Saturday, 30 April 2011

Mark Reyland thinks he rules the Inventor Community !

The info below was posted by Reyland on the UIA Forum. We wonder if the UIA board members support and agree with this,or is it just a Reyland control issue again. We would think with all the inventor knowledge & research ability Reyland "claims" he has under his belt he would worry more about large inventor submission companies scamming inventors rather than the smaller companies that he claims are out to hurt inventors. Maybe he approached the companies to buy a corporate membership and they told him to go take a hike. Now he wants to threaten them.

Reyland just needs to mind his own business.

The inventing industry has many holes you can fall in on your journey. One such hole is the use of crowd sourcing sites. Those are sites that ask you to list your invention and allow others to comment or give you feedback.

Here are some things you should know about using these sites.

Other than the Terms & Conditions sections are often written in such a way that you forfit all, or a significant part of yoru rights to the owners of the site. There are 3 main reasons the UIA does not recommend you use them.

1. Posting your invention on a site like this is public disclosure and can cost you the opportunity to gain patent protection on your invention

2. Any person that makes any suggestion to your invention that you use, could later make a co-inventor claim against you

3. Many companies that license innovation refuse to work with a product that has been listed on these sites for both of the reasons listed above.
Please do not list your inventions or ideas on these sites.

Genius Crowds

These are just the few that we know about – if you run across these kind of sites please let us know so we can let others know.

As always, the UIA recommends that you consult a practicing attorney in your state before enrolling in any site or listing your invention

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