Friday, 17 June 2011

Innovators Warehouse Kenny Durham, Amy Schleicher fake scam fraud invention patent marketers Indianapolis, Indiana

Innovators Warehouse Kenny Durham, Amy Schleicher fake scam fraud invention patent marketers Indianapolis, Indiana
22nd of Feb, 2011 by User500161
I sighed up with Innovators Warehouse over a year ago and nothing has happened! I can't get a return phone call or anything. Kenny made me feel like I had a great idea and good shot at making money. I spent my last savings on this project and now I'm looking at bankruptcy. I had such high hopes after talking with Kenny because he said I had a winner and that I should take advantage of this right away. After reading the above post here, now it's all making sense. What can scammed inventors like myself do in this situation, who do I contact? I thought the United inventor's association only put their stamp of approval on the best of the best. Now I'm wondering if the UIA is a scam too! It kind of makes sense that it is one if you have to pay x amount of dollars to get them to say and do nice things for you. Whats this Inveotrs protection act of 1999 stuff? I've heard that all companies in this industry are supposed to give the information. Isn't it against the law not to? I demand to know Innovators Warehouses act of 1999 numbers now. I'm going to start with the Attorney General's office in Missouri and tell them about my situation and see what they say.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Is Mark Reyland also part of Innovators Warehouse and the UIA ?


Innovators Warehouse & UIA Scam!

AUTHOR: Santodomingo - Santa Barbara (United States of America)

We just got word that Mark Reyland is part of Innovators Warehouse, which is setup to feed off of UIA inventor inquiries, then a piece of every deal Kenny Durham with Innovators Warehouse profits from, Mark gets a percentage! This is against UIA policy, yet it is still allowed to happen. It's a racket and we have the emails to prove it! Some people just don't know when to quit and keep their mouth shut. Especially in writing. They will have a chance to explain themselves soon. Stay tuned for our next blog detailing these fine, fine emails. All at the UIA and Innovators Warehouse should be worried.

Mark Reyland you should be darn ashamed of yourself! How you talk about inventors and how you and Kenny talk about inventors is pitiful. Only if these inventors knew how to talk about them behind their back.

All inventors should not give a penny to Innovators Warehouse, the UIA, or Obvious Ideas, Mark Reyland's company, or any other company that the UIA "endorses". Innovators Warehouse is a new company started at about the same time Mark Reyland became executive director of the UIA! This I also found, research here: Innovators Warehouse has complaints all over the place, just look them up. even with the state of Missouri. Attorney General's office says they are aware of this company now and have been investigating. They said Innovators Warehouse never responded to them They are happy to review the emails in our posession. ( then search Innovators Warehouse)
Also here: . It clearly shows Kenny is in a court battle with his previous employer about theft of client information. Don't be fooled! If they are claiming successes, ask for proof! More than likely Kenny is sharing information or success from a previous venture. This case is not done and it's all there for everyone to see! Do not give your money to these people. You will run the risk of them shutting down after you give them your money! They have never made anyone any money and don't fall for the relationship with Mark Reyland and the UIA. When you call Innovators Warehouse, you can never get ANYONE who is listed on their website. We are wondering how many employees they really have and if their address is actually a business or someone's home!

Stay tuned, this is far from over, we are putting together our next blog. There are others besides Mark and Kenny behind this Circus and we intend to find out for you...the consumer. Kansas City here we come!