Friday, 11 January 2013

Knives out for US inventor service company CEO

Trouble at t' US invention mill

Inventors and bar-room brawl aficionados could do worse than look in on this discussion forum – at the time of writing, 258 comments and rising fast – where several members of the United States inventor community are busy smashing furniture and filling the air with oaths, accusations, passion, libel, illiteracy and incoherence. The title of the discussion – reproduced here exactly as written – is:
Would You Call DAVIDSON INVENTION SUBMISSION COMPANY..” One Of Your OWN “. And Praise Them For Biulding A Cool Place With Inventor RIP OFF MONEY.
Explanation follows, but the capitals alone give some sense of the pressure about to blow.
The focus of it all is Mark Reyland, CEO of the United Inventors Association of America. He wrote a blog piece praising well-known US inventor services outfit Davison (not Davidson). They, it appears, are not held in high esteem by inventor John Young, who then kicked off the discussion. Hence the title.
But forget Davison. John Young’s main target is Mark Reyland. Why? The precise reason is unclear to say the least, but the direction of travel of John’s loathing is beyond doubt. And it’s evidently shared by other US inventors.
Inventors united against United Inventors
What seems to be happening now is that several US inventors who also have a bone to pick with Reyland are jointly challenging him to justify his claim to be a big wheel in the US inventor services world, and to respond to a number of allegations of sharp practice.
To give Reyland his due, he’s willing to answer back: but in more than one name, never to the point, and in an irrational and provocatively ad hominem manner that merely adds fuel to the fire.
Unfortunately – or fortunately, if it’s entertainment you’re after – several of his adversaries can easily match his inflammatory ramblings and taunts with their own, which makes the ‘discussion’ somewhat difficult to follow. (An honourable exception is inventor and entrepreneur Nancy Tedeschi, who is doing her patient best to get answers from Mark Reyland by asking nicely. With no success whatsoever.)
Inventor services company in name only?
Throwing all legal caution to the winds (when in Rome…), our own take on the shenanigans is this:
First, the United Inventors Association of America may be more smoke and mirrors than reality. Despite its ‘board of directors’ we’d bet that for all practical purposes UIA is Mark Reyland and no one else.
Second, Mark Reyland is a paranoid fantasist who mistakenly thinks he’s very clever in his use of multiple personalities and other forms of fakery to keep his plates spinning.
Yes, it’s that bad.
One can speculate on how many screws might be loose, but our guess is that for Mr Reyland the priority is seeking attention, not making money. And boy, is he getting a lot of attention right now. That probably makes him a happy, if disturbed, bunny while leaving his more mercurial adversaries raging and frothing impotently. Thus, stalemate rather than checkmate.
Our own ten pennorth of advice was to have UIA tax returns checked for any irregularities. That’s how they got Al Capone, after all. But Capone had assets. We suspect that any serious investigation of UIA will discover that it has no real substance, which might account for the inability so far for critics to deliver a knockout blow.
Other than that, starving the man of attention will probably have more effect than feeding him yet more of the oxygen of publicity that he craves. But as other posters seem unable to get that message, fat chance of a speedy end to all the increasingly futile exchanges. This show will run and run!
Do we have an equivalent situation in the UK? Not that we know of. But when it comes to unanswered questions there is always Nesta, which will be the subject of our next post…

UPDATE: As of 26 January the LinkedIn discussion thread seems to have vanished, after more than 500 posts. Probably for the best as it was all getting absolutely nowhere, but it still leaves a very large question mark hanging over the integrity of UIA and the people who run it.


