Saturday, 10 September 2011

Is Reyland’s right hand man turning into a bully too ?

Mark’s apparent right hand man, inventor Roger Brown is publicly harassing people just like Mark Reyland. We wonder if we’ll soon be seeing Roger sitting somewhere within the UIA? It may just look that way. Why else would he post things from Mark’s personal blog into inventor forums on Mark’s behalf?

We’re personally suspicious of Roger showing inventors’ creations and ideas to Mark Reyland so remember those NDAs and maybe throw in a non- compete agreement as well. Is the UIA eager to take a crashing plunge into the gutter with people like this representing them in public forums? What a nightmare for the original creators of the UIA seeing their organization fill with unethical wanna be business men who can only bully inventors. A sad day for inventors when Roger is predicted to come along and begin confrontation. 

Roger Brown
Chappy wrote: "Seems that there are a couple of people that were inspired by the serialization of the can opener… Aha! So it works! " Explain how me saying try thinking on Can Openers as the topic inspired serialization of the can opener So it works? What seralization occurred?
Other than thinking on the topic what did they do that is seralization?

boy…did I see this coming! lol!
James Chapman
 Roger, now you are just being a bully.
True Colors Shining Through…
Please let me be.
SOC is to cause inspiration. I call ‘Uncle’ dude. You are not looking to converse, you are just looking to prove me wrong and your minions will band together so that I cannot make a point. JUST STOP!
You just want to fight and there are too many of you and not enough of me to go around. you should go teach another lesson about something you don’t get any participation in. Your attacks got my thread deleted after I have done nothing but agree with you.

Take me off your radar!

Roger is causing good informational threads to be deleted, does he only want the information to be what he writes about ?

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