Sunday, 27 May 2012

Inventor Roger Brown Looks like a FOOL Once AGAIN

John Young really Slapped  Mr Brown again.

Roger Brown • Actually John I was responding to your responses. I can't help you had trouble answering. And it was you who took it in another direction not me. That was your fault not mine. No, I am not a UIA Staff member. I have answered questions on licensing for them so have others that have experience in diferent fields. There are some patent attorneys that respond to those types of questions as they have time. I also am a moderator and contributer for,answer a number of questions here on Linkedin and a number of different blogs, I answer questions on a number of forums and write articles for blogs, Inventor's Digest magazine and do speaking engagements on inventing and licensing. I have never denied doing any of those. It is you and your buddies that try and make something sinister out of it.
Your turn Troy , are you doing the patent searches for John's company? Will you be listed on their ewebsite showing your credentials?

john YoungOK Roger,

I'm faking that email Huh, if you are saying that, I'm publicly calling you a liar. And will prove the email is real by forwarding it to anyone that wants to see proof that you are a LIAR and not to be trusted.

IF you are saying that I faked that email, you have just been caught in a lie to these inventors.

If anyone would like to see proof that Roger Brown is lying about being a UIA staff member, email me at and I will forwarded you the email as proof of my claims.

Also Roger stands beside the UIA and what these companies tried to do to the stick invention, All I had to do was sign the contract and pay,and I was riped off by UIA accredited medallion member companies. The same UIA that is supposed to be looking out for the inventors wanted to take my money for a stupid invention just as the other rip off companies did.

If these companies are going to sue me for what they did, that was totally unethical. You don't have to worry. Let me worry and you can answer the question.

THE question is, what do YOU think of what the UIA companies tried to do, they wanted to take money from an inventor with absolutely no chance of getting to market ?

Was it the correct think to do, yes or no?
Do you approve of them doing this , yes or no ?

If you don't answer this, then its obvious that you don't want to say how you feel about it, because it will go badly for them. Or you approve of what and how they did it and you could careless about the inventors and wont answer because you don't want them angry with you because you stand with them.

Answer it for all to see how you really feel and who you really are. Don't worry about a law suite because your answer wont be used in court, its an opinion and not relevant to any law suite, so don't use that as an excuse.

Get ready everyone the dancing clown show will now begin. Because he WILL NOT answer the question !

Then Gizmo turns Roger upside down with his Edible Sneakers concept. Roger ran like a scared pussy cat and never answered.
Troy RobisonRoger,
What exactly does your statement below mean?

"I am not getting involved in that issue since it will most likely end up in civil litigation with you"
A Civil Litigation,,,,really Roger. How could that be Mr Brown? Im sure you can re-site the American Inventors Protection Act word for word since you post it all over different forums and have wrote articles about Inventor Submission Companys. If you think the Company's that wanted to help John for MONEY have any recoarse against him it pretty much proves you dont understand the rules of the Protection Act.

Once the Company's sent John the contract to sign they need to give there success rate.....That wasnt done by any of them. Chris Hawker from Trident Design was the only one that stepped up to the plate and didnt throw a curve ball to the Inventor......

Hats off to Chris and his firm "Trident Design" !                   

Roger BrownAs I said before "I am not getting involved in that issue since it will most likely end up in civil litigation with you"
What is hard to understand about that? Is my answer the answer you want NO. Does it have to be the answer you want NO. I prefer to let the situation work its self out without my involvement. You may like spending your time in court, I have better things to do with my time. I do appreciate you giving my answering so much weight.

Troy RobisonRoger,You dont need to get involved with John's issue.

Lets look at it this way. If another Inventor invented an Edible Pair of Sneaker's out of Fruit RollUps and the lace eyelets dissolved in your mouth not the shoes or your hands and tasted like M&M'S ,Would it be ok for A,B,C or D, Inventor Submission Companys to tell the Inventor they have a good idea with their sneakers.Then they send the Inventor a contract to sign asking for money. Do they need to supply their success rate with the contract. Keep in mind once they send the contract their asking the inventor to sign a legal document.

