Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Mark Reyland lies about Military!

That that doesn’t surprise us one bit. Reyland's told so many lies he can’t keep up with them all. The links below will prove our point.

Mark Reyland claims on one of the links that he was in the USAF from 1982 to 1995.

Name: Mark Reyland

Branch of Service: Air Force

Years of Service:1982 to 1995

Rank: SSGT (Staff Sergeant) yeah right.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Staff Sergeant (SSgt) is E-5 in the United States Air Force (U.S. Air Force). It ranks just above Senior Airman (SrA) and below Technical Sergeant (TSgt). It is the Air Force's first non-commissioned officer (NCO) rank, as well as the first Air Force rank to which promotion is attained on a competitive basis. SrA are considered for promotion if they attain that rank on or before February 1 of that testing year. This is so that they will have a minimum of 6 months time-in-grade before the first promotion date of that testing year, however in a normal career progression one achieves this grade after 5 to 7 years in service. Staff sergeants are expected to be technically proficient and function as first-line supervisors within a workcenter. After being selected for promotion senior airmen must attend Airman Leadership School (ALS), which teaches them basic leadership and how to write performance reports. The term of address is Staff Sergeant or Sergeant.

Next: He claims different years. Military status from 1989 to 1992 in the link below.

This CONMAN cant keep his stories straight.

Friday, 13 April 2012

FundaGeek & Conman Mark Reyland Gets Questioned By Inventor On LinkedIn

WOW...This crowd funding thing is launching like a rocket. But people need to know how best to use it.                   

                        Inventor John Young's Digging in the Rats Nest AGAIN,

john Young

The other is { The Flip Sided Quilting Rulers }, I contacted the inventor and apparently you DO NOT have the contract on that either, another fraudulent claim . NOT selling in retail. Again in violation of the UIA code of ethics.

                     Reyland posted this on Edison Nation about a year ago!
UPDATE: Since I wrote this (several months ago) we have licensed the entire line of FlipSide ( quilting rulers to a manufacturer in California, and 4 additional quilting products I developed for my quilting friends to the largest quilting products manufacturer in the world (Prym Dritz).The lesson here is that sometimes you have to immerse yourself in the consumer’s world to truly understand what they want.

The REAL lesson here is BEWARE of Mark Reyland. Everything that comes out of his MOUTH is Bull$hit!

We wonder what Inventor Roger Brown thinks of his Buddy Reyland now! Louis Foreman & Matt Spangard from EDISON NATION/ENVENTYS need to take Brown down to the closest river and wash his Dirty Face & Hands off  after playing with Conman Reyland!


The other { Nova eye glass pads } you have listed as patented. A utility patent. but my searching cant find any such patent. Anyway can you get a utility patent on eye glass pad's ? And again they are NOT selling in retail. Here's the link to that :


If there is no patent on the Nova eye glass pad"s, Once more a fraudulent claim, and in violation of the UIA code of ethics.

Now your { Twist Cap"s },where are they selling. No where that I can find in retail, and they have no IP protection as none of your other products do.

Actually only 2 products are yours as far as I know. and NONE are selling in retail as you claim on your biography, yet again a fraudulent claim. And inviolation of UIA code of ethics.

{ In addition to his role with the UIA, Mr. Reyland is an accomplished inventor with {{many retail products on the market }}, and CEO of Obvious Ideas LLC, a Cincinnati based Product Development Company. }

So there's 4 violations of the UIA's code of ethics by the Executive Director
Mark Reyland.

UIA Code of Ethics
# I. Personal and Professional Integrity

All staff, board members, members, and volunteers of the United Inventors Association (UIA) act with honesty, integrity and openness in all their dealings as representatives of the UIA. The UIA promotes a working environment that values respect, fairness and integrity.

II. Governance

The UIA has an active governing body that is responsible for setting the mission and strategic direction of the UIA and oversight of the finances, operations, and policies of
the UIA. The governing body:
# 2 Ensures that its board members have the requisite skills and experience to carry out their duties and that all members understand and fulfill their governance duties acting for the benefit of the UIA and its public purpose;

Is responsible for the electing and regular review of the performance of the president,
Ensures that the president and executive director provide the governing body with timely and comprehensive information so that the governing body can effectively carry
out its duties
# 3 Ensures that the UIA conducts all transactions and dealings with integrity and honesty

# 4 Ensures that the UIA promotes working relationships with the president, executive director, board members, service providers, and members that are based on mutual respect, fairness and openness;

Ensures that the UIA is fair and inclusive in its hiring and promotion policies and
practices for all staff and volunteer positions
Ensures that policies of the UIA are in writing, clearly articulated and officially adopted;
Ensures that the resources of the UIA are responsibly and prudently managed; and,
Ensures that the UIA has the capacity to carry out its programs effectively.

