Monday, 2 January 2012

Questions and Answers

Questions to Mark Reyland of the United Inventors Association and the answers we`ve seen. anyone else scratching their heads? 

How long have you been in this industry Mark? A long time.

How many products do you have on store shelves? Many products on many shelves in many countries.
What trade journals are you featured in with your inventions Mark? Stop stalking me.

What products have you invented Mark? Stalking is a criminal offense.

 Where are your inventions being sold Mark? We’re documenting your actions and working with the FBI and other authorities to bring cyber stalking charges against you.
(Please let us not forget how he emailed a company to claim one inventor was about to be indicted by the FBI and RCMP on organized crime and stalking charges. Proven a lie)

What credentials make you a good choice for the executive director of the UIA Mark? We’re copying everything you write (in an open and public forum) to PDF files and collecting your computer IP address for authorities and if you keep getting in my way I will be forced to use Hand to Hand Combat on you.

 How many products have you brought to the retail market Mark? Cyber stalking is a criminal offense.

Where are your patents you claim to have worldwide protection on Mark when all we find are abandoned PPAs?  I don’t have to prove anything to anyone; I have asked you repeatedly to stop stalking me.

Why do you offer products for sale that you have no rights to? No answer.

Actually Mark, the UIA is a non profit organization which means it’s open to public scrutiny. Inventors have the right to ask what credentials you have when you claim them and you should have to answer the questions. There have been no warnings against Absolutely New even though you claim in private conversations that you booted them out. So, big guy, Why not state it publicly. Isn’t this what you claim the UIA is for? Warning inventors about the bad guys? Or is it more your own personal little fun group where you bully small companies from the comfort of your dowdy basement office decorated with empty fast food containers and write hurtful things about them while posting pictures of whomever you like on your blog of anger attempting to destroy lives? Let`s remember Mark Reyland`s blog used to be his personal blog where nobody went to read. He then figured he could gain traffic by changing the name to the UIA blog. Now the UIA needs to be held responsible for all the garbage he writes against people for personal gain and sick entertainment.

From the information we've gathered our opinion is Mark Reyland,inventor Roger Brown and Lesia Farmer "Demise"= Johnny Franklin. Seems Mark may have a thing for Johnny`s. From Johnny Gee to Johnny Franklin.

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