At that point wouldnt the American Inventors Protection Act FEDERAL RULES kick in? Since you love to recite the act and rules this should be an easy question for you to answer. If your alittle rusty remembering how the act reads Google it then come back and answer.

Both of us know the Sneakers would never fly in retail and make the inventor any money. Dont We.......With that being said what are your thoughts?

Roger the info below was written by you roughly one yr ago........Do you have a change of Heart these days......

Look at what these companies are REQUIRED to share with you (IN WRITING) BEFORE you spend money with them. If they change the subject or try and not give you what is REQUIRED by LAW, WHY WOULD YOU USE THEM? It’s YOUR money you are wasting by not doing a little research.

The AIPA requires invention promoters (i.e., those who provide “invention promotion services”) to disclose a number of things in writing, prior to entering into a contract for invention promotion services. These are:
(1) the total number of inventions evaluated by the invention promoter for commercial potential in the past 5 years, as well as the number of those inventions that received positive evaluations, and the number of those inventions that received negative evaluations;
(2) the total number of customers who have contracted with the invention promoter in the past 5 years, not including customers who have purchased trade show services, research, advertising, or other nonmarketing services from the invention promoter, or who have defaulted in their payment to the invention promoter;
(3) the total number of customers known by the invention promoter to have received a net financial profit as a direct result of the invention promotion services provided by such invention promoter;
(4) the total number of customers known by the invention promoter to have received license agreements for their inventions as a direct result of the invention promotion services provided by such invention promoter; and
(5) the names and addresses of all previous invention promotion companies with which the invention promoter or its officers have collectively or individually been affiliated in the previous 10 years.
It would be a HUGE mistake for any one of the Inventor Submission Companys to take Legal action on John Young. If they do you can bet it will end up taking the UIA and Warren Tuttle down.
Were sure Roger Brown's creating damage for Edison Nation/Enventys Business Model now that he's on their team.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Tampa Inventor Association Gets The REAL Scoop on COMMAN Mark Reyland

This week Nancy Tedeshi inventor of the SnapitScrew talked at the Tampa inventors Association meeting. After the event she sat and talked to the president of the club. He said she should hook up with Mark Reyland he is all about helping inventors and she said oh yeah, what did he invent and the president replied, he was our guest speaker and he invented  a lot of products but they are TOP SECRET because he worked in the military for 14 years. Nancy went on to explain the set up of the UIA and exposed them and Mark Reyland for what they are. SMOKE & MIRRORS!

Maybe we should all claim top levels of success and then back it up with the words, "but I can't tell you cause it's top secret!"

Were still laughing,,,,Really TOP SECRET Mr Reyland and you spent 14 years in the Military...
                                       Why should anyone believe him ?

We suggest you look at the sites below and do the math just to see how long this NUTCASE was really in the Military.......He's told so many lies is the past it's hard to tell what's the TRUTH.

Were willing to bet he's trying to do his so called VooDoo technique to see how he can back track to change all the FALSE info the he's posted all over the Internet......

Alumni Q-T -
40+ items – Metro Tango Alumni Website. Alumni Memory Lane ...
NameMT yearscurrent locatione-mail address
Keith Ramsdell1986-1989Charleston, SC, USAramsdell17 ...
Mark Reyland1989-1993Cincinnati, OH, USAmark@NOSPAMcreative3d ...

  • Metro Tango Alumni Website -
    Metro Tango Alumni Website. Alumni Memory Lane .... Mark Reyland, 1989-1993, Cincinnati, OH, USA, Brian L. Rubidoux ...

  • Metro Tango _6911th ESS_ Member Profiles
    Jul 6, 2011 – Metro Tango (6911th ESS) Member Profiles (File is currently 47 pages long) Updated ... Worst Memory Mark Lamb's bag ..... Reyland, Mark T ...

