Saturday, 6 October 2012

UIA & CONMAN Get Cease and Desist Order!

We've been notified that Mark T Reyland, Executive director of the United Inventors Association has been served with a cease and desist order for the fraudulent use of Anthony Sullivan's image in emails sent to UIA members.
Warren Tuttle of Monashee Marketing appears to STILL not have an issue with Reyland being a fraud and conman! This paints an image of Warren Tuttle inventors should take into consideration when wanting to do business with him.
Warren and other board members may not mind this illegal crap but Anthony Sullivan does. Let's see how Telebrands likes their name tied to conmen in their product searches.
Any information sent to inventors from the United Inventors association, UIA, Mark Reyland or any of the people involved with the UIA or Mark Reyland should be verified through alternative sources. In other words, the UIA is filled with conmen and liars. Look at the ASOTV Promotion below. It was created by Mark Reyland and the UIA without getting PERMISSION from Anthony Sullivan.


From: The UIA Staff <>
Sent: Wednesday, October 3, 2012 1:43 PM
Subject: Virginia ASOTV Product Search

Due to the recent Cease and Desist slapped on UIA executive director, Mark Reyland, he's removing all the conman advertising he stole Anthony Sullivan's image for. You can still see evidence of it here in google images.

we wonder if the Inventors clubs of Virginia were involved in the con-job along with Reyland? Inventors might want to ask themselves if it's worth the risk. Of course, we fully expect Reyland to make a public statement of how record numbers showed up. Nothing but lies come from the con mouth.



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