Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Mark Reyland and his FALSE Allegations

 Does this look like someone who is telling the truth about any stalking charges? Would you openly write like this with a pending 3 year investigation (previous claim)? The many emails we receive daily all agree this does not add up, like the many claims of Mark Reyland, UIA (United Inventor's Association of America). Maybe Mark Reyland is using UIA funds for things he doesn't want to claim but claims the costs under, stalking investigation? LOL we wouldn't be surprised given his carnival personality of his past behaviour! Someone give this clown a job...PLEASE!
We heard someone may be contacting the Internal Revenue, It's time they check out this UIA Non-For-Profit Organisation and their fearless CONMAN leader. It wont be long before the Buzzards start to flock together and hover all over this clown.
Mark T. Reyland
Mark T. Reyland Oh...all four nut jobs show up for this one. Just to make sure everyone knows who you guys are - these are the people (Troy XOX, John XOX, Derek XOX and Nancy XOX ) whose group has spent the last several years harassing the UIA and stalking our members. They have been banned from almost every inventor group on the internet.

They are now the owners of the invention submission "company" XOX ....you can see they had not been on this thread before Troy posted but once I posted they email each other and jump right in.

John..print this for me will you...please

Monday, 23 July 2012

Conman dreams of ruling invention industry

More stupidity posted by the executive director of the UIA, United Inventors Association of America. Isn’t he tired of being proven a liar over and over again?
Mark T. Reyland • Troy - Just to be clear - we did not update the board members on the UIA site because each time we do, you, John Young, and Derek Pater stalk and harass them. Your posting that issue here is simply designed to get us to make those updates so you can continue your harrasment - others here may not know that but we do.

You and John Young have been banned from almost every inventor group on the internet, and have clearly shown what most people would consider emotional instability and uncontrolled anger - for the safety of our board members, their families, and that of our general membership, we will continue to refrain from talking publicly about who is involved in the UIA until such time as your stalking and harassment stops
(Nonprofit organizations must be transparent for the public to see. They are somewhat “owned” by the public. We suggest people are pulling away from the UIA and these positions are not being filled by anyone)

The UIA is the largest and most active organization in the world dedicated to inventor education.

For almost 27 years we have kept our compass pointed to what's best for the inventor community and your last two years of constant harassment, lies, threats, and stalking have had zero affect on that.
(Zero effect yet he refuses to list board members due to his false stalking claims)
In fact, even in the face of your anonymous hate blogs, your email campaigns to our supporters, your attacks here on LinkedIn and other unregulated web sites, UIA membership has grown in the last two years from about 4000 members to almost 13,000.
(Mark Reyland claims anyone who joins the UIA groups in Linkedin as a member, anyone who likes a comment ion Facebook as a member, anyone who sends him an email a member, anyone who says, “Hi” to him as a member and so on.)

In contrast Troy, your well publicized vendetta against me and the UIA has accomplished nothing but forcing us to spend money on legal actions trying to get you and John Young to stop stalking us. Money you forced us to divert from the inventor education programs that benefit the real inventors in our industry.
(You stated it had zero effect, now you claim to be losing money? Which is it? This is another perfect example, among many, of Mark Reyland, Executive director, UIA not keeping his lies straight)
The inventing industry has changed significantly in the last several years. the ENTIRE UIA staff is proud of the hard work we have put in and the positive changes, programs, and progress we have seen take root.

We look forward to the days ahead as the swell of inventor education increases and the UIA leads our industry to a unity that has no tolerance for behavior from people like you and your little friends.
(In your dreams. Your phony non active member numbers mean nothing. I was a member at one time and I don’t recall a “deactivate my membership” button. You have no peer respect and are a conman in the business world with many false identities to help move you along. We hear it’s becoming more difficult with doors slamming in your face. People are seeing you for what you really are.)

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Mark Reyland's ready to EXPLODE.

Gizmo calls Reyland out again. Will he dare come out of his dark basement office to defend his turf? Who knows Inventor ROGER BROWN may show up to help is CONMAN BUDDY.

@ Mick, Heres the problem with the UIA. They want to be recognized as the Ultimate NON-FOR-PROFIT Organization out to help inventors. If thats the case why did they not publish all the info that happened between inventor inventor Steven Brown and AbsolutleyNew the invention submission company.

Bill Freund is the VP Marketing/Business Development for AbsolutleyNew. He was also a UIA board member at the time when all this crap went on. Then Reyland makes stupid comments “AbsolutelyNew is no longer with the UIA and as is customary with the UIA, we don’t comment on non-UIA members".

Why in the world should anyone TRUST this organization after that STUPID comment. Does this look like an organization that can be trusted.....heck no its BS. This reminds me of all the clowns in the White House. When one of them get caught with there pants down its swept under the rug. That's what happened in Browns situation.
"UIA Executive Director Mark Reyland was mum on AbsolutelyNew’s departure from the UIA and Freund stepping down as a UIA board member".

