Saturday, 23 June 2012

Who Framed Roger Wabbit ?

We're all trying to figure out what's up with Inventor, Roger Brown? Does he possibly have a medical condition like his buddy Reyland?
Try and follow along and you'll see first hand what he enjoys to do. He enjoys disrupting discussions and creating chaos for people. He enjoys name dropping company names and tries to tarnish people while trying to change the subject and blurr the way every time Mark Reyland is asked a question. Sadly, Roger thinks he's smart but comes across as a fool, just like Reyland. Don't these two ever get tired of looking foolish; or is it just what they're used to appearing to others as.
Roger Brown apparently works for Edison Nation,Enventys but we wonder if he's on the time clock while posting continuously while working? We're also wondering if Louis Foreman and Matt Spangard know there paying this Clown for posting all over LinkedIn Groups and causing trouble.
We read a posting by UIA ex director, Mark conman Reyland, who now decides inventors are people who just simple solve a problem. Many of us were around when he attacked inventors for calling themselves inventors using that very same explanation. Maybe simply put...Mark Reyland has no inventions or patents or has ever entered the retail world. Unfortunately, he has landed where he is by claiming those very things he now states are not important. WHAT? make no mistake, Mark Reyland cries when people don't return his phone calls. He is not respected in the industry but more likely tolerated because nobody wants to be on the receiving end of his constant garbage. He loves nothing more than working 80 hours a week in his dark basement office hurting others.
Mark can't feel lonely any longer now he has his good friend Roger Wabbit by his side. As Roger states in this portion of a recent post,
" So shouldn't it work the same for you? Or is this that double standard I keep pointing out for your group?"

We do believe it's Johnny Franklin who keeps pointing this out to the group. Maybe Roger is getting his identities confused? A close friend of Roger's had a couple of things to say about Johnny Franklin. Looks like someone is getting antsy and ready to throw his comrade under the bus to divert attention away from himself. Careful Roger... you are the next one to be screwed over by Reyland. Then again, we believe you must already be feeling it.

We know who's FRAMING Roger,were sitting in the Bleachers with a front row seat waiting for the FIREWORKS to EXPLODE. Stuttering Daffy Duck is in the process of slamming the door in the WABBIT'S face. You better watch out WOGERRRR WAAAABBIT. Get your PIZZA Scissors out for PROOOOOTECTION.

Follow along and watch Roger make an ass of himself and see Reyland's new definition of what an inventor is. In other words, the meaning of inventor is whatever Reyland is currently doing or claiming for the moment. Shaking our heads!

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