Thursday, 2 August 2012

Outed Again!

After a few posts from Johnny Franklin and Al Carson, the below was written on a Linkedin group. We all have seen Roger Brown and Mark Reyland ( United Inventors Association ) at work in their thread removal campaigns. Looks like Roger Brown may have been slapped publicly by a group of people. Will Mark Reyland continue posting as Al and Johnny? We all know Johnny and Al are charactors kept alive by both Roger Brown and Mark Reyland.
Loren What I would like to know is why you're posting these comments with these fictional names (Al Carson, and now Johnny Franklin). Just about everyone I've spoken to privately knows who you really are! Keep in mind... you might be able to hide your real name, but you haven't hidden your style of writing.

I've come to understand who you really are, and since most of the other members reading your posts also know who you really are, I think it's about time to drop this nonsense. Just give it up. You're not in high school anymore R.B.

You were once looked upon as a person of integrity. I'm beginning to question that now. I for one will no longer send people to you for help with their inventions.
The UIA has to be the biggest joke in the inventing industry and still growing in stupidity. An organization created to protect inventors and run by invention submission companies, inventor service companies and new product licensing reps. Some of which have been accused of being among the largest rip off to inventors. What could make it even better? Add the biggest conman, Mark Reyland, as their leader to help build a smake screen?
Now Mark Reyland and his buddy are caught by groups of people. Roger would be smart to pull away from Reyland before the inventors at Edison Nation, where Brown works, catch on to all of this and uprise against him. We're almost positive that's what Reyland wants. His jealously of Brown working for Edison Nation is huge because they never wanted Reyland.

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