Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Mark Reyland's Cease and Desist BS Letter

We got wind today CONMAN Mark Reyland sent out some BS cease and desist emails to a few people. Really does this MORON think people telling the truth about him gives the right for cease and desist. That's funny as hell.
The CONMAN keeps indicating his family is getting stalked. Well that's all BS or he could prove it he's been asked in the past.NO PROOF. He's yet to provide any proof because there is NONE. His family didn't rip off a woman's Invention. He did it on his own.


This asshole has had fake profiles for years especially when he played Johnny Gee on Edison Nation and the members caught him with his knickers down. He thinks because it was a couple years ago it was OK,well its not.


Mark Reyland your conman ways are coming to an end. Stick your cease and desist where the sun don't shine buddy.In your dark basement office.

By the way couldn't you find a better cease and desist letter. You dumb ass had to copy it from the link below.



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