Monday, 31 October 2011

Reyland Doesn't Want It to End

Seeing as Mark Reyland is STILL being unfair to inventors, he obviously does not want any of this to end. Does he love drama to keep him entertained; or does he simply enjoy breaking laws and daring people to a challenge. Whatever the reason, it doesn`t matter. The trail is endless and we`ll keep walking down it until he stops denying what he did, comes clean about his biography and faces what he needs to face. By the way, we know who created his bio for him and they did so before knowing he was a conman.

Following the link, you can see where the inventor managed to get her rights back on her product. Mark then appeared to make his company website, require a password to enter. There are always ways around everything. Going through the fulfillment place he uses, Karen Carson Creations, we easily saw his company website where he still shows Ba'noodle. It was months ago when mark Reyland's company offered the letter to the inventor and stated they would remove it ASAP. They STILL cannot make Mark remove the product.

Do you think this kind of person should be part of any organization which claims to help inventors? Maybe he only helps inventors when Reyland has no interest in their invention. If he thinks your invention will make money he will try to get involved, somehow.

 By the looks of things, Reyland ONLY has his TwistCaps and Nova Grips left.

 Pretty pathetic when you think about it.

HEY REYLAND! Why don`t you stop stalking, searching for and harrassing this inventor, just like you did Patrice and do what`s required of you. REMOVE her product from your company website!

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Does Reyland Enjoy Attacking Women?

Other than his possible disrespect for women, we’re wondering why Mark Reyland of the UIA would set out to bash another female owned business, so we went to see if we could find the issue THIS time. Here’s the site ran by some very successful women and it appears to be growing. Why wouldn’t we all cheer them on?
We see Stephen’s new book and Invention Home’s website advertising on there. So what’s the problem? Does Mark want Womentorz to become a UIA member and they declined? We’re told this leads to this type of public bashing/ harrassment and bullying by Mark Reyland.

Is Mark angry they have Invention Home advertising on there when the owner of Invention Home is on the board of the UIA? Did he feel since they have a board member, they should give into him?
Does Mark have hurt feelings and feels the need to lash out?
Is Mark angry Stephen’s new book it on their site because Mark has personal jealousy problems with Stephen? It’s no secret in the inventing community this has always been the case and Reyland doesn’t like Stephen’s informative site for inventors. It’s all free information and contacts here at but Mark isn't listed as an expert.

Is Mark angry Womentorz won’t feature him as some sort of expert and advertise his UIA “blog of anger” which nobody appears to have interest in reading?  
Mark Reyland always appears angry at someone or bashing someone’s business publicly, either under his UIA title or some fictional character he creates and then spends more hours than the week holds in public forums and sending emails trying to destroy businesses, inventors' products and/or individuals.  We've heard he's the king of accounts when leaving complaints on sites about inventors' products and especially had it out for EN at one point.  

Mark’s quoted in his blog of anger, that he was contacted to review the value offered on the Womentorz site.

Our opinion? Nobody asked him his opinion; maybe he just needed a way to start off his bashing against another woman owned company. If he didn’t know about Womentorz for the past couple of years, then we suggest he doesn’t know the female inventing community at all like he claims but the truth is probably more that he felt thrown aside or ignored by them when he wants to be part of their growth and make them UIA approved. Maybe the claims made about him hating strong women holds some truth to it? 

The other quote from Mark Reyland’s UIA blog of anger we find interesting is him calling down members of forums and insulting them. Calling people lonely and needing a false identity to hide behind. 
He also insists most information found on inventing is wrong or even damaging when we have no evidence he’s even an inventor himself! How does he teach something we have no evidence of him ever doing himself?

Since we’re writing about identities, when he was appearing as Johnny Gee on Edison Nation with the 20-something male model avatar, was this the way he identified himself in his world? And here we just thought it was him conning people to get his own way and wanting to chat to a female inventor he couldn’t seem to leave alone. This begs the question, Is Mark Reyland lonely and needing to break the silence of his own existence? After all, he did write that in his UIA blog of anger.

