Sunday, 26 August 2012

Mark Reyland,,,,,,Special Opp's Officer Screws Up....AGAIN

The info below is so darn Funny were still laughing weeks after Mark Reylands plan with his son Phillip backfired. Holy Crap this is just soooo funny this MORON had his son do the exact thing DADDY'S done in the past.on Edison Nation and other inventor forums. Just like when he joined Edison Nation with a fake profile as JohnnyGee. It wasn't long before he got caught with his pants down. The members slapped the $hit out of him. Lets don't forget his Mr Anthony High fake profile as a Special Opp's Officer.
Why in the hell would anyone get their family members involved in his CONMAN BS ways. We hope this MORON is smart enough not to get his other children involved in this mess he created. If for some crazy reason he does we hope he at least gives them some of his extensive Special Opps Training this time around. They have to know Daddy's a LIAR when it comes to his so called Professional background and FAKE RESUME!
"John Young's getting to be one hell of a researcher. Maybe Mark Reyland can get him a job with his FBI Buddys he claims to have. The info below makes us laugh HYSTERICALLY ,,,HAHA Reyland got caught AGAIN,,,"

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The apple doesnt fall far from the tree.... google is great !
A few days ago, I get a call from a Number that I didnt recognize by a name it used that I forgot. The caller said in a voice { that I wasnt sure was a man or woman and thought it was being disguised }, are you the one who has the Mark Reyland blog. At first I answered yes thinking it was this group it was talking about, but then realized it meant the Mark Reyland Blogspot, and I said No. It went on to explain it needed to get in touch with the owner of it because it had " some information ". I said " no I dont have anything to do with that blog and dont know who runs it ". It went on to ask if there was anyway I could find out, I said no, try leaving a comment and ask for them to call you or email you.
So I asked what kind of information, it said, I will only share it with the blog. I said fine, I dont know who ownes it and wish they didnt have me involved by posting my discussions and showing my name and photo, It was around long before I came around inventing and that should prove its not mine. So the call ends and I look at the number and store it because I found it odd that someone would call me out of the blue and ask that.

The person on the phone I was referring to as an "IT " was because I didnt know who it was or if it was male or a female voice. So today I googled the phone number several things poped up but my attention was drawn to a trademark from the USPTO. I clicked on it and what did I find ?

(words only): STREETEATS

Standard Character claim: No

Current Status: Abandoned because no Statement of Use or Extension Request timely filed after Notice of Allowance was issued. To view all documents in this file, click on the Trademark Document Retrieval link at the top of this page.

Date of Status: 2011-08-08

Filing Date: 2009-10-02

Transformed into a National Application: No

Registration Date: (DATE NOT AVAILABLE)

Register: Principal

Law Office Assigned: LAW OFFICE 111
Phone Number: 917-657-4994

Mark Reyland's son Phillip Reyland with a abandon trade mark for his street vendor app " street eats " which he applied for but let go abandoned.

Next I google " street eats " and find the voice I heard on the phone. it wasnt a disguise, its his voice.

So, Mark Reyland says Im contacting his family, { which never happened } He says there are legal proceedings using up UIA funds that could be used for inventors, also that there is an FBI investigation.

So is his son Phillip leading the investigation team, or is it more BS from
I bring this up, because I hate liars, lies such as Im being sued and investigated by the FBI. So heres some of my reasoning that its all lies :

Do you have your son get involed with an attorneys and the FBI's investigation ?
Do you exchange emails with your accused stalker over weeks,sometimes 3 or 4 a day ?
Do you have 3 hour long phone conversations with your stalker talking about inventing, { the call only ended because his battery died }.

So that is why I say the apple doesnt fall far from the tree :
1. abandoned USPTO application { from Mark and his son }
2. Hidden identity when making correspondence { Both of them }
3. Trying to gain information under fraudulent circumstances { Both ot them }

Yea an investigation from an attorney that UIA funds are being diverted from , { sure }.

A FBI investigation being lead by his son, { yea the FBI always uses family members that are being stalked to call the stalker for their investigation }

So I hope you can see the lies of a liar.

This is not to start a fight, but to prove my innocents to his accusations

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