“AbsolutelyNew is no longer with the UIA and as is customary with the UIA, we don’t comment on non-UIA members,” Reyland says. “They chose not to renew their membership after lengthy discussions between their management and the UIA board. Lengthy discussions.
Lets look at who else from AbsolutleyNew is sitting in the drivers seat. Oh look its John Dudas the former USPTO Director. Does anyone see the clear conflict of interest with Dudas?

Then Bonnie Kaake the former UIA Executive Director makes the statement below that the past UIA Director Patrick Raymond was on the $$$$$ take from AbNew. Why wasn't that info publically anounced when it happened? Actually when Reyland took over Raymond was put into the UIA position as treasurer. Know someone else is the treasurer,,,what happened to Patrick? Did he get caught with his hand in the cookie jar like Bonnie indicated with AbNew?

'Just a quick note: Patrick Raymond was the executive director at the time and was directly responsible for the certification of AbNew. Many board members were against it, including me. Raymond can be overpowering and manipulative of less confident people. Later, it was discovered that he was getting paid by AbNew, a clear conflict of interest.

Mark Reyland is doing a wonderful job of taking UIA to the next level as an educational national organization for inventors. He is doing the job Raymond was supposed to be doing for inventors. Raymond was looking out for himself.'

Why should anyone trust the UIA? Reyland claims to be a successful product developer with many products in retail. He has been questioned many many times to prove his claims and never has. He wants to whoever questions him to call him on the phone to discuss his many products in retail. Then the BS starts coming out of his mouth. The problem is the person he talked to researches the info he gave them without any success. Then Reyland gets questioned again about his products,that's when he starts calling the person a STALKER.

Watch the video below, it reminds me of the UIA/Reyland situation.

The big question here is why didn't the UIA investigate Reyland's successful claims before they tossed inventors to the dogs.. If you go to the UIA board members listed some of there Board seat term dates have ran out. President Warren Tuttle's term ran out in 2011. Steve Greenburgs ran out in 2011 also. Whats up with that.
18 hours ago

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Conman's Looking for Help.....

 Mark Reyland's looking for help now that Inventor Roger Brown from Edison Nation ran away from him. Reyland tossed Roger to the dogs on LinkedIn, then John Young tore him a new ass.

Now Roger comes in on LinkedIn with a fake profile as a guy named Al trying to cause trouble . It was pretty easy to figure out it was Roger from his writing.......all BS. The walls are starting to close in on Reyland.

BEWARE: Reyland's a great deceiver. He has almost everyone fooled with is so called FAKE claims on his resume. He wants us all to believe he has many patents and products in retail. If that's the case why doesn't he prove it.


Tuesday, July 10

Help Wanted....

Over the last 27 years the UIA has changed a lot. As you may already know, The UIA is a 501c3 Nonprofit Educational Foundation. We are based in Washington DC, however most of our staff works all over the country. It's that fusing of talents and dedication to the inventor education mission that makes it all work.
Each year the UIA educates hundreds of thousands of inventors on issues associated with inventing and commercialization. But we don't do it alone, it takes dedicated people and kind supporters to really make an impact, and that often starts with a single volunteer.
If you have some time, some talent, or some tools. Consider volunteering at the UIA. Areas that are always in need of volunteer help are ...
Inventor Clubs - Support of the almost 100 Inventor Clubs around the country. These clubs need assistance in many areas from finding speakers to managing members and making announcements about meetings. Additionally, a club volunteer may take on the project of maintaining and verifying the master club listing that we provide to Inventor Digest magazine and the USPTO for inclusion on their web sites.
ASOTV Product searches - Several times a year we conduct product searches with member companies. These searches are designed to help inventors from the clubs or even an entire state develop ideas and then get in front of the right company. It's a several month search effort and a at the end it culminates in an all day live presentation event.
Tradeshows - We develop inventor programs at many major tradeshows around the country. We have staff that works on these shows year round. But if you like that sort of thing it's a great way to get involved on the cutting edge of the industry.
Educational Programs- from helping maintain the information in the UIA Resource Room to answering questions in the UIA Inventor Education Forum or even authoring booklets on specific topics that have to do with inventing - the volunteer need in this area is huge. Simply stated, we need all the help we can get keeping up with the demand for good information and working off the list of educational programs on the back burner.
Legislative Initiatives - We work hard with organizations like the USPTO, FTC and Congress making sure the legislative programs are in place to craft the laws and regulations we need for protecting inventors. That takes time and dedication - if you have experience in legislative areas or experience writing, we can use your help.
Corporate Membership- The educational programs we offer inventors are always FREE. However, that doesn't mean they don't cost money. Our corporate sponsors are the ones who's fiscal support makes that possible, and making sure they have what they need is how we can show our appreciation.
As you can see, just looking at the UIA in a very broad sense, we have a lot of work to do supporting the almost 13,000 active members and the 8-10 new members that join each day.
let us know where you would like to help and we'll get you pointed in the right direction.
Thanks for Volunteering at the UIA, we look forward to getting to know you better.
The UIA Staff