  • John young
    20 Jan 2012 | Permalink|
    I am John young, I’m publicly accusing Mark reyland Of being a fraud. Ive investigated his credentials, and his credential claims. Its very simple, they don’t match, not only they don’t match, they don’t exist.
    His claims of his many patented products = 1 provisional patent application that is listed as Abandoned, Yes that’s it, Oh wait there is his name as co inventor that he put on another inventor clients application without her prior knowledge, but that doesn’t show when you enter his name at the USPTO.
    All his other claims of multi million dollar products on the market are lies too, everything he claims is a lie.
    So I publicly called him on it, asking for proof and saying I know there isn’t any.
    This is what started all this, he couldn’t answer it, So I sent an email to the UIA board members asking for proof and telling them of my investigation and findings. I posted the emails for all to see because it involves all inventors.
    They never replied, I sent 2 more, no reply, I called the UIA office and left massages to please call me, No calls.
    The UIA obviously knows of Reylands B.S. and are OK with it.
    For me this is totally unacceptable and I will fight on behalf of all inventors in every country to clean us of uncaring, unethical, fraudulent, unresponsive, high and mighty, UIA Inventor resource.
    They don’t care about you, don’t let Mark Reyland walk with us. He needs to be shunned from the invention community.
    I don’t have time to get in to his multiple personalities and fictitious names he uses. Its that unbelievable !
    Thanks john
  • 20 Jan 2012 | Permalink|
    Great synopsis Graham. I threw in a couple of early comments to the discussion and I use that term loosely as its disintergrated into a pointless slanging match
    What I find incredulous is the comments Mark Reyland makes whether under his own name or masquerading under false names via made up Linked In and other blog accounts. He denies being those people even though he has been outed, and apologised on other forums when busted for doing exactly that.
    This is the head of the UIA (USA) we are talking about – can you imagine any director of a UK company least of all a not for profit trade association behaving like that?
    And he appears to enjoy it – deliberately inciting his adversaries to froth at the mouth; rant and rant and rant some more.
    Of course those who feel ripped off and offended by him – a man standing accused of operating under false credentials, promoting invention service firms who have (alledgedly) cheated inventors out of £thousands, accused of (and busted I believe) putting his own name on an inventors Patent Application; posing as multiple personalities created to act in his defence when under pressure in blogs – demand answers as to why this man can remain the director of the Inventors Association.
    Yet nothing changes – a director he remains – so either your thoughts on the matter regards him being the only official director of the UIA supported by a toothless board or a dozen or so aggrieved inventors have become obsessed with outing him on baseless grounds.
    That said – the allegations do not appear baseless – the false identities and his own comments and confessions support much of what is being aired.
    So is he a delusional person, a conman or a victim driven mad by what he describes as ‘stalkers’?
    Whatever the answer, one thing for sure is that the way he is dealing with people is entirely unbecoming of a director of the USA’s largest inventor trade association – and for that reason alone he ought to step down
    Oh and of course – he did default on a contractual obligation to the UK Invention Forum (then trading as UIA UK for a short-time) and when challenged by its CEO began a public under-mining & attack on him & his credentials – all entirely unfounded
    So I think we know enough…
    But how does he survive without the USA governence authorities stepping in to deal with matters formally?
  • 20 Jan 2012 | Permalink|
    Well, let’s see Mark could be finally sunk now,

Saturday, 5 January 2013

First: Thank you Ryan, from the Philippines on your hilarious comment on Mark Reyland and his sex toy.We felt the same!

Back to business: Other than Mark Reyland and his constant begging on the behalf of the UIAUSA,  Roger Brown of is sending emails again. This time from a newly created email address. The funny part is we're stumped if he's FOR Mark Reyland or AGAINST him!

He searches him almost daily, in quotes on Google with search terms like: Mark Reyland UIA scam, Mark Reyland steals inventions, Mark Reyland Kenny Durham, Mark Reyland Edison Nation scam, Mark Reyland inventors, Mark Reyland inventions, Mark Reyland Patents, Mark Reyland products in retail, Mark Reyland Johnny Gee. Each time he clicks on this blog knowing there's nothing here to show him what he doesn't already know.

Is he friend to Mark Reyland or is he helping Mark Reyland's conman name get optimized by google search?

To be honest, we're not sure considering he continues the crazy emails pretending to be someone else. Is he sending the emails because Reyland demands he do so while at the same time trying to break free from Reyland by pinpointing search engines?