I was just wondering about this.
john   :)-  

Problem is it was wrong to put Mark Reyland in the Provisional patent application to begin with and they both knew it!  We found the following on YouTube: 


Thursday, 12 April 2012

Old Friend Appears As Thankful Inventor

jcepedar's Avatar
Juan Cepeda-Rizo

We've seen the latest headlines from Inventor Roger Brown and UIA executive director Mark Reyland spamming sites with "Inventor Thanks Roger Brown and Mark Reyland". Who is this inventor? No stranger to the EN community apparently. This is the inventor Mark Reyland manipulated into sending out emails reporting Edison Nation as an invention submission company and demanding they be investigated. Unfortunately for Juan, Mark Reyland forwarded a few of Juan's emails to other inventors boasting of how he convinced Juan to report Edison Nation. Also unfortunate for all 3 involved, a couple of those inventors forwarded those same emails of Juan's to us. We're going to suggest even this post below may have been orchistated by Mark Reyland.


Doesn’t Edison Nation have to comply to the The American Inventors Protection Act of 1999? The law states that all Invention Promotion companies need to disclose the following information:
  • how many inventions it has evaluated;
  • how many of those inventions got positive or negative evaluations (legitimate companies will have a fairly low acceptance rate, usually under 5%);
  • its total number of customers;
  • how many of those customers received a net financial profit from the promoter’s services (that is, the number of clients who made more money from their invention than they paid to the company); and
  • how many of those customers have licensed their inventions due to the promoter’s services (if the success rate is too low, between 2 and 5%, the company’s services may not be worth your out-of-pocket expenses).

On the link below is Juan thanking Mark Reyland and inventor Roger Brown. Not sure he should be thanking Mark Reyland for sharing all his confidential emails and appearing to be used as just another stepping stone for Reyland in his quest to destroy Edison Nation.

We view Juan as one of Mark Reyland's victims.

United Inventors Association.....TROUBLE

Knives out for US inventor service company CEO

Trouble at t' US invention mill

Inventors and bar-room brawl aficionados could do worse than look in on this discussion forum – at the time of writing, 258 comments and rising fast – where several members of the United States inventor community are busy smashing furniture and filling the air with oaths, accusations, passion, libel, illiteracy and incoherence. The title of the discussion – reproduced here exactly as written – is:

Would You Call DAVIDSON INVENTION SUBMISSION COMPANY..” One Of Your OWN “. And Praise Them For Biulding A Cool Place With Inventor RIP OFF MONEY.

Explanation follows, but the capitals alone give some sense of the pressure about to blow.
The focus of it all is Mark Reyland, CEO of the United Inventors Association of America. He wrote a blog piece praising well-known US inventor services outfit Davison (not Davidson). They, it appears, are not held in high esteem by inventor John Young, who then kicked off the discussion. Hence the title.
But forget Davison. John Young’s main target is Mark Reyland. Why? The precise reason is unclear to say the least, but the direction of travel of John’s loathing is beyond doubt. And it’s evidently shared by other US inventors.
                           Inventors united against United Inventors
We can’t say we’re too surprised at the strength of feeling. Mark Reyland has recent form in the UK thanks to his worthless and time-wasting (non)sponsorship of Simon Brown’s Inventor Forum (see earlier post).

What seems to be happening now is that several US inventors who also have a bone to pick with Reyland are jointly challenging him to justify his claim to be a big wheel in the US inventor services world, and to respond to a number of allegations of sharp practice.

To give Reyland his due, he’s willing to answer back: but in more than one name, never to the point, and in an irrational and provocatively ad hominem manner that merely adds fuel to the fire.
Unfortunately – or fortunately, if it’s entertainment you’re after – several of his adversaries can easily match his inflammatory ramblings and taunts with their own, which makes the ‘discussion’ somewhat difficult to follow. (An honourable exception is inventor and entrepreneur Nancy Tedeschi, who is doing her patient best to get answers from Mark Reyland by asking nicely. With no success whatsoever.)
                                    Inventor services company in name only?
Throwing all legal caution to the winds (when in Rome…), our own take on the shenanigans is this:
First, the United Inventors Association of America may be more smoke and mirrors than reality. Despite its ‘board of directors’ we’d bet that for all practical purposes UIA is Mark Reyland and no one else.

Second, Mark Reyland is a paranoid fantasist who mistakenly thinks he’s very clever in his use of multiple personalities and other forms of fakery to keep his plates spinning.
Yes, it’s that bad.

