Wednesday, 4 January 2012

UIA Fraudulent Credentials’ of Mark Reyland

Let see what Warren Tuttle and the UIA Board have to say about the email below by John Young .

To The President of the UIA
and board members.
I'm writing you in regards to your current director or the UIA, Mark Reyland's credentials and ethic's.
A few months ago I saw a story about Mr. Reyland adding his name to a clients PPA without her prior knowledge.
This is not the reason as to why I contacting you today, but by researching that accusation, it lead me to informing you today.
Mr. Reyland dose not have the proof of his claims that he post on your UIA blog and website as to his credentials.
I posted a public request on linked in inventors groups to make these claims of his expertise, credential's, successful patented products, patent #s, 5 PPA's, current and past products generating more in revenue than the cost to get to market, his muti million dollar producing 3 -D wraps,etc available for public confirmation.
His only reply was accusation that I am stalking him and am being investigated by law enforcement.
I have done the research as to his credential's claims, and I found that he absolutely dose not have any of these.
The USPTO only has him listed for 1 abandon PPA for his multi million dollar 3- D wraps.
None of his products are on the market, nothing has been brought to market successfully for his past clients,no magazines and trade journal articles, nothing he claims is there or has been there.
He obviously knows that I am now aware of this and wont answer to the public to defend them.
He has scammed your organization in to believing him and that shows that your organization the UIA did not verify his claims before you hired him for his current position. If you did investigate his claims you would have known that he is not a successful inventor, successful product agent, expert, guru, Mogul, and has no business making himself appear to be to the public, endorsed by your organization the UIA.
He is running free sharing unsuccessful advice, not expert advise as your organization endorses. He has freedom to give unearned advise on your UIA blog and website. His latest post congratulates Davidson submission company on their " cool place to work " and saying that Davidson " is an inventor that wheels never stop turning " also, " in an industry where its easy to throw rocks" this would lead a new or impressionable inventor to believing that Davidson has been unjustly accused and is a good resource for inventors.
Davidson invention submission company is the poster company for the inventors act passed by congress, and if their 60 million dollar loss in a court battle isn't enough to say beware of this company, why would the UIA appear to be sympathetic with them and publicly congratulate them by " building a really cool place' with funds that were taken from victims, not only the funds, the dreams they crushed, the embarrassment, the thoughts that the invention. industry is all a scam.
Another comment on your new UIA group on linked In is, " they would have been better off if they had been screwed by one of these invention submission companies ". I don't know how the UIA views it but, its better to have tried on your own and have a garage full of your product and failed, than have some company rip you off and have nothing but shame.
His advice is both outrageous and damaging. His credential's are fraudulent, he is no successful inventor, he is no successful marketer.
So I ask you what are you going to do about it, what are you going to do to protect the inventor.
These are my suggestions:
An immediate suspension pending investigation of his credential claims.
A ban from posting or commenting on behalf of the UIA, pending an investigation.
A public disclosure of your findings.
If you find my claims to be true, which you will if you investigate.
The UIA should publicly apologize for allowing this to happen, and apologize to the "STALKERS " that are posted on the UIA blog, for having the courage to try and inform everyone of their findings before I got involved.
A promise to fully investigate anyone applying for a UIA position.
We need to clean up this industry and it has to start at your door step.
This email will be publicly posted on linked in inventors groups for all to see, because it effects all of us.
And your response will be posted as well.
Thank you
John Young

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