Wednesday, 27 June 2012

WINK,WINK Exposes Inventor Roger Brown

Inventor Roger Brown picks his toys up out from the sandbox then runs away with his tail between his legs after John Young exposes that someone "WINK,WINK" sent him a email about Roger. The email indicted Roger Brown did get paid by the UIA for his trip to the Housewares show in Chicago. Roger sent Nancy Tedeschi an email months ago telling her he didnt get paid for his expenses. We knew Roger got paid and it was only a matter of time before "WINK WINK" tossed his ass under the Little Yellow Bus.

Mark T. Reyland •  WINK,WINK

Roger is not a UIA Staff member, and the UIA paid for travel expenses ONLY to have him help our staff at the House Wares Show and answer questions for inventors about their journey. He did a great job, and the inventors loved him.

That money comes from the UIA Inventor Education Fund and was money well spent. Roger volunteered his time and we thank him for that….

Were sure Roger decide to pick up his toys and leave when Gizmo posted Louis Foreman and Matt Spangard's email address when John told Roger he was thinking about sending Louis an email with all of Roger's BS post. By the way Louis and Matt own Edison Nation and is Roger's boss. Roger sits in his little E.N cubical during the day posting away on the LinkedIn threads while getting paid. Now thats one hell of a job. When he leaves the office for the day he heads to his WITTLE Motel room in Lancaster South Carolina to to keep the fight going with John. Someone called Roger the keyboard Cowboy a few weeks back. that really made us laugh.He really screwed up by getting into a pissing match with John Young. John turned this guy upside down when he stayed calm and didnt loose his cool.

Roger never thought Reyland would stab him in the back but we did. Roger you were WARNED and didnt listen. Know you have damaged the GOOD name you use to have in the Inventor Community all because you HUNG out with the WRONG CONMAN.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Who Framed Roger Wabbit ?

We're all trying to figure out what's up with Inventor, Roger Brown? Does he possibly have a medical condition like his buddy Reyland?
Try and follow along and you'll see first hand what he enjoys to do. He enjoys disrupting discussions and creating chaos for people. He enjoys name dropping company names and tries to tarnish people while trying to change the subject and blurr the way every time Mark Reyland is asked a question. Sadly, Roger thinks he's smart but comes across as a fool, just like Reyland. Don't these two ever get tired of looking foolish; or is it just what they're used to appearing to others as.
Roger Brown apparently works for Edison Nation,Enventys but we wonder if he's on the time clock while posting continuously while working? We're also wondering if Louis Foreman and Matt Spangard know there paying this Clown for posting all over LinkedIn Groups and causing trouble.
We read a posting by UIA ex director, Mark conman Reyland, who now decides inventors are people who just simple solve a problem. Many of us were around when he attacked inventors for calling themselves inventors using that very same explanation. Maybe simply put...Mark Reyland has no inventions or patents or has ever entered the retail world. Unfortunately, he has landed where he is by claiming those very things he now states are not important. WHAT? make no mistake, Mark Reyland cries when people don't return his phone calls. He is not respected in the industry but more likely tolerated because nobody wants to be on the receiving end of his constant garbage. He loves nothing more than working 80 hours a week in his dark basement office hurting others.
Mark can't feel lonely any longer now he has his good friend Roger Wabbit by his side. As Roger states in this portion of a recent post,
" So shouldn't it work the same for you? Or is this that double standard I keep pointing out for your group?"

We do believe it's Johnny Franklin who keeps pointing this out to the group. Maybe Roger is getting his identities confused? A close friend of Roger's had a couple of things to say about Johnny Franklin. Looks like someone is getting antsy and ready to throw his comrade under the bus to divert attention away from himself. Careful Roger... you are the next one to be screwed over by Reyland. Then again, we believe you must already be feeling it.

We know who's FRAMING Roger,were sitting in the Bleachers with a front row seat waiting for the FIREWORKS to EXPLODE. Stuttering Daffy Duck is in the process of slamming the door in the WABBIT'S face. You better watch out WOGERRRR WAAAABBIT. Get your PIZZA Scissors out for PROOOOOTECTION.

Follow along and watch Roger make an ass of himself and see Reyland's new definition of what an inventor is. In other words, the meaning of inventor is whatever Reyland is currently doing or claiming for the moment. Shaking our heads!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Written for Inventor Roger Brown and Mark Reyland UIAUSA

I swear I am clever
I'll always deceive
lies and more lies
I don't plan to leave
I like to be right
and must always be so
Don't do as I say
and my anger will grow
I rant and I rave
always looking the fool
You're making me mad
publicly losing my cool
When I can't get my way
I create a new name
Johnny Franklin's my latest
I'm a troll with a game
I will lie and will cheat
to get what I want
They're seeing through us
so through emails we'll taunt
away from the forums
away from the chats
we're nothing but Conmen
we're nothing but rats.

Monday, 18 June 2012

What A Cartoon Character Can Teach Us,,,,,

  If you’ve ever watched a Daffy Duck cartoon there are hidden lesson to be learned. Daffy was a product of Warner Bros Golden Age, he was one of the most charismatic and ABSURD characters ever to grace animation. During Daffy’s early yrs he resembles a "normal" Duck. Daffy was unique and normal, but over time he showed us MULTIPLE personalities, three to be exact.

