Thursday, 5 January 2012

Do YOU Recognize This Writing?

More garbage from Mark Reyland's mind. Now he's about to go after another female who wants to help inventors? A surprise? Of course not, we have growing reason to believe he may have some strong personal issues regarding women.
As you read the silliness he may believe for today, remember all the companies he assaulted through the internet. Ones he never had any personal experiences with and none of which had any complaints, unlike against him. 
What he really means to write here is only listen to him. As the wind changes, so will his views on certain companies. Stay away from company A. WIND CHANGE. Company A is great. Stay away from company B. WIND CHANGE. Congratulations to company B. Can this guy keep anything he does in order and is he for real? From what he's written below, we're going to say- "no".

I read this quote the other day from a lady who I assume coaches inventors. I had a client that came from…... Suffice it to say that having clear evidence, I would never recommend them to any inventor”

That statement could be 100% true and this company could be the worst company on the planet. But as her conviction came ringing through her words like the sound a massive bronze bell I couldn’t help but ask myself what was the perspective? Was it a single client who had a bad experience, misunderstood, or even lied? Maybe what she read on the Internet? Or even what she may have heard at a party?
What isn’t apparent in her declaration of mistrust, is that she had ever actually dealt with this company herself. My guess is if she had, she would have quoted that experience since it’s obviously a stronger perspective.
So what is the strongest perspective we can have in assigning our most precious gift of trust to others?
It's our own perspective – a perch built from the branches of our own experience. Not what we heard, not what we think we know, not even what we read on the Internet – but those things we know for ourselves to be true because we took the time to find out for ourselves and in doing so we wrapped the gift of trust in another very important word – Integrity.
On a lighter note: Here's one of Mark reyland's emails he likes to send around to inventors who question him on the Internet. Anyone who knows Mark, knows this was written by him. Next time we're sent a copy sent out by one written by Roger or their lady friend we'll post it too.
Derek Pater Just received a e-mail today, funny how this guy knows a lot about the UIA USA facts and figures and writes like Mark,

I always receive these crap e-mails after I hammer Mark in a group?

for his actions,

It must be his twin?

From: Johnny Franklin <>
Date: 5 January 2012 12:15:25 AM AEDT
To: john young <>,
Subject: Re: Isn't that funny


You are worse than a pissy little girl with your rants. You remind me of Oral Roberts who said "Forgive me Father for I have sinned." after getting caught with a hooker and stealing money from his followers. He apologized repeatedly just like you and went right back to doing what he was doing with hookers and apologized when he was caught again, just like you. I love watching the threads and seeing just how much of a moron you are. You need to take a lesson from Derek. He saw no one cared and went back to inventing. You on the other just go back to whining like a little girl. Keep it up. The more you talk the BS from you I get to post on the blog. The best thing is you do it on not only your group but others so they can all see what a dumbass you are and a joke.
Look how well your postings have worked. Your group has been up a while and you have less than 100 members. The new UIA group in less than two weeks has already passed 200 members. Which shows your rants mean nothing, because you are nothing but a jerk and people see that. So keep posting and running your mouth it just spreads the news that you are a moron to be ignored. lets see how many more times this week you have to apologize. You are so easy to get angry, which makes your mouth runneth over. I am sure the "pissy little girl" comment has your blood boiling or maybe the fact I called you a moron since we know your very sensistive about your education or is it the fact that you are a man with gay issues? So, take a drink, get mad, get on the compauter and prove me right. happy New Year Moron

One side not. We always get a kick out of Mark attacking peoples' education. Take note of his grammar and spelling in posts and emails. Want to see how he attacks people he has no experience with? Go back to the very first post on this blog and see what he does when he doesn't like you.

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