Thursday, 19 January 2012


Reyland making more accounts for the UIA on Linkedin? No connections but has a load of love for Reyland.
After we saw him publicly threaten an inventor named Nancy, we knew he'd delete those posts. Not just that but emergency damage control was now needed. We read a letter which appeared to be written by Warren Tuttle ONLY to have one of the inventors show the original letter containing only HALF of what Mark Reyland posted. Did Reyland truly add the entire first half of this letter and pass it off as Warren Tuttle writing it? Praising how lucky the inventing industry is to have Mark? This is insane!

We're following along. The letter was posted then deleted by one UIA account then ANOTHER UIA account pops up out of nowhere posting this letter again!

Busted for adding words to an existing letter of Warren Tuttles? Well, we can write this isn't the first time Reyland has taken writing of others and changed it around to suit his needs so why would we be surprised?

We have a feeling nobody knows what's going on at the virtual office of the UIA including the board members!!

Now here is the one we suggest Mark Reyland may have added his own TWIST to. If this is true we wonder how Roger Brown feels about Mark now? How does Bonnie Kak ( oops we mean Kaake) feel about Mark now? How does Warren Tuttle feel being another victim of Mark's manipulation and lies?

The United Inventors A.
The United Inventors

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