One can speculate on how many screws might be loose, but our guess is that for Mr Reyland the priority is seeking attention, not making money. And boy, is he getting a lot of attention right now. That probably makes him a happy, if disturbed, bunny while leaving his more mercurial adversaries raging and frothing impotently. Thus, stalemate rather than checkmate.

Our own ten pennorth of advice was to have UIA tax returns checked for any irregularities. That’s how they got Al Capone, after all. But Capone had assets. We suspect that any serious investigation of UIA will discover that it has no real substance, which might account for the inability so far for critics to deliver a knockout blow.

Other than that, starving the man of attention will probably have more effect than feeding him yet more of the oxygen of publicity that he craves. But as other posters seem unable to get that message, fat chance of a speedy end to all the increasingly futile exchanges. This show will run and run!
Do we have an equivalent situation in the UK? Not that we know of. But when it comes to unanswered questions there is always Nesta, which will be the subject of our next post

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Inventor Mr.Roger Brown ....Staff Member for The United Inventors Association!

Well it looks like inventor Mr. Roger Brown “is” part of the United Inventors Association. Gizmo was correct with his accusations. Check out the email address below.

The "assmole" keeps asking for the proof…well here it is Ladies  & Gentlemen. This pretty much indicates his nose is up Mark Reylands rear end at the UIA...just as we thought! We wonder if Reyland wipes the Mole's face off when he's climbs out!
Maybe thats how he got the name BROWN.

From: The UIA Staff <>
To: john young <>
Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2012 8:54
Subject: Linkedin

NOTE: The email message was deleted to protect the innocent!

Roger Brown
P.O. Box 7122
North Augusta, SC 29861

Were betting the UIA paid the Clowns expenses to speak at the Housewares Show in Chicago last month.

                           Beware: Birds of a feather flock together!

Friday, 6 April 2012

United Inventors Association..Super Inventor HERO Mark Reyland....Gets Slapped By The EDISON NATION Members.. AGAIN!

                   When will he LEARN to Stop Raining on Edison Nation's Parade ?

By Super Inventor Hero "Mark Reyland:

Actually the blog post was not an attempt to degrade EN or anyone else. It mentions no names and has no links. If it appeared that way I apologize.....Again

What it was, was simply an illustration of the addictive emotion inventors feel in this and many other facets of the inventing process – it’s no different outside of EN.

What I do hope people realize is that although this process is one way to achieve some level of success. Historically inventors who are successful achieve it by educating themselves on the process of commercialization and understanding the many ways to take products to market. Then they develop a process that works for them, repeat it, and get very good at it. Maybe for some of you that’s EN.

If EN works for you I think that’s great, and by all means keep at it. But while you’re checking your dashboard just take a little time to keep educating yourself on the processes – it can’t hurt.
I am in no way anti EN, in fact Louis sits on the board of the UIA and EN is an active UIA member. I have however been critical in the past of what appears to be a lack of full disclosure on their part to the people participating.
EN employees do in fact show up 751 times on patents and applications currently filed with the USPTO- as searched in the USPTO database
Employee/ Position/ # of patents/ Applications
Ashley Tilley PR Specialist 1 2
Carole Ruffin Industrial Designer 11 15
Chris Adams Web Designer 1 4
Chris Hoy Engineer 14 16
Daniel Bizzell Industrial Designer 100 146
David Berglund Engineer 8 6
Ian Kovacevich Engineer 74 131
Juan Marin Graphic Designer 1 2
Kevin Dahlquist Engineer 38 47
Louis Foreman CEO, Enventys 12 23
Matt Spangard Web 1
Meredith Beck PR Specialist 1 2
Jason Gammon Sr. Art Director 2 3
Ryan Gorman Product Manager 3 5
Jason Huneycutt Engineer 3 6
Tom Philpott Engineer 31 4
Total 300 451

Louis has in fact applied for a patent on the submission of ideas to companies that, if awarded, may have some effect on everyone’s ability to submit ideas freely to other companies. (In all fairness we don’t know that it will)

And EN did in fact change their contract to “purchase” your submission instead of representing you as an inventor in direct response to inquiries from the NC Attorney General, and to avoid compliance with the Inventor Protection Act – that would have required them to tell you as consumers what your probability of success is using the EN system.

These are simple facts, and I am IN NO WAY SAYING EN HAS DONE ANYTHING ILLEGAL – I don’t believe they have. However, as with all companies who solicit money from inventors, we would like the inventor to have all the facts and be able to make informed decisions – that’s all. It has nothing to do with like or dislike of anyone.

You can say anything you like about me as a person, and feel free to check the facts. But please keep an open mind as you learn more about the industry. It’s a big place, but there are many good people who are happy to help you on your journey.