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The Trap Door's on it's way down with Mark Reyland and his LIES

Today we received an email from Gizmo with info he posted on one of the LinkenIn groups. He felt the  group owner wouldnt published his post and new we would find the info interesting. Oh Boy its interesting thats for sure. He sent us a few teaser emails and phone recordings he talks about below asking us not to publish them at this point. WOW this inventor industry is just plain DIRTY.

Thank you Gizmo for sending us the info.

Mark T. R.
Mark T.

"Bill Nelson" "Steve Cambel" and "Tom Meeks" are all fake LinkedIn profiles started by known Cyber Stalkers John Young and Troy Robison.

Recently Mr. Young was banned from LinkedIn for stalking inventors and harassing people on inventor groups. The UIA was instrumental in obtaining that ban in an effort to keep this kind of behavior out of our industry.

Unfortunately unstable people rarely give up and the result is the rash of fake profiles created since he was banned.

These people are very dangerous, and you should avoid contact with them or any of the growing number of fake profiles they use. If you come across these posting please report them to the group owner and flag them as inappropriate in the posting tool bar.

The world is watching how we as inventors act, and we should all do our part to ensure people like this do not define us.

Gizmo's post on LinkedIn

First off I can tell you I don't have a clue who Steve or Tom are. Until know I haven't had time to post on LinkedIn in a couple weeks due to a project I'm trying to get done. Reyland one thing you know about me is I DONT play games with FAKE profiles. That's your GAME remember how you got caught on Edison Nation as JohnnyGee? You said John was banned from the LinkedIn groups. He was banned because you contacted LinkedIn . Your No different than Bernie Madoff at the end of the day.
Someone really struck a nerve in you and the UIA with the InventionHome Irwin Tool product hunt when it was exposed the product hunt was also FAKE! You also know I have contacts at Irwin I've had ties to for many yrs. Even people that have moved from another company over to them. With that being said you know I made contact with them to see if InventionHome and Irwin had a product hunt together. The answer is no they have NO ties to each other. If something went wrong between IH and any inventor with the search Irwin would have Liability. Do you think there stupid enough to put there company at risk with some invention submission company. That should be easy for anyone to answer.

On one of the other LinkedIn grops you made a really STUPID statement about You,LinkedIn and the UIA have been tracking IP addresses. First off my IP address has only one profile tied to it,second off if LinkedIn is giving you anyone's personal info they would have a ton of Liability and could be sued. Please show us the proof that were tied to any other profile with the same IP address.
You know what I think of you,all smoke and mirrors. You have yet to produce the info to anyone in the groups that your a successful product developer with many patents and products in retail. Truth be told you don't have a single patent or product that are in retail.
I was also sent a video of you speaking at the New England invention club. In the video you say you were a contract inventor for Prym Dritz. Well that's not the case at all is it. You see someone contacted Prym and asked them the question. The answer back was no you weren't and they have NEVER licensed a product from you especially quilting rulers. The quilting rulers you refer to in the video you licensed from an inventor that you have no IP or Licensing rights to anymore. The inventor pulled the agreement from you because of performance issues and Licensed the tech to another company on his own.

In the same New England video you talk about an inventor (Lesia) coming up with a great invention that's making tons of money. The inventions called Trap Door Colander. I agree the idea was brilliant she came up with. But her technology was way out of line for safety,cleansing and manufacturing means. I suggested Lesia go back to the drawing board with the design to reduce the safety,cleaning ect issues. She just couldn't grasp how to do that on her own and knew I had the technology to do it. I verbally told her during the conversations we had and she still didn't get it. She had me talk to her husband on the phone to explain how to add the tech to the colander prototype. He wasn't getting it either so I had to explain it in a way he would understand it using carpentry construction mentality. Seems kind of silly doesn't it that carpentry technology would have anything to do with a colander that has doors that will open. Hmmmm interesting isn't it.

I went on to explain the colander had to have a track similar to a garage door with no springs or torsion bars for lifting closing. Neither one of them could grasp how to add a track to the colander so I asker her husband if he knew what "J" channel was. He said sure and had some aluminum "J" channel but how will the "J" channel work on the colander. I told them both to go out and get vinyl "J" channel because it has more flex than aluminum and will form easily around any colander with a radius shape. I also told them to either rivet or epoxy the "J" channel to the body of the colander then take another colander to cut the sliding doors out the same width between the left and right "J" channels and slip the cut out doors into the track. Hmmmm know you have a trap door colander with NO mechanical springs or lifting parts involved. This tech is pretty much a garage door and track with NO tension cables as aids for lifting/shutting.
With all the info explained above WHO is actually the inventor of the colander with operating doors that open and close with NO mechanical springs? The colander's tech really has to do with self gravity and friction from the radius colander shaped body and how the doors ride in the tracks. Reyland who do you think the inventor is? Lesia had a great "idea" I will give her that but had NO idea how to fine tune the actual mechanicals of her idea. Lesia is the sole inventor of the idea as long as there are NO CLAIMS of the technology I came up with in the patent application she filed. If my tech is in the application without me being listed as co-inventor then we all know what that means don't we. The application can and will be challenged when published. If she elected for the app not be published then it will be challenged if a patent is issues!
I'm really hoping she didn't use my tech in the claims but my guess is she did because the current retail product has my EXACT tech in it. I have all the back up to prove the techs mine from emails and a few recordings I have. The recording with her and her husband will clearly indicate they didn't have a clue on their own how the colander would function without mechanical means.
I truly wish Lesia all the luck in the world with her many ideas that pop in her head. She almost dropped to the floor when I told her the colander concept was a winner after sending me a concept drawing. The drawing looks NOTHING like the product in retail.

Watch the video below. Reyland claims to be a contract inventor for Prym Dritz and licensed products to them in the past. Start the video at 1:42 mins and listen to it. The info about Lesia is at 1:51:30 mins . Part of Reyland's explanation of the stories true,she had a concept with the colander idea. That's all it was an idea with tech that would never make it to retail with her mechanical technology.
If you think my accusations are false Reyland please ask me to show the proof of the colander story and tech. I will be be happy to and have plenty to add to this discussion. It will be an excellent subject to turn this group thread in the right direction to learn the inns' and out of Co-Inventorship and the USPTO Regulations. Like I said in the past I dont make up FAKE profiles or post anything I cant back up with fact.
After reading Gizmo's claims we decided to research Lesia's Trap Door Colander. Reyland tells the New England Inventor group Lesia's inventions being sold in all Walmart stores making her a bunch of money. The only places we can find it being sold are web stores like Amazon and a few others,nothing in Walmart.

The big question of the day was Gizmo wrong by thinking Lesia's idea was a winner or did the KARMA DOG find her?

We want to thank the New England inventors club for posting the video with more of Reyland's LIES

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