    Metro Tango _6911 ESS_ Email Roster
    Oct 5, 2011 – Metro Tango (6911th ESS) Email Rosterupdated as of 6/1/2010. addresses posted with ... Reyland Mark 1989 1992 ...

    Mark Ryland profiles | LinkedIn - Similar
    Mark Ryland. Title: Chief Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services; Demographic info: Washington D.C. Metro Area | Computer Software. Current: Chief ...

    Did Reyland also tell them he work in the CIRCUS as Mr Anthony High,JohnnyGee ?

    johnnygee's Avatar
    Johnny Gee

          Do you know who this is above? It's Mark Reyland of the UIA USA facebook page. He doesn't look the same? Read the link to find out Mark Reyland likes to have MANY alias's.
    Susan Bellman and Ted Meyers are other confirmed alias's from

                                  Was he in the Military four or fourteen ?

    Saturday, 19 May 2012

    Is UIA Mark Reyland a Vandal or Garage Inventor?

    What does an inventor do when an invention doesn't work? Fake it! Not really but this seems to be what Reyland reportedly did with his revolutionary 3d car wraps he claimed to own an International patent on. Turns out it was an abandoned Non-Provisional Patent Application after Reyland and his Patent Attorney Business Partner Mark Smith couldnt get 30 plus claims past the USPTO Examiners rejections. From what we're told, even after he knew they didn't work as claimed, it didn't stop him from vandalizing someone elses property. Leased Cars.

    You can see the proof on his wraps here.

    We were told Reyland was sued for cost of damages on leased cars he apparently drilled holes into.Who knows if he really was. Why would someone do this? The wraps, he claimed companies wanted to license, didn't work the way he claimed and drilling holes to then secure his wraps with HUGE bolts to a car's trunk lid was the remedy in his mind to keep them from flying off and to be legal with the Department of Transportation's LAWS. Not really the mind of an inventor if this is the case. Unless that was his Definition of a real GARAGE INVENTOR. Reyland's claims to revolutionize the advertising industry with his lies is no different than him now wanting to revolutionize the inventing industry with his lies.

    He even publishes his lies in a media magazine and states companies want to license it from him, 'we can't name yet' ,How about now? There are NO names to name. See article here but he forgets to announce his 3d wraps need to be BOLTED to vehicles with HUGE bolts that will leave holes in the top of the trunk when the Mento's 3D Roll is removed. Maybe Reyland had patent claims for the holes to be used for drainage. Or maybe even inserts for Flag Poles. No wonder the examiner rejectd the patent application claims.

    What can we make of someone who appears to have such disregard for rules, business practice, laws and property belonging to others? Someone who appears to ignore legal proceedings against him and doesn't take responsibility for his criminal actions and can lie at the drop of a hat to anyone and everyone not caring of the consequenses? How does this make UIA executive director, Mark T Reyland, better than any other vandal?

    Many have reported Mark Reyland refusing mailings and certified mailings. Could THIS be the reason?

    Mark Reyland appears to live through "smoke and mirrors". A common use of words when speaking to many professionals about Reyland. Maybe he has difficulty understanding the difference between reality and fantasy? We're sure the truth will all be as plain as day very shortly.

    Thursday, 17 May 2012

    Would YOU Donate to IP Theives?

    The United Inventor's Association blog (AKA Mark Reyland, AKA Johnny Franklin, AKA Johnny Gee AKA too many to list both male and female) asks for donations.
    How becoming of an organization to post the picture of a small child and then beg for money  so Mark Reyland, who has been proven time and time again NOT to have any successful products can educate you by travelling around on your dime, managing to escape his dark basement office corner. Donate to him so he can recite some teaching from books, blogs and Internet sites he's read from. The very same things you can find for yourself. We all know he can’t teach from experience. 
    Raise money for Mark Reyland so you too can have your invention stolen and placed publicly as a UIA (United Inventor's Association) asset! HUH? Wait a minute! The funny part is it STILL has the inventor’s name on it!

