Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Mark Reyland and his FALSE Allegations

 Does this look like someone who is telling the truth about any stalking charges? Would you openly write like this with a pending 3 year investigation (previous claim)? The many emails we receive daily all agree this does not add up, like the many claims of Mark Reyland, UIA (United Inventor's Association of America). Maybe Mark Reyland is using UIA funds for things he doesn't want to claim but claims the costs under, stalking investigation? LOL we wouldn't be surprised given his carnival personality of his past behaviour! Someone give this clown a job...PLEASE!
We heard someone may be contacting the Internal Revenue, It's time they check out this UIA Non-For-Profit Organisation and their fearless CONMAN leader. It wont be long before the Buzzards start to flock together and hover all over this clown.
Mark T. Reyland
Mark T. Reyland Oh...all four nut jobs show up for this one. Just to make sure everyone knows who you guys are - these are the people (Troy XOX, John XOX, Derek XOX and Nancy XOX ) whose group has spent the last several years harassing the UIA and stalking our members. They have been banned from almost every inventor group on the internet.

They are now the owners of the invention submission "company" XOX ....you can see they had not been on this thread before Troy posted but once I posted they email each other and jump right in.

John..print this for me will you...please

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