Monday, 23 January 2012

Here Goes The Mark Mouth Again

Here goes Reyland twisting things around again for his own fictional use. Seems his favorite past time is to alter documents and use them as he pleases. Isn't this illegal? Warren Tuttle may not care Mark Reyland takes his letter and adds to it without Warren Tuttle knowing anything about it but the rest of us do and now we ask why Warren Tuttle is the president of an organization when it may appear he has zero managment skills when pertaining to Reyland. if he knows nothing of what is going on should he even be a president of that company? (scroll down to see the original document and the one altered by Reyland)

Mark Reyland is just trying to make it appear others are being threatened to take away from his own threats on others. Like the ones he had deleted after he posted. We see the pattern. When Reyland is caught doing sopmething he likes to shine light on others doing the same, unfortunately for him it never works because it's never the truth. Also see the sidebar where Reyland was caught stalking another woman. We believe there are 4 or 5 women he has publicly stalked now. We're sure there are more we haven't heard about.

Mark T. R.
Mark T.

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