gee buckled under pressure and owned up to really being you, Mark Reyland, you can do the same here and produce the evidence that everyone is requesting.

As you can also see below, Derek is an accomplished inventor.

Derek Pater: Yes I request a Invention from Mark that is selling and has received a real award
from a 3rd Party, after all those stories Mark must have something worthy? right,

Because he is an Expert, this is what he claims?, that would require real experience correct?

My example below!,


because if not, what is Mark doing in his position? as Director of the UIA USA

let alone all his other activities which fail the below Code of ethics

Mark its simple you do not measure up to what this industry expects,