We say to Womentorz. Don't be surprised if new members begin coming forward and asking why you are not UIA approved or that you should have Mark Reyland as an expert on your site. One may even be name, Jenny Gee!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Damage Control or Sinking Ship!

Looks like Troy Robison has been digging again and come up with new information on Mark Reyland. How long has Reyland been posting in forums and why did the UIA board not find any of this stuff?

One thing's for sure, Mark Reyland, executive director of the United Inventor's Association (UIA USA) appears to be completely losing it in this public forum! A sinking captain ready to drag the entire UIA ship down with him? We wouldn't exactly call it damage control and no kidding why the UIA UK would cut all ties with the UIA USA and even change their name so there's no mistake with affliliation! What real business CEO would even want to be attached to this guy?

Looks like the UIA board members may not be able to contain their liability, Mark Reyland. Don't be surprised when you don't see UIA memberships renewed and board members leave. WOW!

As long as Reyland is in a non- profit organization, position of public trust and continues to con people by stating all things said about him, which includes documentations of proof, is a lie; anyone is well within their legal right to expose or publicly question such a conman. Mark Reyland needs to admit the truth, face the consequenses and then let the UIA and inventors decide if they trust him. Reyland has no stalking case and he knows it.

If you have something a conman feels is worth getting, you are at risk!

Those who know Reyland report this personality to every sentance in this article...
 The perverse twist to this theme is that the psychopathic personality may take pleasure in “psychoanalysing” his victims, and casting them as crazy, obsessive and even delusional (and reinforcing his own power as the dominant “rational” figure in the relationship).

The article is a good read and will help protect you from personalities like Reyland's.

Although Reyland claims to have not "taken" a penny from inventors, he apparently has no problem manipulating inventors to spend their money in a way which will line his pockets in the end. The following link shows he has no problem taking from others, although we're sure he claims the courts are lying. We also see his apparent disregard for the law here by ignoring legal calls to appear. 

No wonder he has no problems stalking and terrorizing people; being in trouble with the law is a familiar face to Reyland. We know now why his previous business went belly up. Strange how it wasn't an inventing business yet he's been in this industry for how many "claimed" years?

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


We’ve read the recent blog post where Mark names and shows pictures of stalkers (his words, not ours) and claims they go after his family. Not only did we not believe this at the time but we’ve JUST received  an email containing evidence Mark is the one doing this to the very people he claims is stalking him!

                                                            Look Who’s Stalking Now!

On Oct.18 2011 An email was sent to one of these victim's spouse’s place of employment naming the employee and stating their spouse is a stalker and including a link to Mark Reyland’s blog where he rants about them being so. The weird thing was this person who sent the email also stole Troy Robison’s identity to create an fictional email account to send it with! Does this get crazier? Yes it does. The victim forwarded the email to Warren Tuttle, President of the UIA USA who then forwarded it to Mark Reyland asking if he had anything to do with it. Of course, he said “no” and proceeded to email the victim stating the FBI and police were hunting them down for stalking him. Thank My American stars the FBI takes time away from National security to chase down inventors who are upsetting Mark Reyland.
We guess Mark didn’t bank on what happened next.

Analytics (see below)Can you guess who it is? He's one of the only people who knew this spouse’s name and what they did for a living. He landed on the website after searching “spouse name, residence”.

Once on the spouse’s company website, he searched through the pages to gather company contact information. Then an email was sent through the company contact form page using Troy Robison's name. Information has been obtained and the real stalking victim is now looking into legal options against the UIA if they do not do something about executive director, Mark Reyland. All we can say now is WOW! Looks like Reyland continues to hurt people and make lives hell everywhere he goes!  

We’ve read where Troy Robison has asked for proof from Reyland, showing he has sent such emails to Mark's family before but Reyland has none because it never happened and looking at Mark's long history of lies and deceit, we expect him to continue with his criminal activites. This particular inventor has the proof to show Mark Reyland is by every sense of the word a cyber Stalker!

