Friday, 6 April 2012

United Inventors Association..Super Inventor HERO Mark Reyland....Gets Slapped By The EDISON NATION Members.. AGAIN!

                   When will he LEARN to Stop Raining on Edison Nation's Parade ?

By Super Inventor Hero "Mark Reyland:

Actually the blog post was not an attempt to degrade EN or anyone else. It mentions no names and has no links. If it appeared that way I apologize.....Again

What it was, was simply an illustration of the addictive emotion inventors feel in this and many other facets of the inventing process – it’s no different outside of EN.

What I do hope people realize is that although this process is one way to achieve some level of success. Historically inventors who are successful achieve it by educating themselves on the process of commercialization and understanding the many ways to take products to market. Then they develop a process that works for them, repeat it, and get very good at it. Maybe for some of you that’s EN.

If EN works for you I think that’s great, and by all means keep at it. But while you’re checking your dashboard just take a little time to keep educating yourself on the processes – it can’t hurt.
I am in no way anti EN, in fact Louis sits on the board of the UIA and EN is an active UIA member. I have however been critical in the past of what appears to be a lack of full disclosure on their part to the people participating.
EN employees do in fact show up 751 times on patents and applications currently filed with the USPTO- as searched in the USPTO database
Employee/ Position/ # of patents/ Applications
Ashley Tilley PR Specialist 1 2
Carole Ruffin Industrial Designer 11 15
Chris Adams Web Designer 1 4
Chris Hoy Engineer 14 16
Daniel Bizzell Industrial Designer 100 146
David Berglund Engineer 8 6
Ian Kovacevich Engineer 74 131
Juan Marin Graphic Designer 1 2
Kevin Dahlquist Engineer 38 47
Louis Foreman CEO, Enventys 12 23
Matt Spangard Web 1
Meredith Beck PR Specialist 1 2
Jason Gammon Sr. Art Director 2 3
Ryan Gorman Product Manager 3 5
Jason Huneycutt Engineer 3 6
Tom Philpott Engineer 31 4
Total 300 451

Louis has in fact applied for a patent on the submission of ideas to companies that, if awarded, may have some effect on everyone’s ability to submit ideas freely to other companies. (In all fairness we don’t know that it will)

And EN did in fact change their contract to “purchase” your submission instead of representing you as an inventor in direct response to inquiries from the NC Attorney General, and to avoid compliance with the Inventor Protection Act – that would have required them to tell you as consumers what your probability of success is using the EN system.

These are simple facts, and I am IN NO WAY SAYING EN HAS DONE ANYTHING ILLEGAL – I don’t believe they have. However, as with all companies who solicit money from inventors, we would like the inventor to have all the facts and be able to make informed decisions – that’s all. It has nothing to do with like or dislike of anyone.

You can say anything you like about me as a person, and feel free to check the facts. But please keep an open mind as you learn more about the industry. It’s a big place, but there are many good people who are happy to help you on your journey.

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