Saturday, 29 October 2011

Does Reyland Enjoy Attacking Women?

Other than his possible disrespect for women, we’re wondering why Mark Reyland of the UIA would set out to bash another female owned business, so we went to see if we could find the issue THIS time. Here’s the site ran by some very successful women and it appears to be growing. Why wouldn’t we all cheer them on?
We see Stephen’s new book and Invention Home’s website advertising on there. So what’s the problem? Does Mark want Womentorz to become a UIA member and they declined? We’re told this leads to this type of public bashing/ harrassment and bullying by Mark Reyland.

Is Mark angry they have Invention Home advertising on there when the owner of Invention Home is on the board of the UIA? Did he feel since they have a board member, they should give into him?
Does Mark have hurt feelings and feels the need to lash out?
Is Mark angry Stephen’s new book it on their site because Mark has personal jealousy problems with Stephen? It’s no secret in the inventing community this has always been the case and Reyland doesn’t like Stephen’s informative site for inventors. It’s all free information and contacts here at but Mark isn't listed as an expert.

Is Mark angry Womentorz won’t feature him as some sort of expert and advertise his UIA “blog of anger” which nobody appears to have interest in reading?  
Mark Reyland always appears angry at someone or bashing someone’s business publicly, either under his UIA title or some fictional character he creates and then spends more hours than the week holds in public forums and sending emails trying to destroy businesses, inventors' products and/or individuals.  We've heard he's the king of accounts when leaving complaints on sites about inventors' products and especially had it out for EN at one point.  

Mark’s quoted in his blog of anger, that he was contacted to review the value offered on the Womentorz site.

Our opinion? Nobody asked him his opinion; maybe he just needed a way to start off his bashing against another woman owned company. If he didn’t know about Womentorz for the past couple of years, then we suggest he doesn’t know the female inventing community at all like he claims but the truth is probably more that he felt thrown aside or ignored by them when he wants to be part of their growth and make them UIA approved. Maybe the claims made about him hating strong women holds some truth to it? 

The other quote from Mark Reyland’s UIA blog of anger we find interesting is him calling down members of forums and insulting them. Calling people lonely and needing a false identity to hide behind. 
He also insists most information found on inventing is wrong or even damaging when we have no evidence he’s even an inventor himself! How does he teach something we have no evidence of him ever doing himself?

Since we’re writing about identities, when he was appearing as Johnny Gee on Edison Nation with the 20-something male model avatar, was this the way he identified himself in his world? And here we just thought it was him conning people to get his own way and wanting to chat to a female inventor he couldn’t seem to leave alone. This begs the question, Is Mark Reyland lonely and needing to break the silence of his own existence? After all, he did write that in his UIA blog of anger.

We say to Womentorz. Don't be surprised if new members begin coming forward and asking why you are not UIA approved or that you should have Mark Reyland as an expert on your site. One may even be name, Jenny Gee!

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