Saturday, 3 March 2012

Reyland Threatens again & Runs the Housewares 2012 Show??

Inventor Roger Brown is after Nancy again. We think we agree with her about his obsession towards her after reading posts. He makes announcements on her behalf without permission and then claims it was all for her. Did she need his help? Would he do this same thing to a man? We all can probably figure out that answer. Trouble makers aren't difficult to see, especially when they're so obvious about it.

Here was Nancy's reaction to Roger's post...

Nancy TedeschiRoger,

I know how to contact inventors and I know where the invention pavilion is. I really don't want my name associated with you and what you do. I would rather start fresh without and associations to you, the UIA and the likes of them. So please stop telling people about me like we are friends because we all know that is far from the truth.


We all knew King Conman, Mark T Reyland of the UIA  couldn't stay away with his threats. After all, he LOVES to threaten women from his dowdy little basement office. This statement will most likely prompt him to have you call his office. We really mean to say, phone the call center he pays for . Is this paid for with UIA money? 

Mark T. ReylandNancy – I’m not really sure what you are up to this time, but just to be clear. If we catch you soliciting at the inventor area we will have you removed from the show.

The UIA in no way endorses Nancy Tedeschi, her partners, employers, or associates. If you are solicited by her at any UIA event please notify our staff.
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Roger BrownIs the Press Agent separate from your TV scouting duties? Who is the TV show you are scouting for? Are you still speaking at the show?
Mark T. ReylandAgain - just to be clear, unless you have real press credentials issued by the show we would ask that you refrain from contacting, interviewing, or soliciting exhibitors and/or inventors in the UIA Inventor area.
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john YoungNancy,

Now we have Mark Reyland talking about credentials. The one person we know doesn't have them, the guy who has to lie about credentials to act like he has done something in the industries.

So we should just let this thread be what is, being lead and posted by 2 con men.

Lets leave them to play and fantasize about credentials and trouble making ways.

Roger loves it when we respond, its how he plays his game, let him play with himself as I'm sure he is used to doing, and Mark Reyland help him.
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No kidding John!
The UIA in no way endorses Nancy? We're sure thousands of inventors are relieved to know this, I know we are!
Apparently Mark Reyland now runs the Chicago housewares show?? We have to laugh at him, like most everyone else does.

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