    1.     [PDF]

    You +1'd this publicly. Undo

    Scroll down on this blog and you can hear from Mark Reyland's own lawyer how Reyland has no rights to it. We also read he has fundageek listed as a UIA asset. Does Fundageek know this or was this planned all along?

    Why is the UIA acquiring assets from inventors without the inventors’ knowledge or permission?

    Has Mark Reyland turned the UIA into IP thieves?

    We’ll find out.

    Until then...would you donate money to IP thieves? Until we see this addressed, EVERY single board member needs to take responsibility for Mark Reyland stealing inventions and listing them as “owned” by the United Inventor’s Association!
    He always did have a plan to take down the UIA. Maybe he had plans to take it down from the inside?
    The information against Mark Reyland is staggering!

    Monday, 7 May 2012

    Mark Reyland meets John Cremeans in Tampa

    Mark Reyland claims he's known John Cremeans a long time and their friends. Yeah right Mr. Reyland  just met John in Tampa and your now long time friends.......What a joke.

    Were wondering if Reyland told John about all his Inventions he brought into the Industry that sells WORLDWIDE? That NO one can locate. Were sure he didn’t because John isn’t a fool. Maybe Reyland was dressed up in one of his made up profiles like JohnnyGee or Mr. Anthony High a Special Opps Officer……Mr High is a BLACK MAN did Reyland ever think he could pull that off? We’ve even seen him with his Sissy Spaceout… opps we mean Spacek outfit on. Yes he has made up FAKE WOMEN profiles on Inventors forums like Edison Nation before so we wouldn’t put it past him. Reyland has even dressed up as his wife on Edison Nation, we seen that happen when he/she went after Gizmo.

                 Maybe he would of been better off with a Fake Sally Feilds/Sybill profile.



    Sorry.. Mr Reyland you can run but you CAN'T HIDE! It’s easy for people to figure you out in ALL YOUR COSTUMES!

    Looking back down memory lane we remember Reyland loved to slam Louis Foreman the owner of Edison Nation and the UIA board member. Now the CIRCUS CLOWN claims to be close friends with Foreman and sits in the UIA Executive Directors position.

    John Young has exposed a few of the UIA Medallion/Gold Inventor Submission Companies like Invention Home/Jacobs Enterprise that wanted to help bring John's FAKE STICK Invention into the industry for MONEY. InventionHome Co-Founder Mr Russell Williams what were you thinking?

                                    Really guys a STICK with a Hook on it.

    United Iventorrs Association

    I recently had lunch with a good friend in Florida – his name is John Cremeans. In addition to being one of the most talented on air hosts ever to grace the airwaves, John is a long standing champion of the independent inventor. I’ve known John a long time, and few people in the

    We all know Reyland thinks he’s SUPERMAN, it’s too bad the only ones that believe it is Reyland and his Naive Inventors that follow him.

    Inventors PLEASE do your Homework on this Conman. Remember Bernie Madoff was a well respected man in the Investor Industry. Bernie ended up in the slammer leaving most of his Investors Friends and Clients holding the empty bag.!

    Maybe John Young should send Bernie a sample of his Stick/Hook Invention to pick the cell lock! :)

    Better yet if Reyland ends up in the slammer next to Madoff he can pass Bernie one of the Sticks. We bet he's going to tell Bernie he invented the stick or is a co-inventor because he decided on the type of tree/wood/length and diameter of the design! :)

     These two will be doing the BOOTY DANCE all the way to the bank with Bernie's financial background.Were betting they will approach the King of Infomercials AJ Khubani/Telebrands to licence the stick.

    Let the BOOTY DANCING begin ,,,,,,,_)(_/_)(_l_)(_\_)(__)(_l_)(_/_)(_l_)(_\_)(__)(_l_) SHAKE IT and audition for DANCING WITH THE STARS.

    Maybe Inventor Roger Brown UIA Staff Member should do his research also! 

    Tuesday, 1 May 2012

    Mark Reyland's in the SHARK TANK

    John has Mark Reyland Executive Director on the United Inventors Association cornered in the Shark Tank,,

    john Young