There was one visitor from Ohio in the last 2 days that spent 23 minutes on the site. - United StatesCached
8046 Putting Green Ln West Chester, OH 45069. Contact: Mark Reyland

Please remember why Reyland is stalking these inventors and read what he is so desparately trying to shift the attention from here and we see no evidence that anyone is trying to take down the UIA. If you click to the beginning of this blog, you'll see where Mark was the one actually attempting to take down the UIA. Who knows, maybe he still is by stalking and committing crimes with the UIA letter head attached to his emails.

One thing we do know for sure is that Mark is losing it by posting in public forums along with his friend, inventor Roger Brown. This by no means is a form of damage control for the United Inventors Association. It's more as though he has decided, if he has to go down, he's dragging the entire UIA with him!
He's be better off publicly addressing the allegations against him than simply trying to scream louder.

Any non- profit organization has the following.Scrutiny by the public: Another disadvantage is public scrutiny. Because a nonprofit organization is dedicated to the public, your finances are open to public inspection. This means that the public can obtain copies of your tax returns and find out your salaries and other expenditures.
A nonprofit organization "belongs" to the public at large.
In other words, if Mark Reyland wants to be part of OUR company, we have right to do background checks on him and expose him for what he is.  Want to be a public figure, then deal with the public scrutiny and transparency.

Monday, 17 October 2011

This Was All Requested By Reyland
We’ve all heard Mark Reyland go on and on and on...and on about him being the victim of stalking. Anyone who knows Mark is probably having a good chuckle right about now. That’s just not how most of us see it and he knows it. His latest post might give indication he’s feeling a little heat and acting out, again.  Remember in one post he asks for people to come forward with proof.

If you have information involving me where you can show that I have scammed an inventor PLEASE let’s hear it – otherwise quit insinuating things you clearly know nothing about.

They’re coming forward by his request, so what’s the problem?

All we’re witnessing how  Mark is stalking people to obtain their photos for posting libel accusations with nothing to back it up.  This isn’t a victim; this is a true cyber- stalker and cyber-bully by every definition. Don’t you wonder why he uses Troy’s DUI picture? While most people are calling it a low blow, what it clearly shows is Reyland having the ability/ personality to hurt peoples’ families. 

By the way, we inquired further into the DUI photo and found Troy was never actually charged with impaired driving. However, Mark WAS found guilty in the Fairfield Ohio courts for avoiding paying people money he owed them. They weren’t inventors but it again shows his character.

We’ve been assured that nobody has sent any emails to any of his family and tend to believe them over Mark considering his past.

Usually cyber bullies and stalkers like to remain anonymous. We see Mark doesn’t mind showing everybody exactly what he is. This does reflect badly on the UIA for allowing him to use them to hide behind.

Our offer still stands if any UIA board members want to come forward and stand behind Mark.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Control Freak? or just another spoiled brat!

Have you read the latest rant in Mark Reyland’s angry blog? People report to only read what he writes for the same reason they can’t help themselves when at the grocery checkout reading the covers of trash magazines. Part boredom part entertainment.

We’ll use first names only because we don’t want Reyland to get the attention he so badly seeks and feels he deserves.
1. He insulted the interviews by Tara on her blog
2. He insulted Stephen’s new book
3. He insulted Roger and Jim’s licensing CD set. Yet he calls Roger his good friend.
4. He insulted Edison Nation

A couple of quotes from his blog:

“Attempting to get some sense of control over the myriad of charlatans who prey on the inventors by peddling everything from bright yellow books full of garbage, to CD sets and membership sites designed for the novice
“and for the record, don’t confuse an “interview” with an endorsement.

We did read another blog post last week where he really goes after Edison Nation, although he doesn't name them, for selling hope to inventors for $20.00. Rather sad considering Louis Foreman owns the company and is a very active part of the UIA USA. Is Reyland possibly so jealous from the success of others?

Another place in his recent post, Mark Reyland uses the term ‘real professionals’ in the industry YET the way he attacks inventors, people he’s ripped off, companies, ex friends, people he doesn’t know, anything and everything that does NOT involve him, we clearly see who is NOT the professional.
What a joke.
If you want to read the latest you wouldn't pay good money for

If Reyland claims to speak for inventors, why don't inventors have a say in the process to choose who they want? Maybe the UIA USA is a  dictatorship. 
What professional wants this kind of person speaking on their behalf?  
For the record, all of the inventors we spoke to do NOT want Mark Reyland representing them!

