Wednesday, 27 June 2012

WINK,WINK Exposes Inventor Roger Brown

Inventor Roger Brown picks his toys up out from the sandbox then runs away with his tail between his legs after John Young exposes that someone "WINK,WINK" sent him a email about Roger. The email indicted Roger Brown did get paid by the UIA for his trip to the Housewares show in Chicago. Roger sent Nancy Tedeschi an email months ago telling her he didnt get paid for his expenses. We knew Roger got paid and it was only a matter of time before "WINK WINK" tossed his ass under the Little Yellow Bus.

Mark T. Reyland •  WINK,WINK

Roger is not a UIA Staff member, and the UIA paid for travel expenses ONLY to have him help our staff at the House Wares Show and answer questions for inventors about their journey. He did a great job, and the inventors loved him.

That money comes from the UIA Inventor Education Fund and was money well spent. Roger volunteered his time and we thank him for that….

Were sure Roger decide to pick up his toys and leave when Gizmo posted Louis Foreman and Matt Spangard's email address when John told Roger he was thinking about sending Louis an email with all of Roger's BS post. By the way Louis and Matt own Edison Nation and is Roger's boss. Roger sits in his little E.N cubical during the day posting away on the LinkedIn threads while getting paid. Now thats one hell of a job. When he leaves the office for the day he heads to his WITTLE Motel room in Lancaster South Carolina to to keep the fight going with John. Someone called Roger the keyboard Cowboy a few weeks back. that really made us laugh.He really screwed up by getting into a pissing match with John Young. John turned this guy upside down when he stayed calm and didnt loose his cool.

Roger never thought Reyland would stab him in the back but we did. Roger you were WARNED and didnt listen. Know you have damaged the GOOD name you use to have in the Inventor Community all because you HUNG out with the WRONG CONMAN.

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