Thursday, 27 June 2013

Mark Reyland "Oh Now do You Get It"?

This was posted by Mark Reyland on the UIA Blog. We find it interesting.


Wednesday, June 26

Oh...Now I get it

We often get questions from people about the UIA and what we do. So from time to time we remind people of the basics.

The United Inventors Association of America is the largest inventor organization of its kind in the United States. With over 14,000 members you're in good company, and Inventor education is always 100% free.
We can assure you there are NOT 14,000 members. The UIA sends out 14,000 emails that end up in the trash bin.
As a nonprofit 501c(3) Educational Foundation we don't get involved in deals with inventors, we don't represent inventors, we don't charge inventors, or sell them books, or coaching, or anything else. We focus the power of the professionals in the industry to get you the knowledge you need and the opportunities to get in front of the right industry people.
The above statement is all Bull Shit. The UIA is all about money from sponsors and representing inventors. Lets look at how Invention Home & make money off inventors. Their business model's a Bait & Switch scheme. By the way you will see Russell Williams owns Invention Home & plus he's a UIA Board Member.  
And when we're not doing that, we give you a voice in the halls of congress on issues that affect you. Issues like the pro-bono patent program,  the inventor protection act, and the currently being developed Patent small claims court.
Oh and when Mark Reyland isn't in the halls of Congress he's reverse engineering some inventors idea just like he did with Lesia Farmer and he Trap Door Colander she Licensed to LifeTime Brands,He use to invent in his dark little basement in Ohio until his wife kicked his ass out of the house for being a LOOSER & CONMAN. Reyland's told everyone his wife ran off with a church cult leader. We no that's not the case at all.
There are hundreds of hard working, dedicated people involved in the UIA, all serving you, the independent inventor.  Many of us have been where you are, and we're happy to help you on your journey any way we can.
That's funny ,hundreds of hard working people, yeah right. Maybe if you were to count all Mark Reyland's multiple personalities there are 100.
Much of the information you need as an inventor is out there free of charge, you just have to find it and use it.
Really free of charge Mr. Reyland. If that's the case why is Russell Williams pulling off a Bait & Switch on inventors

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