 His “original” early on personality was sweet helpful caring and obsessively hyperactive. His second personality was a "Cynical Duck" that could lie, cheat, steal and treat others like $hit. His third personality was quizzical, cynical self-centred and very malicious.
We think Mark Reyland watched way too much Daffy Duck over the yrs. Maybe Daffy’s sweet helpful caring obsessively hyperactive, cynical self-centered, quizzical personalities rubbed off on Reyland and that’s why he acts like he does.  
The lesson to be learned from Daffy’s personality disorders are you never know who you’re dealing with depending on the situation and mood he’s in. You will see below Reyland’s created plenty fake profiles and claims to be a master in the Inventors Technology world. The problem is he’s yet to show the Inventor World all his products he claims to have in retail.
Look at just a few of his personalities below… These are some of the faces he used while chatting in forums….Do you think this man’s playing with a full deck? If you have chatted to any of the faces below, chances are you were chatting to Mark Reyland, UIAUSA. This man is SO DISRUPTIVE to the Inventor Community! Keep away from him before he STEALS your idea too. ... -an-expert

Reyland’s a real cartoon character that’s for sure. Maybe his wittle buddy Inventor Roger Brown will come to his rescue as Elmer Fudd or Porky the Pig.


Friday, 15 June 2012

Mark Reyland and HIS Double Edged Sword

BEWARE of Mark Reyland the Executive Director of The United Inventors Association. He speaks out of both sides of his BIG MOUTH. You will see why below. 

Sites you should NOT use

By Mark Reyland

The inventing industry has many holes you can fall in on your journey. One such hole is the use of crowd sourcing sites. Those are sites that ask you to list your invention and allow others to comment or give you feedback.

Here are some things you should know about using these sites.

Other than the Terms & Conditions sections are often written in such a way that you “forfit” all, or a “significant” part of “yoru” rights to the owners of the site. There are 3 main reasons the UIA does not recommend you use them.

After looking at Reyland's spelling above it really makes us laugh when we look back at how much crap he gave John Young with his spelling ability's.....Reyland even quotes the misspelled words... And he has the audacity to call John an uneducated moron.  

1. Posting your invention on a site like this is public disclosure and can cost you the opportunity to gain patent protection on your invention
But it's ok to post your invention on sites like FUNDAGEEK? Why is this site any different Mr Reyland? Is it because you have close ties to them? Isn't FUNDAGEEK a UIA Certified Member?
2. Any person that makes any suggestion to your invention that you use, could later make a co-inventor claim against you

3. Many companies that license innovation refuse to work with a product that has been listed on these sites for both of the reasons listed above.

Please do not list your inventions or ideas on these sites.

Genius Crowds

These are just the few that we know about – if you run across these kind of sites please let us know so we can let others know.

As always, the UIA recommends that you consult a practicing attorney in your state before enrolling in any site or listing your invention on the internet.
Reyland will be trolling the Inpex Show today. Let's see if he can RIP off another inventor with his conman personality full of BS lies and fake resume. By the way Inpex is InventHelp.. Invention Submission Company. Lets see if Reyland tries to recruit them as a UIA Certified Member. We all know what happen to Patrick Raymond when he had ties to InventHelp......Bonnie Kaake had a real problem with Patrick during that period. She made a statement that Patrick was getting paid from one of the submission company's.


Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Transparency and Honesty For Mark Reyland....Nothing But Lies!

How many times does this CONMAN LIAR need to be exposed for what and who he really is? Although Reyland enjoyed his little game of post and delete, John managed to copy everything Reyland posted. Mark reyland, Johnny Franklin, Anonymous, Johnny Gee, can any of us keep up?
A few quotes below by Mark Reyland, representing the UIA USA with Warren Tuttle standing by his side...
“Maybe you should go back to the huddle and see if you can find something at least within this decade. Try the prison guard stolen identity one…at least we all got a good chuckle out of that…or the UIA steals an inventor “Asset” lie of yours that turned out to be the way a database assigns formatted data when it’s uploaded to a site. That was classic.
“You are a loser”
“a mentally unstable, pathetic loser
“You have no clue how the industry works and this rag tag team of misfits you call a company has no more clue than you.”

“Do you have any idea how many John Young morons I’ve seen come and go in this business?
get a frigging life”
“you are all losers.”

Okay guys, huddle up here –

Troy.. You dig up some stuff off the internet from years ago and try to make it sound new, remember, the older the better - and whatever you do - NO Context!. Then sprinkle some of that magic “research” of yours on it, you know, the stuff that only you know about (wink, wink) Instead of the black prison guard from NJ, this time let’s claim he stole the identity of a 95 year old woman from Tulsa…ya that will get him. And the military thing, let’s do that one again, but this time let's claim he lied about being in the Civil War…then the stolen “Asset” one….man you're going to make up some cool stuff....I’m so excited

Derek, You just keep hammering that letter from Simon, post it everywhere, in fact, I would have T-Shirts made and we can hand them out. You are the coolest terrorist in the inventing industry Derek with your Simon Brown Letter super powers - keep at it mate.

And John, you just go crazy…ya that’s it, go crazy with rants and lies and whatever Troy tells you. Just blast the world with lunatic rants and obscenities. No matter what you do, don’t sound normal, keep acting as crazy as you do and it will keep everyone away. Oh..and the Homophobe thing is great, use that some more… people eat that stuff up. In the mean time, start another company, beg for some more money and this time let’s start an inventor dog walking company, You can be the president again, Derek can be in charge of media relations (oh just send them all the Simon Brown Letter Derek, how hard can it be?), The best news is that every dog walker has to deal with crap, and all three of you are experts at producing crap.

Now get out there team and show the world who you really are….oops, you are already doing that….sorry
Posted by Mark T. Reyland
We only posted a selected few sentences. Read along and see what the UIA USA has running their organization. 

                Answer: "CONMAN LIAR" with a FAKE Bio.

                           Keep your Eyes on the Boiling water; The Goose is only Partially COOKED.