With the hundreds of people who read this blog weekly, are any UIA board members willing to come forward, stand up for and back Mark Reyland? We promise to post your support if you do!

Thursday, 6 October 2011


Simon Brown

In March 2011, the United Innovation Association UK (UIAUK) was invited by the United Inventors Association of America (UIAUSA) to work collaboratively under a Memorandum of Agreement(MOA).

We accepted, in the belief that such a partnership would benefit the members of both organisations. We agreed to use similar logos & names and to share resources whilst in all other respects to remain independent of one another.

We entered into the relationship with UIAUSA in good faith. However recent issues arising necessitated that we reconsider our position.

After careful consideration we have taken the decision to withdraw from the MOA with immediate effect and to have no further dealings with the UIAUSA.

As such this decision requires that we change our name and branding and all associated collateral such as URL and email addresses.

These changes will be completed within two weeks.

All services provided to all members and our support of them will remain unaffected.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me direct:


Simon Brown

CEO & Founder

Weeks back we wrote about Mark approaching inventors in the UK and we took this as an indication of him wanting to ‘branch out’. The above post does back our earlier thoughts. What Simon writes fits perfectly with Mark’s plans to mislead readers into thinking the UIA USA was growing globally and the UIA UK was part of the UIA USA.

Does he really want to take over the world with his side kick, inventor Roger Brown? We just couldn’t help the following youtube selection below.


Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The UIA UK cuts all association with the UIA USA & executive director, Mark Reyland

From THIS...

United Inventors Association of America

The UIAUK would like to formally acknowledge and thank the UIAUSA for all the support they have given us in forming the UIAUK

Although we are not directly linked to each other we consider ourselves to be 'sister, organisations, holding the same interests and beliefs in supporting the education of inventors.
The UIAUSA has allowed us to use it's resources and this has helped us in becoming the UK's leading inventor help organisation today.

Thank you to Mark Reyland and all
the team in the US - Your friends in the UK.

To THIS!!!!!

Sent: Wednesday, October 05, 2011 12:31 AM

Subject: UIAUK

 Dear Mr Pater,
In respect of your recent comments regarding the United Innovation Association UK’s (UIAUK) alleged links to the United Inventors Association USA (UIAUSA) I wish to offer the following statement;

The UIAUK was formed in March 2011, and as we intended to use similar branding to the UIAUSA, a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with the UIAUSA which allowed us to use such branding without any breach of Intellectual Property rights, was required.

The UIAUK and the UIAUSA do not have any formal or legal ties to each other, except for the above mentioned and are in no way related in any company formation, therefore your recent accusations regarding our being complicit with the UIAUSA or its Chief Executive, Mark Reyland, are unfounded and untrue.

However, in light of matters arising recently and new information received by the UIAUK we feel that we are no longer able to continue to bear any resemblance to the UIAUSA in name, branding or image and would like to make it clear that any association with the UIAUSA or Mark Reyland has ceased with immediate effect.

The UIAUK is, and always will be, a credible, honest and hardworking association supporting invention and innovation, new ideas and design and will not participate in any activities which might show us as being anything less than this.

Yours Sincerely

Simon Brown
Founder & CEO



Mark Reyland purposely leads readers to believe the UIA is growing by opening in the UK.  Why? Maybe he’s found it’s easier to gain platinum paying business members if they believe they’re part of a growing innovation organization and will gain business through their membership?

From Mark’s blog...

Show your support...Join the UIA/UK

The United Innovation Association UK officially launched last week with a unique website for members. As an introductory offer you can join us for just £10 for a full year!

Good for the UK!
 An organization taking a much needed stand for inventors while gaining their trust world-wide!  We salute, Mr.Simon Brown, for standing by his promise to protect inventors from unethical predators!! Bravo!

 A huge "thank you" goes out to Derek Pater for this good news.


Now, I know this is going to come as a HUGE shock to you, but Elvis is really dead, and JFK was shot with only one bullet. 
By Johnny Gee, (see link)